The Myth of Incubis and Succubi.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the dead I’ve ever observed.

What I am about to say is going to be controversial but I only speak the truth.

If you live this life, it is your right to do so. I am in no way criticizing anyone who lives with this belief but I speak only from truth, and observation.

The truth is, they don’t exist.

If you look at an Incubus/Succubus in terms of origin and description, they’re described as a religious, mythological and entomological creatures that are demons created during the dream state.

They only ever appear when the person is asleep, going to sleep or preparing for sleep.

They are the conjuring of the unloved and lonely.

I’ve never seen anyone (and I mean not one documented case since I was fascinated by this phenomenon as a teenager) of anyone in a loving, stable, mature, sexually fulfilled relationship developing an Incubis or Succubi.

It’s the same with demons and devils, negative spirits and goblins etc….happy, mentally well adjusted people don’t get bothered by these mythical beings.

You manifest what you experience and your belief system makes up the rest.

The truth is, it’s kind of embarrassing that people think our dead relatives come back as energy with sexual urges or desires.

They dead are no more horny than a bag of chips.

I’m embarrassed for people that think what is essential energy, like a current running through a cable, or the energy of sound or light etc…(just on a different frequency) get turned on so much that they have to defy physics, sense and logic in order to cock a leg over someone who’s sleeping.

Firstly, the dead need a HUGE amount of energy to come through. A sleeping person produces no real energy source. They’re relaxed into a state of paralysis both physically and consciously.

Second, even darker energy were once living people who died, just of a lower vibration. But even they are just trying to do the right thing so they can evolve.

If they’re in your life, you did something to invite it, or someone did is what I’m saying. Even if you didn’t invite the darker stuff your allowing it to feed off your fear so your still entertaining it’s existence.

Thirdly, bearing in mind we are all energy of different sources and vibration, how many lightening bolts or sound waves or radio waves do you see getting aroused?

Coz if it happens to one source like that surely it must happen to them all? Right?

We’re all different species of mammal, ethnicity, sexual preference etc….we all eat, breath, and function as a whole but as individuals right? 

Energy is just the same. Energy exists as a whole and as a individual.

You have power running through different cables. In its original source is called Electricity. That power source then uses different voltages and frequencies if you will to power different things like lamps, phone chargers, microwaves, cars, houses etc…..right?

Same source in different forms of supply.


The same….just different frequencies as unique as fingerprints to the individual while still remaining a classification of its original source.


If you have an Incubis or Succubi in your life, (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it)

Whatever makes you happy then as long as no-one is getting hurt then do whatever you like.

Whoever the trouble is, it IS starting to affect people.

People are having sexy time dreams, believing their possessed by demons in some way then freaking out at the thought and turning to drugs or worse to cope with it.

It’s the third most common email I’m getting now. People not knowing how to cope with them.

When I go through the check list I have of prerequisite questions I ask depending on the question asked they all displayed characteristics of being single or in unhappy/unstable relationships.

ALL of them. The other common theme is they’re all harbouring anger or resentment, or some type of social imbalance in their belief structure.

Over half were ex military.

A quarter were middle aged married women in unhappy relationships or in relationships where they felt neglected or under appreciated by their partners.

So here’s my advice if your dealing with one.

Find love, find passion, find life.

And the rest will fall into place.

Religion made sexy time dreams something to be embarrassed about but we all know about wet dreams and eroticism in dreams. It’s nothing but human nature.

So they make sexual urges and desires a sin.

The dark aspect of a these mythical beings comes from the fact religion makes the sex subject a taboo subject.

We are told it’s wrong therefore we believe it’s wrong.

Do whatever makes you happy but at least just stop kidding yourself into thinking they’re dead people.

The dead have no sexual desires, nor do they get angry, hungry, jealous, bored, or vengeful.

They’re just us, but dead.

If you remove the cable, the electricity still flows, you just can’t see it without the cable directing the current to and from the original power source.

The dead are just the current without the cable.

That’s all. 

Incubus and Succubi are the same as a poltergeist or negative Spirit.

They exist because you created it.

Nothing more.

6 thoughts on “The Myth of Incubis and Succubi.

