The Myth of Incubis and Succubi.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the dead I’ve ever observed.

What I am about to say is going to be controversial but I only speak the truth.

If you live this life, it is your right to do so. I am in no way criticizing anyone who lives with this belief but I speak only from truth, and observation.

The truth is, they don’t exist.

If you look at an Incubus/Succubus in terms of origin and description, they’re described as a religious, mythological and entomological creatures that are demons created during the dream state.

They only ever appear when the person is asleep, going to sleep or preparing for sleep.

They are the conjuring of the unloved and lonely.

I’ve never seen anyone (and I mean not one documented case since I was fascinated by this phenomenon as a teenager) of anyone in a loving, stable, mature, sexually fulfilled relationship developing an Incubis or Succubi.

It’s the same with demons and devils, negative spirits and goblins etc….happy, mentally well adjusted people don’t get bothered by these mythical beings.

You manifest what you experience and your belief system makes up the rest.

The truth is, it’s kind of embarrassing that people think our dead relatives come back as energy with sexual urges or desires.

They dead are no more horny than a bag of chips.

I’m embarrassed for people that think what is essential energy, like a current running through a cable, or the energy of sound or light etc…(just on a different frequency) get turned on so much that they have to defy physics, sense and logic in order to cock a leg over someone who’s sleeping.

Firstly, the dead need a HUGE amount of energy to come through. A sleeping person produces no real energy source. They’re relaxed into a state of paralysis both physically and consciously.

Second, even darker energy were once living people who died, just of a lower vibration. But even they are just trying to do the right thing so they can evolve.

If they’re in your life, you did something to invite it, or someone did is what I’m saying. Even if you didn’t invite the darker stuff your allowing it to feed off your fear so your still entertaining it’s existence.

Thirdly, bearing in mind we are all energy of different sources and vibration, how many lightening bolts or sound waves or radio waves do you see getting aroused?

Coz if it happens to one source like that surely it must happen to them all? Right?

We’re all different species of mammal, ethnicity, sexual preference etc….we all eat, breath, and function as a whole but as individuals right? 

Energy is just the same. Energy exists as a whole and as a individual.

You have power running through different cables. In its original source is called Electricity. That power source then uses different voltages and frequencies if you will to power different things like lamps, phone chargers, microwaves, cars, houses etc…..right?

Same source in different forms of supply.


The same….just different frequencies as unique as fingerprints to the individual while still remaining a classification of its original source.


If you have an Incubis or Succubi in your life, (I’m not saying there is anything wrong with it)

Whatever makes you happy then as long as no-one is getting hurt then do whatever you like.

Whoever the trouble is, it IS starting to affect people.

People are having sexy time dreams, believing their possessed by demons in some way then freaking out at the thought and turning to drugs or worse to cope with it.

It’s the third most common email I’m getting now. People not knowing how to cope with them.

When I go through the check list I have of prerequisite questions I ask depending on the question asked they all displayed characteristics of being single or in unhappy/unstable relationships.

ALL of them. The other common theme is they’re all harbouring anger or resentment, or some type of social imbalance in their belief structure.

Over half were ex military.

A quarter were middle aged married women in unhappy relationships or in relationships where they felt neglected or under appreciated by their partners.

So here’s my advice if your dealing with one.

Find love, find passion, find life.

And the rest will fall into place.

Religion made sexy time dreams something to be embarrassed about but we all know about wet dreams and eroticism in dreams. It’s nothing but human nature.

So they make sexual urges and desires a sin.

The dark aspect of a these mythical beings comes from the fact religion makes the sex subject a taboo subject.

We are told it’s wrong therefore we believe it’s wrong.

Do whatever makes you happy but at least just stop kidding yourself into thinking they’re dead people.

The dead have no sexual desires, nor do they get angry, hungry, jealous, bored, or vengeful.

They’re just us, but dead.

If you remove the cable, the electricity still flows, you just can’t see it without the cable directing the current to and from the original power source.

The dead are just the current without the cable.

That’s all. 

Incubus and Succubi are the same as a poltergeist or negative Spirit.

They exist because you created it.

Nothing more.

Are anyone elses pets acting weird?

I thought it was just me. My cat having spent two days outside, refusing to come in now is so far up my butt it’s borderline stalking.

He won’t leave me alone. He’s extra hungry, and refuses to leave my side even when I take a bath. He’s usually a Mummy’s boy but this is unusual even for him.

