So I was in Yorkshire and I time slipped to Michigan.

We were driving down the street last night coming back from Leeds here in England when all of a sudden we were in a dark blue car driving through this street in Michigan.

I’ve just been to Michigan to see my bestie and there’s this street she goes down to get to people. She lives in a remote area in the country and has shops near her but if she’s wants anything like supermarkets, stores, restaurants etc…she needs to go further out.

We were there. And it didn’t feel weird at all until my brians started to figure out something wasn’t right.

It’s weird how it does that now. How I’m consciously aware of my brain realising something isn’t right.

It’s cool, and fascinating to observe.

So I say to my ex and boys….they are used to this behaviour by now lol but then I’m thinking  ‘ Michigan? Why Michigan?’

Does it snow in Michigan? I’ll only move to where it snows.  Snow is my favourite time of year.

Anyway so I come home and start trying to record my podcast with my ex and my microphone which is brand new and always worked before goes all stupid like it’s getting magnetic interference. It’s loud in play back and actually became annoying on the ears to listen to.

We can’t figure out why. 

But then this child starts peering around the corner.

About 7-9yrs old. Dark mass that only looks like a human figure when I don’t look at it.

I’ve been seeing him for days now. I keep thinking it’s my youngest ‘Schmoopy’.

I don’t remember going to bed, or waking up. I just remember typing a message on Twitter and it’s 7.20am Wednesday Oct 18th 2017.

I feel like I’ve been slammed against concrete.

But weirdly my stomach is in knots like I’m bracing for something.

This isn’t over. I can feel it.

Something is about to happen.

I can almost here the suspenseful music building up.

I’m ok with that as long as my conscious self can be aware so it can document it.

I’m convinced the conscious self exists outside of the Physical mind.

Oh and I have 3 witnesses because the second it happened I told my family what I was seeing.

I remember thinking “huuuuh??? I could live in Michigan” like in a “is that what your showing me” kind of thing.