Are Walk Ins real


Shame on you.

The Spiritual or Higher Self, Conscious Self and Physical Self might be able to exist separate from each other but without all three components you wouldn’t even function as one entity.

Like AC/DC current runs through a cable, imagine your body is the cable, the conscious and higher self run through it.

The conception of which starts with a spark of light in order to function.

The Universe is in its own form of conception.

Do planets get created or aborted by nature? Black holes and worm holes could be the tubes required for things to travel through I’m order to be created or recycled and the planets eggs, comets unfertile eggs? What would be the uterus? The Universe itself?  The solar system it’s DNA strands? Lol I need to think.

I know I sound nuts thinking out loud. But I’m trying to work on the theory that birth is life and everything that exists goes through the exact same stages or conception, existence and recycling bringing evolution but just in different forms in order to prove that balance, and light are imperative to time and evolution and existing in time. And without symbiosis nothing in the universe at all would exist without it with the most important balance being the make/female, or rather masculine/feminine energies.

Because opposites bring balance.

So it’s a backwards thinking idea to even think that one soul would unbalance itself further by handing itself over to someone so ill equipped at being you.