  1. Hi! I had never actually heard that incubi and succubi were supposed to be spirits of the dead; I thought they were another phenomenon entirely. However, I don’t see why a deceased loved one (or even stranger) could or would not simulate an intimate experience for a living person? I mean, they are able to simulate other kinds of touch as well as smells, tastes, sounds, etc… they themselves no longer have fingers or noses or lips or brainwaves but they can produce the IMPRESSION that they do, so they can interact with us… so why would a sexual experience be farfetched? If they can still feel love, why not passion? If they feel nothing at all and have no preferences or desires, why do they communicate with us in the first place?

    • Are you serious? Energy doesn’t function the way it does in human form. The fact you think this terrifies me. Your talking about ethereal energy being sexually aroused. Spirits, whether positive or not are people who were once alive who are now dead. If one is in your life in a negative form it’s a lesson or warning. To say something that is ethereal can and is interested in sexual arousal is as misinformed and ignorant as those who believe the earth is flat. Your seriously saying that sexual pleasure isn’t bound to flesh and blood? Can you name me anything known in the known Universe that has arousal without a tangible physical or conscious form? In the KNOWN Universe. Not mythological world but known. I’m actually stunned by what your saying. And further more the dead don’t stimulate ANYTHING like touch and taste, sight and sounds. You do. They can yell and scream all they like right in your face but if your not open to it you won’t hear a thing. They can’t generate anything without an incredible amount of energy supply or if the person they’re with isn’t opened up to the experience. They can’t magic music out of their butts. They use YOU using the lowest energy as possible to make you think or see what they intend for you to. They want you to see it so you do. They want you to hear it so you do. But to suggest that dead people have nothing better to do but sit and turn a person on is just so ignorant and lacking in logic it scares me. You really think they mill about waiting for alone time with a living person? By that reckoning why don’t they eat and drink and use the bathroom as wel!? You do realise your suggesting that energy ENERGY …has primal urges. They don’t have negative emotions, they don’t have other urges like hunger, fear, thirst etc….but they have sexual urges? Of all the things the dead can do your suggesting sex is the ONLY thing they would want if they could take on a physical form? You know they can’t actually touch you right? They just let you think your being touched. The dead don’t love us the same way when they die. They don’t sit in the Universe saying “Oh I really miss my wife, I think I’ll go give her a good rogering”. They don’t miss us, they don’t yearn for us or long to be with us because they never leave us and operate on a far higher frequency than us mortals. They don’t do emotion. They don’t feel pain, they don’t hate or hurt. They’re ENERGY. Your talking about the same thing as conscious light and sound having arousal. When we die our physical and conscious states get removed, we are left only as our higher self. Which is ENERGY. As the dead we can master physics, Magnetism, Gravity, Time, Momentum, Light, Sound, Electricity, The stuff we can and can’t see but can be measured, energy. Yet somehow with all that we become after death, horny is the one thing you believe we keep? And they communicate with us to try to teach us the truth lol that they aren’t vengeful, horny, troubled, humans. They’re trying to teach us the truth of what happens after death by going to those who can best hear them in order to help us evolve to a higher existence as a planet, as a species, as individuals. But as long as they do it in lingerie and stockings or with strap ons is that the only way you’ll listen? Coz it’s thinking like that which keeps the rest of us in the dark ages Sweetheart. I’m simply not going down with those who believe the earth is flat, women should have more rights than men, and the dead want to have sex even though it isn’t physically of consciously possible. Like…. seriously….what do you think the dead do after they die? Drive? Take classes? Cook? They become dust that after 100yrs turns into other people and the essence of them becomes a higher vibration of light and correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never seen light with a hard-on, have you? I think you need to relearn what it is to be dead love.
      You know Aliens don’t have sex with us either right? Why do people stupidly believe it’s all about sex? The urge for sex is a result of primal biological urges. If your dead your not biological. Your energy.

  2. I don’t think I said it was all about sex— it is just that was kind of the focus of your article? I merely proposed that, since (at least in my experience) spirits can offer the experience of a hug, a word, a scent, etc. to humans (and if you read my previous comment you know I used the word ‘simulation’ for lack of a better one), that it might not be farfetched to think that they might be able to offer other nice feelings. Sex done properly (in my eyes) is all about energy exchange and affection, which would be in line with what you believe.

