The Molecular Shape of our entire Universe

See….this is what I’ve been saying but it’s not just us, it’s anything organic including thought, inspiration, love, creation, invention, etc….I could go on and on.

Remember EM3?

This is it but on an everything scale.

It starts as one, is joined by another and becomes something entirely different.

This explains my theory of a Constant evolving Universe.

I know the Cosmological constant is a maths but it describes the constant forming and evolution of our Universe in word format perfectly.

Our cosmos is constantly moving forward. Constantly evolving, due to the perfect balance and symbiosis of all organic things. Including of the conscious, physical and spiritual or three states of being as I call it.

I want to thank my Sunshine for bringing this to my attention.

I love you so much for not judging me even though you could lol

Your letting my theories evolve and helping me self correct anything I may misunderstand.

This is why I asked for you.

You make Mummy proud lol

So see….I’m not nuts lol