This isn’t just me though. Two of my students are reporting odd behaviour with their pets also.

Is this a global thing or just with myself and my students?

99% of us woke up yesterday reporting an anxious, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I’m dizzy and badly nauseated. Almost passed out but without good reason.

I JUST had bloods done Wednesday. I know I’m in good shape medically.

Something isn’t right.

I’m not convinced it’s anything bad but could this have something to do with the flashes of light I spoke about in my second to last post?

We shall see.

I’ll keep you posted.


The Clinton’s are going down: Another prediction comes true

Told you……..I told you she was a bad person and would go on trial. I said all three Clinton’s would.

I said Russia would stop us having a 3rd World War.

She was desperate to start one with Russia. Luckily they’re too smart for that.

She would of used the Uranium as an excuse for going in like they did with Iraq.

“They know this stuff is there because they sold it to them”. Kind of thing.

You all who voted for her don’t realise how close you all came to starting WW3.

Thank Blob it was Russia they picked on. Any less of a country would of started war by now. 

This is getting so exciting I’m tempted to turn on my TV for the first time in 2yrs and watch the news just so I can watch these fake news organisations choke on their lies and watch them try to explain themselves to the rest of us.


I love this.

I wonder if they’re being thrown to the wolves?

They’re not that high up in the food chain.
Just as I predicted…and it gets worse for her too.

All these people who protested to get her in the white house are about to go into shock coz for her it gets much much worse and for them the reality of what they nearly voted in will make them feel like they’ve been slammed hard against concrete by their feet.


And I have said from day one “when this stuff hits the mainstream media……. worry” lol

Exploding Lights Observation. 20 Oct 2017

I’ve been experiencing flashes of light now for about 18 months. 

Always followed by a time based event taking place.

I’ve stood in a civil war battlefield as a female covered in other men’s blood, on a hot day the stench of rotting flesh in the air and then I was dead, shot in the head.

I’ve been in York from the medieval times. A woman tried to buy my hair lol I still can’t figure out how she saw me. 

It didn’t take me long to figure out these flashes of light were a precursor to an event. It’s a physical thing that happens. My brain has me seeing this time and that time at once.

It’s physical. I can tell my there self to walk around from my this self etc….

It’s just so painful though. And while info get the heads up I don’t know exactly WHEN it’s gonna happen.

It’s discombobulating at first. It takes a while to compose my mind. Get my bearings so to speak.

Once I can control the dizzy and nausea I can adjust quick enough to observe my surroundings. And my students navigated me as I managed to type what I was seeing.

They instructed me to walk left, right, describe store fronts etc….it turned out what I was describing was what would later be the radio station I got my first show Living with the Dead on.

This is documented and witnessed by a handful of students all over the world.

But I mention all this because recently my boys have been seeing the flashes of light. And always something happens to me.

It bothered me a little because if they saw the light and not me it means what’s going to happen to me is worse than if I see it.

It’s more painful, intense and takes longer to get over. I’m starving afterwards and sleep for days.

Blob bless my ex who knows EXACTLY what to do without question.

Then I write and observe and discuss with my students. One of whom is a Scientist in The Netherlands.

She helps me make sense of things then documents it and sends me clips and articles from her Science journals etc..which seem to support or disprove my experience or theory.

But recently, my students are seeing these lights. My UK based one.

Then my son has a dream about an explosion of light over Yorkshire, it was green and our house got destroyed and we were scared but safe.

Then my ex has this dream where he was then compelled to paint it using his digital concept art technique.

The student who saw the flash of light is a trusted senior. He is a gifted Intuitive Clairvoyant. I often go to him for comfort when I’m too wrapped up in something to hear spirit. He speaks for them instead.

So my questions are this.

Is this, the closest to me Spiritually seeing something that’s going to happen to me?

Or is this a global thing that’s going to happen?

Or to them?

Is it going to be a huge Physical time thing like before but on a grand scale? Or is this something different? Is it them, me or us? A time thing or event thing? Only time will tell I guess lol ironically lol

I know my son’s dream is because of his apprehension to move to America. Not because he doesn’t want to, he’s excited about that. But he’s afraid he’ll never see home again. We if course promised him that wouldn’t be the case. 

I’d love to buy a wee hoos in Scotland one day.


Lions and Tigers are huge for me right now and one of my seniors is seeing them too.

