Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Your Dream

Time and Time again I’m hearing stories of people finally being brave enough to follow their dream.
They are quitting jobs they hate to live simpler, healthier lives, scraping a living doing what they love and being really happy because of it.
People chucking in their job to heal their minds and their bodies and using that blessing to do the same for the misguided or unloved in their community.

Someone I know of is also giving up their home and possessions to live in a camper van and just driving.
I know you might think these people are insane but they are the very epitome of living without regrets.
These are what I call a Human DOING not Human Beings.
These are people who will get to the end of their lives knowing they got it right.

Why is it more acceptable nowadays to sit in a life you hate, with bills up to your eyeballs, pretending to be something we really don’t want to be?

I know so many people who still panic and feel like failures because they haven’t climbed onto the property ladder yet.
really? So you can pay the bank double what it’s worth over the course of your life time which if you miss one payment of you have to beg borrow and steal for the money to pay the mortgage on a house you spent 17 years paying without missing a payment on?
It’s YOUR house. If anything happens to it your responsible for it, yet one missed payment and your being kicked out?
How is that right?
Why are you shopping for things you don’t need and will probably never really wear?
Why are you stuffing your faces with food you KNOW is killing you?
Why are you choosing death over life in a world that has SO much to offer the living?
Why are you forming addictions?
Why are you self medicating?
Or self harming?
Why are you crying all the time or angry?

I’ll tell you why.
Your soul is SCREAMING out to be heard. It doesn’t want to do anything but live. If your working to pay the bills and just get by then your working for the wrong reasons.
Working should always be about doing what you love and loving what you do, or in the very least paying for the things you want to do and love what you do.

I always say ‘If you do what you love and love what you do then the rest will take care of itself’

No one should be getting home exhausted and beaten because they got treated like crap by the clearly jealous manager or ‘whatever his important title is, Director’.
We should be coming home exhausted because we took another group of people around the training circuit again to help them lose weight, or because we sat making clay pots with kids and their parents.

All these things I named above like self harming etc….they are a cry for help. But not from your mind, but rather from your Spirit. Your Soul.
It’s saying ‘Oi!!!! listen you’.
And we shut the voice out. Then it screams at us and takes us to breaking point until it can’t be ignored. So we end up on medication for it and kill the voice completely.

More and more of us are choosing to have to come back again. SO many spirits telling me they are preparing for rebirth. It’s more than I’ve ever seen it in my life and it’s because so many of us are getting to the other side and realizing we got it wrong.
So being learning souls they choose to come back and try to get it right.
I don’t know about you but I am NOT coming back again lol This life was hard enough this time around. I don’t do drama yet my life is surrounded by it lol

Even my nose hairs are exhausted from being me lol
So I’m determined to get it right this time around and that means allowing myself the reward of following my compass.
I’m on the ‘Self Correction’ phase of my journey and I’m nearly done fixing my body, heart and mind and now I’m working on my Soul.

And that means letting go of my fears and respecting myself as a Human Being by becoming a Human Doing. I’m doing something about my life and I need to follow my compass.
I don’t care if you don’t like the fact I’m going to be an immigrant, or that you have an issue with my future husband being Hispanic, or a convicted criminal, I don’t care if you gossip about me, or disagree with my life style, what I eat, what size my waist is, or how big my boobs are.
Say what you like about me, think what you like abut me. I now couldn’t give a flying fox what anyone thinks about me because I have a lot to celebrate in my life and all this means is you won’t be one of the ones who celebrates them with me.

I finally am starting to love what I do, doing what I love with those I love around me.
I’m on such an incredible journey in my life now and I’m almost at the stage where I can get my visa and have my beautiful boys beside me as I do it.
I just want to teach. All I want to do is talk and teach people that The Dead are worth so much more than they are being used for.
I want to start an organization that frees Spirits from the tyranny of their ring master Psychics and Mediums lol
These TV shows that use the dead like tired old circus animals that long to sleep and never wake up because they are over worked, mistreated and then abandoned when they no longer serve their purpose.
If I can show people the fun side of death, the truth of death and the beauty of it, I can change the world a handful at a time.
The dead are saving lives. They are giving people these messages that are saving lives and all we do is use them for the most mundane purposes.
People are so desperate to believe that life exists after death they are willing to believe anything.
I have a huge problem with that, because I deal with the aftermath of what happens when so called gifted people or ‘Connecteds’ get it wrong.
That offended me before, now it makes me angry.

Your Spirit will throw twists and turns into your life and perpetuate karma to try and set itself back to factory setting when it knows your taking it down the wrong road.
The worse your life gets the more your not listening, it’s that simple.

When our children are killing themselves and we are putting our dogs who are the fundamentally thee happiest animals on earth it is a wake up call that we have fluffied this up something bad.

We need to remove debt slavery, and stop taking more from this planet than we need.
We need to stop putting ourselves through the suffering of a relationship that makes us more miserable the longer we stay.
It is OK to leave. You only hurt each other more by staying.
Good things come from bad. trust me. Look at roses, they come from manure. Just change your perspective.
YOU matter most. Remember that.
This is your life, your journey. You only get one life as you and if you get to the end of it and immediately send yourself back, you really only have yourselves to blame.
The greatest reward you can ever give yourself is to Follow your compass.
Never do anything that feels wrong, only do what feels right. Because good or bad it was meant to happen and only good will come from it.
Sometimes bad things have to happen in order for the good to come. Some times good things come from bad situations.
It is then up to us to learn the lesson from that outcome. To know every step of the journey is to know the reasons why your on it.

So please, read this and decide to know your journey.
Make each day count. Discover the real you and discover your place in the world.
there is nothing more empowering than knowing your on the right track and you lost all fear of the great undiscovered parts of your life you knew were there all along but didn’t let yourself see how to find it….until now.

Make a bucket list and tick stuff off it.
I have two.
A things to do and things to see list.
I’ve been ticking tons of stuff off both.
There is nothing more exciting.

I don’t know how but I’m coming to America by I feel Halloween. I just feel it.
And when I get my home set up and my boys are all with me I’ll have been the human doing exactly what my heart said it needed to do.
Please reward yourself the same favour.
You have nothing to lose but fear itself.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid To Follow Your Dream

  1. you are such a positive and lovely person and you write so eloquently, this is exactly what I needed to hear today and I was led here by a very odd chain of events that I won’t go into but I truly believe nothing happens by mistake ! thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog .

    • Well thank you very much for your kind words. I had to fix some mistakes but I appreciate your support. Nothing happens by chance so I’m honoured to play a role in your boost of confidence in whatever it is your going through. Go live your dream my darling. You owe it to you to be the happiest you can be.
      Love and Light

  2. Hi Debbie. I’m trying really hard to follow your advice- to be a human doing rather than a human being. By following my dreams I’m constantly being met with rejection. Perhaps I don’t have the right talent for it? How do you follow your compass or keep going when this happens? As it can be quite a scary thing.