The Dead are moving in closer. Update

Remember I said I have been inundated with Spirits lately?

Little black shadows running around.

Mostly kids? Well now they are adults too.

But last night they started coming closer and as I’m typing this to you I can see them in my peripheral vision.

Like the Ghosts of Christmas past in black smoke lol.

It’s the coolest thing. There’s one who looks like he’s from the Dickensian era.

About 10 I’d say. Dirty face. Real Oliver type bless him.

There’s a man who looks like from Georgian, in American. George Washington type of guy.

They’re walking around my bed.

I feel like they’re protecting me. But not because I’m under threat but because I’m going through a delicate situation with my career and I’m terrified lol

I’m about to expose myself to the world.

So I feel like they’re lending moral support.

They’re really in close now. It’s like moving black smoky silhouettes.

Lets get this party started.

I wonder if you’ll see me figure the Universe out in my head?

I’m quite openly nuts ya know lol

And if I get hounded by Feminists or SJWs you know it’s all on lol

I just had a young boy who I swear out of the corner of my eye was my oldest son walking up to me.

I thought it was odd my heart started pounding while he was walking up to me until I looked and he wasn’t there.

I was relieved somehow lol “phew….just a dead kid”.

Why children? They’re mostly children from about 7 up to about 14 years old.

Boys I think too.

Something is going on. I’m getting flashes of light but when I look in the direction of the light it goes away.

It’s white thick misty beams of light.

I wonder if that’s what my three students have been seeing also.

This is different to the time space lights. They’re never in the same room as me. This light I’m seeing is in the room with me.

This boy has long blondish brown wavy hair.

Milky coffee coloured skin and blue eyes. He is wearing a white long sleeve polo shirt style shirt but untucked and not up on the neck like a polo shirt and blue jeans.

He’s got that not a man not a boy awkward thing going on.

He’s got puppy fat but you know he’s gonna be solid muscle once puberty kicks in.

6’2 and an Adonis as a man kind of thing going on.

I think he had leukemia and that’s why he has these lovely locks now, to make up for what he lost.

His name is either Jay or starts with J.

I wonder why this is happening.

I’ll keep you posted.