Why our stuff goes missing

Ever needed something like say a blue pen and you can’t find one then all of a sudden one appears? Somewhere you know you looked thoroughly before?

Ever lost a blue pen prior to that you’ve never been able to find? Would you remember if you did?

Like a genie granted wishes with a blink of an eye it’s a mixture of so many things making it possible but you can borrow things from the past present and future.
So I wonder if at some point I needed a broccoli and took the one that vanished when I was having my first student session with Spitfire?

I never did find it.

I’d love to study this hypothesis.

It’s one to file and sit on for a bit.

Interesting proposal though no?

4 thoughts on “Why our stuff goes missing

  1. I lost a passport. I searched high and low for it, including the folder labelled “passport” in the filing cabinet. I checked this folder at least five times. Later after applying for a new one, the old passport turned up….. in the damm folder where it was not before.

  2. I lost my mobile phone, it has everything on it. I’m certain it’s at home somewhere, but I have pulled everything apart trying to look for it. Still can’t find it.
    So yes, I would love to know where these things go. Now I have a new phone, I’m certain its going to pop up again. Probably somewhere really obvious.