If you look up what Lions and Tigers mean as Totems it’s very interesting.

Lions: Relentless fighters in the face of adversity. Strength, courage and overcoming difficulties.

(if only you knew lol)


Overcoming fears, reclaiming ones place of power.

I’ve taken a real battering later from people I thought I could trust. But I’m grateful for the experience.

It’s better I know now.

But I’m writing this because either something huge, like life changing is coming for me and in turn all those who mean the most to me, or something is coming globally that changes everything for mankind, or those around me are about to have life altering life changes themselves.

Either way, I can’t stop it.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

I’m not sure.

As long as my family are safe and we’re not homeless I’ll do whatever I’m supposed to.

The Council and I had this meeting. They know my rules.

My hope if it’s me is it gets me to America. Gets me teaching, and able to study further what’s happening to me with help from a laboratory and lecture, write, speak, entertain lol be Debbielee.

If it’s global I hope it’s the Cleansings pinnacle.

If it’s my loved ones, I hope it brings them joy in every way.

I’ll keep you posted.

I know since the Michigan episode I’m exhausted. I can barely move.

My eldest son has dreams where he steps into portals that takes him to a different room in our house we move to in America.

He says it’s like Gumballs house in The Amazing World of Gumball. It’s blue.

I just find this interesting because those around me seem to be experiencing by delusion hahahaha is my crazy spreading or is this a telepathic connection or mass hysteria? Or mass awakening, or a sympathetic thing? I’m almost too scared to find out lol

Do I reeeeally want the answer?

But you know I gotta find out right?

My brain won’t rest until I know.

I’ll keep you posted on anything.

Coincidentally, one of my good friends who I’ve been interpreting his dreams for years has identical dreams to me, handed me a dream to do yesterday about a Lioness and two tigers coming into his home lol

You can’t make this up.

The thick plotens……

NOTE: Should I document my bones hurt? Just started, but my hands and feet are painful. Super painful. And I don’t know why but it ALWAYS starts with my hands and feet. I don’t know why.

When I woke up inside that Russian man it was his feet I saw first.

The only way I can describe the pain but imagine your bones are caving in on themselves like a vortex opening up on a molecular level in your body, while someone is filleting your muscles without anaesthesia.

Imagine how the nerves would react to that if you can.

That’s what it feels like.

But it’s only pain. It doesn’t bother me.

I can still exercise and work out, write, cook, function etc….

I have the deepest sleeps lol it’s awesome.

The pain goes once I have the event though.

Is it psychological? It would sound it but I have witnesses to the events.

Like when the broccoli vanished as I was chopping it. That was in full view of a student on Skype.

I have photos of the burn marks on my hand plus talking to students at the time when the pen vanished in my hand.

Never found either. And my hands felt like they were broken for four days.

I couldn’t use my hands without almost crying.

It never happened again.

Then on day 5 I woke up and it was like nothing had ever happened.

However it is I’m teaching my students, it affects their perception of time and manipulation of it.


So I was in Yorkshire and I time slipped to Michigan.

We were driving down the street last night coming back from Leeds here in England when all of a sudden we were in a dark blue car driving through this street in Michigan.

I’ve just been to Michigan to see my bestie and there’s this street she goes down to get to people. She lives in a remote area in the country and has shops near her but if she’s wants anything like supermarkets, stores, restaurants etc…she needs to go further out.

We were there. And it didn’t feel weird at all until my brians started to figure out something wasn’t right.

It’s weird how it does that now. How I’m consciously aware of my brain realising something isn’t right.

It’s cool, and fascinating to observe.

So I say to my ex and boys….they are used to this behaviour by now lol but then I’m thinking  ‘ Michigan? Why Michigan?’

Does it snow in Michigan? I’ll only move to where it snows.  Snow is my favourite time of year.

Anyway so I come home and start trying to record my podcast with my ex and my microphone which is brand new and always worked before goes all stupid like it’s getting magnetic interference. It’s loud in play back and actually became annoying on the ears to listen to.

We can’t figure out why. 

But then this child starts peering around the corner.

About 7-9yrs old. Dark mass that only looks like a human figure when I don’t look at it.

I’ve been seeing him for days now. I keep thinking it’s my youngest ‘Schmoopy’.

I don’t remember going to bed, or waking up. I just remember typing a message on Twitter and it’s 7.20am Wednesday Oct 18th 2017.

