Exploding Lights Observation. 20 Oct 2017

I’ve been experiencing flashes of light now for about 18 months. 

Always followed by a time based event taking place.

I’ve stood in a civil war battlefield as a female covered in other men’s blood, on a hot day the stench of rotting flesh in the air and then I was dead, shot in the head.

I’ve been in York from the medieval times. A woman tried to buy my hair lol I still can’t figure out how she saw me. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out these flashes of light were a precursor to an event. It’s a physical thing that happens. My brain has me seeing this time and that time at once.

It’s physical. I can tell my there self to walk around from my this self etc….

It’s just so painful though. And while info get the heads up I don’t know exactly WHEN it’s gonna happen.

It’s discombobulating at first. It takes a while to compose my mind. Get my bearings so to speak.

Once I can control the dizzy and nausea I can adjust quick enough to observe my surroundings. And my students navigated me as I managed to type what I was seeing.

They instructed me to walk left, right, describe store fronts etc….it turned out what I was describing was what would later be the radio station I got my first show Living with the Dead on.

This is documented and witnessed by a handful of students all over the world.

But I mention all this because recently my boys have been seeing the flashes of light. And always something happens to me.

It bothered me a little because if they saw the light and not me it means what’s going to happen to me is worse than if I see it.

It’s more painful, intense and takes longer to get over. I’m starving afterwards and sleep for days.

Blob bless my ex who knows EXACTLY what to do without question.

Then I write and observe and discuss with my students. One of whom is a Scientist in The Netherlands.

She helps me make sense of things then documents it and sends me clips and articles from her Science journals etc..which seem to support or disprove my experience or theory.

But recently, my students are seeing these lights. My UK based one.

Then my son has a dream about an explosion of light over Yorkshire, it was green and our house got destroyed and we were scared but safe.

Then my ex has this dream where he was then compelled to paint it using his digital concept art technique.

The student who saw the flash of light is a trusted senior. He is a gifted Intuitive Clairvoyant. I often go to him for comfort when I’m too wrapped up in something to hear spirit. He speaks for them instead.

So my questions are this.

Is this, the closest to me Spiritually seeing something that’s going to happen to me?

Or is this a global thing that’s going to happen?

Or to them?

Is it going to be a huge Physical time thing like before but on a grand scale? Or is this something different? Is it them, me or us? A time thing or event thing? Only time will tell I guess lol ironically lol

I know my son’s dream is because of his apprehension to move to America. Not because he doesn’t want to, he’s excited about that. But he’s afraid he’ll never see home again. We if course promised him that wouldn’t be the case. 

I’d love to buy a wee hoos in Scotland one day.


Lions and Tigers are huge for me right now and one of my seniors is seeing them too.

If you look up what Lions and Tigers mean as Totems it’s very interesting.

Lions: Relentless fighters in the face of adversity. Strength, courage and overcoming difficulties.

(if only you knew lol)


Overcoming fears, reclaiming ones place of power.

I’ve taken a real battering later from people I thought I could trust. But I’m grateful for the experience.

It’s better I know now.

But I’m writing this because either something huge, like life changing is coming for me and in turn all those who mean the most to me, or something is coming globally that changes everything for mankind, or those around me are about to have life altering life changes themselves.

Either way, I can’t stop it.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I’m not sure.

As long as my family are safe and we’re not homeless I’ll do whatever I’m supposed to.

The Council and I had this meeting. They know my rules.

My hope if it’s me is it gets me to America. Gets me teaching, and able to study further what’s happening to me with help from a laboratory and lecture, write, speak, entertain lol be Debbielee.

If it’s global I hope it’s the Cleansings pinnacle.

If it’s my loved ones, I hope it brings them joy in every way.

I’ll keep you posted.

I know since the Michigan episode I’m exhausted. I can barely move.

My eldest son has dreams where he steps into portals that takes him to a different room in our house we move to in America.

He says it’s like Gumballs house in The Amazing World of Gumball. It’s blue.

I just find this interesting because those around me seem to be experiencing by delusion hahahaha is my crazy spreading or is this a telepathic connection or mass hysteria? Or mass awakening, or a sympathetic thing? I’m almost too scared to find out lol

Do I reeeeally want the answer?

But you know I gotta find out right?

My brain won’t rest until I know.

I’ll keep you posted on anything.

Coincidentally, one of my good friends who I’ve been interpreting his dreams for years has identical dreams to me, handed me a dream to do yesterday about a Lioness and two tigers coming into his home lol

You can’t make this up.

The thick plotens……

NOTE: Should I document my bones hurt? Just started, but my hands and feet are painful. Super painful. And I don’t know why but it ALWAYS starts with my hands and feet. I don’t know why.

When I woke up inside that Russian man it was his feet I saw first.

The only way I can describe the pain but imagine your bones are caving in on themselves like a vortex opening up on a molecular level in your body, while someone is filleting your muscles without anaesthesia.

Imagine how the nerves would react to that if you can.

That’s what it feels like.

But it’s only pain. It doesn’t bother me.

I can still exercise and work out, write, cook, function etc….

I have the deepest sleeps lol it’s awesome.

The pain goes once I have the event though.

Is it psychological? It would sound it but I have witnesses to the events.

Like when the broccoli vanished as I was chopping it. That was in full view of a student on Skype.

I have photos of the burn marks on my hand plus talking to students at the time when the pen vanished in my hand.

Never found either. And my hands felt like they were broken for four days.

I couldn’t use my hands without almost crying.

It never happened again.

Then on day 5 I woke up and it was like nothing had ever happened.

However it is I’m teaching my students, it affects their perception of time and manipulation of it.