Last Night I heard a scream……or was it?

So…..coz I’m me so nothing is ever going to be normal in my life lol

But I was talking in a session with my frient (Frient is a Debbieism for a friend who is also a client. In this case the Tatujae is  a rare and elusive creature. Skittish when shown affection, emotions make it nervous and they are self aware of what I am which makes them never go beyond certain boundries of either role in our relationship. This one is known for being particularly grumpy and often needs a rolled up newspaper over his nose to bring him into line…..he is yet to be house trained) in a session and I heard a scream.

I said to him “Did you hear that?” He didn’t. I said it sounded like a teenage boy. Around 14-16yrs old.

The weird thing was I heard it earlier too but I assumed it was the boys video game but this time it was 3am.

I knew it was coming from outside but it wasn’t close enough to be directly outside.

But the way our streets are laid out I knew it wasn’t possible to hear that clearly from that far away.

Then my brians got confused and I tried to make sense of it.

On a visual. He had longish blonde hair. Black long sleeve shirt that has a black or dark grey logo on it that’s velvet or valour in etching. Raised etching. I think it is a dragon or eagle or something. My ex has a top kind of like it but his has red on it too. This is grey or black on black top.

Dark blue jeans. His hair is neck length, wavy. He’s slim build. I get the feeling he has no shoes on. He’s not afraid though. It feels more like a scream of angst.

I think he’s in a feild with a gravel path beside him.

It’s not a public area. If it is, you need to walk a bit or drive a little to access it. Feels like feilds or farm land around him.

Also I had a flash of light a few days ago. As mentioned on my radio show Living with the Dead on WRMN1410 Wednesdays 3-4pm CT. Repeats Sundays 6-7pm CT.

Which means I’m about to have a time issue.

I did…. yesterday. Will write more later.

I’ll keep you posted on my screaming boy.

In case your reading this, contact me.


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