Not all dogs go to heaven?

Ok so you know I’m gonna sound nuts but I was on a hike yesterday and saw something I’ll never forget as long as I live.

Two Whippet dogs came out of the trees and walked across the wooden bridge across the water at New Miller Damn in Yorkshire, England and they were humans.

But they weren’t human human. They were gaunt, odd shaped because their rib cages were large, tiny waist and hips, long legs. Just like if a human was drawn to look like a Whippet.

They looked at me with dark eyes. They’re heads turned in grimace.

I actually got scared. My heart pounded so fast while my brain tried to make sense of what I was seeing.

I had to compose myself because it was clearly unnatural. 

As I tried to observe them they slowly went back to normal looking Whippets.

I began to analyse the thought process and immediately felt that these dogs were here as punishment. Their subservience to man was punishment for crimes committed against man.

So like these two dogs could of been dictators, or abusers, wife beaters, killers, dominant people in some capacity. So their punishment is subservience.

I am still trying to figure it out.

I always thought being an animal was a reward or sacrifice for the wisest souls.

Turns out for some, it’s a punishment.

They looked at me with exhausted, tortured eyes.

They reminded me of Wheelers from Return to Oz.

But with fur and tiny whippet waist and hips.

I felt sorry for them in the end.

I thought I understand this recycling, take your debt with you thing.

Apparently not lol

3 thoughts on “Not all dogs go to heaven?

  1. This actually makes sense. I think there are great lessons to be learned from being an animal, especially one that has no control of its life but it’s pleasure and misery is in hands of humans, like a dog. Imagine being born as a dog and be miserably mistreated. Then other humans come to save you, they heal your wounds and your soul. While expecting nothing in return. Or in case of someone with a lot of power, learn what it is like to have no power over your own life