Fox visits Demonic Haunted Home & almost leaves immediately – shadow people”

Sorry, why do they think it’s demonic?

Why is everything Demonic? Because a door shut? Because a man got scratched?

Why holy water? What if it’s the Spirit of an atheist or Jew?

The holy water isn’t working obviously lol

It’s all so dramatic. So much more dramatic than it needs to be.

My questions are this.

Did anyone check the door for devices?

Has any checked to see if there are teenagers or prepubescent kids in the house?

Is anyone in that house depressed or mental and emotionally unstable?

Debt stress, job stress, relationship stress? Work or school based bullying for example.

Did everyone examine and document their bodies before entering the house to prove definitively they had no marks on them?

As scratches can be latent. It’s not until the persons body temperature rises, sweats or gets nervous. If your afraid your adrenaline alone can make these latent marks seem fresh.

We always find marks and cuts on ourselves we didn’t know where there until later.

So that’s too subjective for me.

I think this is an attention thing because at no point is she getting whatever she thinks it is crossed over.

Exorcisms are useless. You have no way of knowing the religious background of any Spirit. So using God as a weapon wouldn’t work in every situation and it’s the one getting it done who has to believe it’s working for it to be effective.

She’s enjoying it too much. If it was a dark side thing she wouldn’t be so smiling and none of those cameras would work.

I’m sorry but Fox are giving people a platform for attention and it pisses me off because now people are unnecessarily afraid of something that isn’t there.

EVPs are subjective too. It could be stone tape. Without asking it intelligent questions and getting intelligent responses in return it’s more than likely stone tape or time loop based.

I can’t wait to get my show started.

People need to educate themselves but they don’t. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind.

Well I’m a guide dog. I’m gonna make everyone see.