Eeeeek My Seniors are all growed up

Oh my blob this is so exciting.

Not only are all my seniors now accomplished Intuitive Clairvoyants but incredible Telepaths and genuine human doings.

They JUST got assigned real life people to do Medianship training on which is HUGE.

It takes me back to Jan-June of last year when they were all so afraid of death and Spirit and yet addicted to learning.

Now look…..they see, talk to and feel the dead as comfortably as they put one foot in front of the other.

We’ve been through so much together me and my Magnificent Seven.

I couldn’t ask for a more loving, loyal, dedicated and patient Clan to call family.

You’ve seen me grow as I have you. You watched me develop as I have you. You loved me regardless, as I have you HA!

We can bitch, moan, advice, snark and grumpy with each other but still we are strong.

You helped me through the toughest three months of my life. No-one has made me see the light more than you. I’ll never forget how you gathered to help me heal. Because of you I am stronger than ever and more determined than I ever was. 

That’s what a Clan is.

If I could bottle my training formula I’d be so rich I could open The School of Paranormal Sciences globally I think lol

I know it goes against protocol, but I genuinely love you and consider you all my family.

I’m so proud of you for listening to my classes and for doing the course work even when life has gotten in the way at times for all of us.

My greatest wish once I move to America is to gather you all up for our first Annual Clan Gathering and have you all working with me to spread my crazy kinda love lol

You complete me. Lol you always did.

I’m so proud of you all. I know your an elite group of Super Gifteds and you’ll never live the life of a Normy Norm again but look how fun……..

I have at least made your lives interesting lol

And my theory totally works lol

Now if only I could bottle the formula lol 

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