The Clinton’s are going down: Another prediction comes true

Told you……..I told you she was a bad person and would go on trial. I said all three Clinton’s would.

I said Russia would stop us having a 3rd World War.

She was desperate to start one with Russia. Luckily they’re too smart for that.

She would of used the Uranium as an excuse for going in like they did with Iraq.

“They know this stuff is there because they sold it to them”. Kind of thing.

You all who voted for her don’t realise how close you all came to starting WW3.

Thank Blob it was Russia they picked on. Any less of a country would of started war by now.

This is getting so exciting I’m tempted to turn on my TV for the first time in 2yrs and watch the news just so I can watch these fake news organisations choke on their lies and watch them try to explain themselves to the rest of us.


I love this.

I wonder if they’re being thrown to the wolves?

They’re not that high up in the food chain.
Just as I predicted…and it gets worse for her too.

All these people who protested to get her in the white house are about to go into shock coz for her it gets much much worse and for them the reality of what they nearly voted in will make them feel like they’ve been slammed hard against concrete by their feet.


And I have said from day one “when this stuff hits the mainstream media……. worry” lol