Hollywood Comes Crashing Down. TOLD YA (update)

How long have I been saying this was gonna happen?

If your a long time reader of mine what did I say about Hollywood?

I said the fall of celebrity and the downfall of the Music, Sports, Media and Movie industry.

Not so crazy now aye?

CEOs and Military, Politicians next.

I’m getting my popcorn on. This is getting so exciting. What did I say? Watch how quickly they all start pointing fingers.

These celebrities taking Weinstein down are doing so to protect themselves.

I said they all start throwing their own under the bus to save their own skin.

Wait till it’s the really famous ones being named. I wouldn’t trust a single person if I was famous in America right now lol

Watch when you see who has the power. Who the favourite Hollywood play things are etc…mostly male too.

We know what comes next.

This happening exactly how I predicted it would. I said years ago these celebrities would think they were getting away with it then Boom!! Weinstein is the scapegoat for bigger and trust me when I say it’s gonna get MUCH bigger. Weinstein isn’t a global name even though he’s Blob in the industry, people in Africa or Korea won’t necessarily know him by name but the ones to come crashing down next are. It’s hilarious how these actresses and actors who are rich and famous are now pointing fingers and playing the victim to save themselves by getting public sympathy. But you just wait lol I’m so excited to see this because finally it comes crashing down like a ton of bricks. People will be mortified at the extent of this. It’s so much bigger and darker than just sex on casting couches and dirty old men trying to get a grope in the shower.

Paltrow, Jolie and the rest are trying to jump ship and get sympathy just like I said.

Weinstein will name names just like Spector and Madoff and the rest who have been jailed and arrested did.

Bye Bye Hollywood, Bye Bye Music Industry, Bye Bye Modelling industry, Fashion Industry, Sports, Media, Politics and Business.

Finally the parasites will be removed and we can start again with actual talent, and actual creative purpose and talent.

The days of the elitist darkness is almost over.

And we have these people to thank because as Spirit said years ago.

The very thing used to control us will be the very thing used to bring us down.

You should never have given us smart phones and YouTube.

And see this shooting in Las Vegas?

I don’t know a single person who believes it.

I predicted years ago they’d try and blame the thruthers or militia. I’m not far off.

This is getting so entertaining.

Finally justice for the children. Justice for the nameless victims and for ones like Judy Garland, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Corey Haim, etc…..

Hollywood is falling down

Falling down falling down

Hollywood is falling down

Get the Popcorn.

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