Negative energy came knocking at my door

I went downstairs to get a bottle of sparkling water at 11.35pm having just spoken to my beautiful man on the phone.

I was washing a few plates because apparently no-one other than myself in this house knows how to…. When I heard what can only be described as a babies cry, girls whimper.

I know we have a young girl who likes to move things in my exes office downstairs. My boys have seen her as has my ex but I’ve only heard her never seen her.

But as I’m processing what I hear something changes. This noise was inside. The next noise wasnt. 

And this didn’t feel like her. As my brians were trying to figure it all out I felt my hair standing up on end and that panic that sets in before your about to hightail it and flee. But I kept using my logical mind.

“It’s just a dead person, chill out” kind of thing but then I felt it.

Outside….watching me. I heard it move closer. I felt it pressed up against the window. I was NOT gonna look at it in the eye lol fluffy that lol

I grabbed my bottle and left.

Then I got mad. Because I knew it has been placed there and she was letting me know it was there.

My cat has not been inside for two days.

He’s my first indication of something not being right but I’ve been in hospital with a little clot so I’ve not been here and I’m not myself now that I am. 

Medications and all……

So I say this.

You have no power over me. Whoever sent it, what you send you receive.

“So I send you peace, love and clarity. I hope you find everything your heart desires and all you do ends in nothing but rewards and great lessons that advance you and inspire you as a person and as a evolved soul”.

“Thank you for letting me know I’m on the right path. You always give the game away with your stupidity lol your the worst at being the darkest” lol

The darkside can only come in on invitation. I’d never invite it in but if it is sent it can linger outside waiting, trying to use your fear to intimidate you.

All someone has to do to send it is gossip about you, be envious, hold a grudge etc… Because everything is magnetic, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you send it, you get it back though so be careful what you think about someone. If your life is filled with bad luck or things are going wrong maybe your gossip or attitude towards certain people has brought about Karma. So you can correct your behavior.

Think before you think lol

People can and do send this stuff but it can only affect you if you let it.

You don’t need to touch the fire to know it’s hot so don’t touch it and you’ll never find out just how hot the fire is.

“If they hate you, your doing something right”

You bore me.
That is all.

7 thoughts on “Negative energy came knocking at my door

    • One of two reasons. 1) they like to appear as something that will get the most attention. People are more respective and sympathetic to a Spirit if they think it’s a child than any other kind of Spirit. It can be a ploy. That or a distressed female. They both evoke sympathy which lowers your guard. People make the mistake of immediately wanting to protect her and help but not all that glitters is gold as we know. You have to be do careful with female Spirits. It requires more thought and investigation than just based on what it appears to be. If I get a TV show this is what I want to teach people. This stuff helps.
      Secondly, it could of been the girl I know is here and has been since day one but she only ever passes one set path. I don’t think she’s Spirit but possibly a time bend. I just never see her. But this house is very active for a 30yr old house because it’s us living in it. We could have a brand new house last nail just put in after we move brand new and within a week we will have activity. But you get to know your houses energy. I know my regulars. There’s a black man in an orange t-shirt that visits my son, a teenage boy hangs around me, and recently a ton of small children have been around me. I see little black outlines zipping past. It’s cute. But this I know well too. I’ve experienced it for years. This was sent and it’s why it waits outside. It knows it can’t enter without invitation. Your actions, your words, your intentions invite it. That’s why I try not to get caught up in bollocks.

      • Oh it’s gone. It has no power over me. It bores me already. I’m eating toast in its face lol

  1. Nice to know that you are doing fine .But you know how to protect yourself from the negative ones and because of your spirit guides they are not going to be allowed to harm you .So what you did ? Did you cleanse outside your property lines for protection ? But another question is also there in my mind who is your worst enemy that they are going to send you Negative Energy !! I mean that’s something so evil or the person should be a practioner of voodoo or must be aware of working and abusing power !
    I guess as you are positively charged being so you are attracting the negative like sponge does for water ?? I might be wrong !