Ghost Moves Object – Real Paranormal Activity Part 10.1 why I’m dubious

I have too many questions. 

I want to know if he is able to do this on any surface in any room in any house?

If he can get “The Dead” to move objects he should be able to do it anywhere. Because the Spirits clearly respond to him so he wouldn’t be bound by his house.

The fact he’s doing it on a flat surface bothers me also. Did anyone examine the apples?

Did anyone examine the bowl?

Is there a basement or downstairs under that floor?

And lastly why do people keep saying it’s telepathy when it’s telekinetics?

I’m not saying it’s fake. I’m just saying if he’s THAT good at telekinetics why isn’t he working for the government?

Why does he think it’s demonic? Things falling off stuff isn’t demonic it’s telekinetics. And as I said if he is as he appears then he would be working for the government.

I’m just not so sure about this because it needs to be looked at under close scrutiny. In this day and age The Dead are the new black and it’s just too easy to manipulate stuff for ratings on YouTube.

He would be a danger in this world if his gift is true. He could bring down planes and take out world leaders so I find it odd that no-one has approached him.

He’s all very blasé about it.

This is NOT the dead. This is telekinetics. I’d want to know if he or anyone in that house has suffered from depression or has underlying mental or emotional issues as that is the biggest cause of poltergeist activity.

If the answers are no then he needs to be studied under laboratorial conditions.