I feel like I’ve been slammed against concrete.

But weirdly my stomach is in knots like I’m bracing for something.

This isn’t over. I can feel it.

Something is about to happen.

I can almost here the suspenseful music building up.

I’m ok with that as long as my conscious self can be aware so it can document it.

I’m convinced the conscious self exists outside of the Physical mind.

Oh and I have 3 witnesses because the second it happened I told my family what I was seeing.

I remember thinking “huuuuh??? I could live in Michigan” like in a “is that what your showing me” kind of thing.

Just saw a flash of white light

I’m gonna document it here.

It was 22.35pm Monday 16th Oct 2017 and I was talking to my fiance on the phone getting ready to end the click when a flash of light occured out of my living room window.

I was standing looking out the window and saw nothing.

Assuming it was a car but the street is quiet. We live in a residential area but in a small cul-de-sac and in the country. We don’t get a ton of traffic.

I’m documenting this because if your a follower of mine you know what a flash of white light means to me.

I’m wondering if it’s a time space rip. All I know is every time I see one, I end up going somewhere lol

At least it’s not as exhausting as it used to be. Still really painful though.

I can’t even describe what it feels like where it would make sense to anyone reading this.

But it’s a cross between feeling like your entire molecular structure is imploding in on itself then a sensation of feeling like your falling off. Imagine your reality was a page and you slipped off the side as you tucked under the page into nothingness in gravity and time.

Gravity pulling you with the force of a million magnets. It’s so heavy and painful and your fully conscious but withyour brain staggering toske sense of it all.

That’s the best I can do to describe what happens when I see the flash of light.

I fall off the page.

Like….imagine in a cartoon when Wiley Coyote gets sling shot and he is a blur of himself where he was, is and going.

But where the pull is so heavy you can’t stop it and everything concaves including your bones.

Does it make sense?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

It’s usually only a few hours to 48hrs before it happens.

17th October 5.26am

Interesting how this flash of light is never in the same room. It’s never been. It’s always in the next room or from a certain distance from me. 

My boys have seen it twice. But again, never directly.

There HAS to be a reason for this.

When that rip appeared in my room that time like someone has put a cigarette burn in the air and it melted a hole in reality and I could see Space, that was a flash of light too but it was not bright.

These flashes are so bright they turn the night Skype into daylight.

So my synopsis is this has to be for safety reasons. Maybe it’s just too bright to see with the naked eye that it has to be from a distance.

We just see a flash light 1000 cameras the size of watermelons went off in the next room or outside.

I’d like to point out, I woke up with my head killing me. My Pineal Gland is going nuts.

This is new. It feels like I’m gearing up for something.

I feel nervous yet excited.

I wish I knew what, when, where, how and why.

Always more questions than answers -_-

Eeeeek My Seniors are all growed up

Oh my blob this is so exciting.

Not only are all my seniors now accomplished Intuitive Clairvoyants but incredible Telepaths and genuine human doings.

They JUST got assigned real life people to do Medianship training on which is HUGE.

It takes me back to Jan-June of last year when they were all so afraid of death and Spirit and yet addicted to learning.

Now look…..they see, talk to and feel the dead as comfortably as they put one foot in front of the other.

We’ve been through so much together me and my Magnificent Seven.

I couldn’t ask for a more loving, loyal, dedicated and patient Clan to call family.

You’ve seen me grow as I have you. You watched me develop as I have you. You loved me regardless, as I have you HA!

We can bitch, moan, advice, snark and grumpy with each other but still we are strong.

You helped me through the toughest three months of my life. No-one has made me see the light more than you. I’ll never forget how you gathered to help me heal. Because of you I am stronger than ever and more determined than I ever was. 

That’s what a Clan is.

If I could bottle my training formula I’d be so rich I could open The School of Paranormal Sciences globally I think lol

I know it goes against protocol, but I genuinely love you and consider you all my family.

I’m so proud of you for listening to my classes and for doing the course work even when life has gotten in the way at times for all of us.

My greatest wish once I move to America is to gather you all up for our first Annual Clan Gathering and have you all working with me to spread my crazy kinda love lol

You complete me. Lol you always did.

I’m so proud of you all. I know your an elite group of Super Gifteds and you’ll never live the life of a Normy Norm again but look how fun……..

I have at least made your lives interesting lol

And my theory totally works lol

Now if only I could bottle the formula lol