    Some people might agree with you as far as the turning to dust bit but think you were crazy as far as the ‘essence’ bit wanting to help us evolve to a higher existence. I am just proposing an ‘if THIS, why not THIS?’ scenario.

    However, in any case, I didn’t really feel you were responding to my question as much as being angry that I would even ask it… maybe if I had read whatever reader correspondence or other article or whatever that made you make your post in the first place, I would better understand.

    • So your just gonna pretend like Science doesn’t exist in your world? I’m making this shit up. If someone has been dead for more than 100 yrs they become you. You will share DNA with Mozart, Newton, Cleopatra, Queen Victoria etc…this is known. KNOWN. Scientific fact. It is also fact we become energy. Also I’m not angry at all. I’m shocked at your level of stupidity and willful ignorance lol because an Incubis and Succubi are sexual in nature. They tempt people into performing carnal pleasures. I’m not even going to discuss this anymore because all your trying to do is talk to give your stomach a grumble and I’m only interested in discussing this with people who actually have a valid point to make using the realms of Science and logic. I’ve only been doing this since I was 16 but at 44 what would I know lol Incubus and Succubi have been a beloved study of mine since the age of 16 but by your own admittance you knew nothing about the truth of them before reading my article yet you seem to suddenly have formulated enough of an opinion about it to try and act condescending but your counter arguing yourself. So I’ll leave you to it and deal with those who actually understand the science of death or at least want to try to. I hope you find your truth and it makes you happy. Whatever it is. But just remember, what is truth to you isn’t necessarily fact. I deal only in facts.

  3. I don’t know how this all went so bad. 🙁 I was asking you a question, based on your article. Many authors on blogs similar to yours are happy to further explain themselves if there is a point a reader does not understand. I have never gotten a ‘BECAUSE SCIENCE, THAT’S WHY!’ response before. Frankly I do not see how you make the leap from science to ‘dead people are this that and the other thing but NOT THIS THING.’ That sounds like personal gnosis, not science.

    But regardless, I wasn’t attacking or condescending, or anything like that— I just wanted further clarification. There are authors on other blogs and sites who hold beliefs opposite to yours, and once in a while I ask them ‘why’ as well. Not just about sex. 😜Like with you, I might say WHY does an earth body go on to create other earth bodies but energy is able to come back as someone’s uncle and tell us how he died? I am not pressing any belief of mine on you, and I don’t know the TRUE definition of incubus and succubus and etc.

    I am sorry for angering you. Maybe it is because sex is a volatile subject in general? Maybe you would have reacted this way to any question asked on this particular post. It disappoints me because I really did want some light shed on my question. And now you have made me really curious about the ‘science of death’ and etc. I did not know science had made much progress in afterlife research.

    Hopefully if you can see I bear no ill intent, you will be more open to explaining things? Otherwise, I apologize, and won’t comment here again.

    • An incubus is a Lilin-demon in male form who, according to mythological and legendary traditions, lies upon sleeping women[1] in order to engage in sexual activity with them. Its female counterpart is a succubus. Salacious tales of incubi and succubi have been told for many centuries in traditional societies. Some traditions hold that repeated sexual activity with an incubus or succubus may result in the deterioration of health, mental state, or even death.
      To quote Wikipedia.
      The very existence of these creatures is based around sex. It’s Common knowledge. Also as I’ve stated I’ve studied this for years. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand the very nature of what one is and is either misinformed or making shit up. The same way people think crystals heal and empaths are psychics and Spirit elders talk to us. It’s all misinformation and I’m trying to educate people. The Science of death has been around since stone age man. I however am the first of my kind in so far as there is no other Paranormal Scientist out there until my students graduate. I have a book, am writing a book, have a radio show in Chicago and getting a TV show because I made history being the first in my field. I actually discovered a Science that never existed before. So trust me when I say, I know what in talking about. People can believe what they like but fact is the only thing that evolves us. Not everybody is ready or equipped to deal with the truth and trust me when I say I mean no malice. I’m not that kind of person. I have gotten three independent people to read our conversation and no-one felt I was taking a tone apart from sarcasm which I apologize for. But they did feel I answered your questions. So I’m leaving it at that.