Are the mentally ill classified just Super Psychics?

This is a theory I’ve been working on now for a while.

Who defines what is a mental illness.

Anything other than Happiness is classed as a mental illness. Or is it a way to subdue the most powerfully gifted people in the planet?

The medications they have us in would indicate yes.

How can a drug that helps you be less depressed but makes you want to kill yourself or others be a help to our society?

If we treat people like pariah’s then they’re going to act like ones. 

They say if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then it’s a duck…..well maybe it’s a mallard. Why does a Mallard have to be classed as a duck?

I love being eccentric. I’d be classed as Bi Polar, Autistic, Manic Depressive and Schizophrenic. But who am I hurting? What does any of what I am to the outside world matter? I don’t force myself in people. I don’t cause loss or harm to the world at least I try not to. 

But I was raised to be allowed to be what I was. My gifts were supported by my family because we all had them. 

Yes I was the black sheep but without my family I wouldn’t be here today. Good or bad your true path gets revealed when your born. Your family take you so far before it’s all over to you to start figuring you out. That’s around the age of 8/9yes old. 

As someone who works with the depressed and mentally or intellectual disadvantaged for many many years now I’ve started to identify certain behaviours in suicidal people, manic depressives, bi polar, ADHD, Autism and even Schizophrenics.

Please hear me out before passing judgement.

Autism when I was growing up was called Gifted, Child Prodigy or Genius.

We shouldn’t be forced these socially awkward kids to fit into our world. We should be fitting into our world.

They are often brand new souls or the wisest depending on the type they have.

But if we just let them do their thing, we all have a thing. For me it’s baking or Massages. I love massaging people. I find it soothing to my soul. Baking just takes me away to a whole nother place. I love measuring and meticulously infusing ingredients. But if we just let them do their thing and taught them around what they chose to learn you’d see different kids.

Bi polar and Manic Depressives are Empathic as the day is long. However Bi Polar folk tend to have trouble expressing it more than Manic Depressives who are your artists and song writers etc…your creative inspirers.

But both are forms of Empathic ability which I have said before is I believe a true classification of a psychological affliction.

We are the fragile gifted.

Schizophrenics I believe are Medians or Mediums as you’d know it in the highest order who just haven’t learned to tell the voices apart. I truly believe they just have been trained from youth to think it’s bad to hear voices and who haven’t been taught to tell the good ones from the bad.

If they were taught this I believe you would see different people.

How we treat mental illness is exactly how the mentally ill will act.

They lack being able to articulate and express their emotions from their thoughts and feelings because it all comes in at once and as someone who’s students have all been suicidal including myself I’m convinced now that no greater person can be trained to be like me.


Because no-one else seeks out death while still alive.

They live on the edge of life and death, good and bad, positive and negative. They walk the line. The very very fine line between this life and the after life.

Those who don’t go through with it are considered the bravest. This is why when taught by someone like me I give them the tools they need to cope with their depression because they’re finding the answers they sought when they were so unhappy but couldn’t hear through the sound of their own fears.

My students, the ones who have walked that line have advanced quicker than I ever did but in my defense I’ve been living so I could figure this all out for them so they wouldn’t have to lol

If I can have my school, I want to take people affected with these social stigmas and teach them to become part of the light they seek.

Get them off the medication, onto natural alternatives, get them doing their thing.

Then they will be strong and they can spread their own light.

Then the darkness shall turn to light.

Be whoever you were born to be and those people and paths that are meant for you will never pass you by.

4 thoughts on “Are the mentally ill classified just Super Psychics?

  1. I have thought this for some time now! And just the other day I wondered about those with multiple personalities… and how maybe it’s multiple spirits they are communicating with and who are trying to communicate with them! Same goes for your schizophrenics theory! I had watched a movie on Netflix that resurfaced the thought for me and then you posted this. I have always viewed people with mental disorders as special.. and I don’t need mean that in a bad way. I have just always thought exactly what you’ve posted here and I’m thrilled someone else has the same theory! I loved this post so much, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

    • Thank you so much A.J this was a hard one for me to write trust me. I leave myself wide open to so much criticism with my theories lol but seriously I feel Schizophrenic people just don’t know how to differentiate between their left and right brain. Left being voice of reason and common sense and right being intuition and higher self. If we could train them to tell the difference we would have creation and inspiration, art, music, literature, movies, engineering, etc…on a stratospheric level. The quality of which would surpass anything come before it. There is a reason why it’s been given a negative stigma and that’s because they are probably THEE biggest threat to the indoctrination machine in all history. The Swiss or Sweds have a word called Cretins which in today’s society means someone who’s creepy or inbred but it’s origin actually means A Gift from God. If you were born with a disability you were considered blessed to have been chosen to be special. Now it’s a bad word. My point being back in the day certain afflictions that would be deemed a mental or medical disability nowadays was accepted and admired back then. Witches or Soothsayers had villages built around them because they were so respected. Now it’s the stigma that makes their existence a negative thing. Change our mindset…change the world.

    • Thank you AJ. I’m surrounded by the so called classified mental I’ll or intellectually disabled and I’ve noticed a pattern forming. My speculation on this matter is becoming more defined as I’m convinced now I’m on to something. I know for suicidal people this is definitely the case. But I’m not done. I shall observe at this point gathering more information but if I can use this to save lives and help people then I’ll do it.

      • I couldn’t agree more to everything you have said!! I read your
        Blogs and always wish I knew you in person to sit and chat with over coffee haha. I hope you keep posting on this theory with experiences that help back it up because I definitely believe this to be truth. Thank you so much for responding to my comments!! I look forward to future posts about this and other things!! I’m actually quite excited about your new pendulum video. ❤️