Clinton Lamb Kebabs

Lambs to the Slaughter

I wonder if she will conveniently get too sick to stand trial?

Well she does stand trial. I’ve seen her in orange lol

Bill though…………he might choose to take the “have a heart attack” injection option.

We shall see.

Trey Gowdy is a fuckin God amongst men.

He’s got balls of steel.

What a man he is. He should be the next President if they ever were to have one after Trump which they won’t.

Him and Jason Chavez should jointly run this country in behalf of the people.

Never have I seen two more honest and brave men. It’s one kind of brave to fight for your country.

But it’s another to fight the country itself.

All for the greater good of the people. They hold true the great declaration.

Which we have the Scottish to thank for that. The Declaration of Arbroath is the most incredible piece of paper in history in my opinion.

It’s the voice for every man woman and child.

Trump I think goes away and fades into the back ground.
He’ll go live on a farm I’m sure lol I always see him standing in a corn field with denim overalls on for some reason. Lol

I also took that to mean “fades into the background”.

We shall see I guess.