Matter Vs Anti Matter as I have been told.

Physicists say we shouldn’t exist but they don’t factor two things.

One: They aren’t seeing this as a conscious existence because

Two: It’s the consciousness that controls the balance of either.

Depending on how the consciousness decides it’s fate (by perfectly balancing the atoms within it) in turn all must work in a state of perfect symbiosis, will our Universe be more matter or anti matter. Anti matter devolves the universe one planet. Black holes concaving (I know it’s not a word) it all like a huge vacuum machine sucking up the solar systems contained within it.

Like neurons or blood vessels, it decides what gets to your heart and brain and what doesn’t. All that power and control contained within a tube like object.

Tornadoes work the same way.

That’s kind of anti matter. 

If the balance of the conscious Universe is right, we get the big bang’s if creation.

The matter.

It is the constant struggle to find balance based on each individual atom and the consciousness within that itself which decides if there is more matter or anti matter.

This is what expands and creates our Universe.

Or so I’ve been told.

Does that make sense?

It makes sense to me but I need to know if it does to you.

Coz I don’t want to sound nuts that it’s dead people and Aliens that teach me this stuff lol

I HATE the word Alien though.

I prefer Brethren lol it’s more polite.

They’re are after all the highest evolved beings in existence next to consciousness itself.

They get to traverse it all.

All black holes, worm holes, Universes etc…and even they have much to explore.

Because we will never finish expanding if we get the balance right.