My TV turns on when I work out? Document.

I’m documenting this here. I’m noticing when I do my cycling every day for an hour and I working on my Quantum Magnetics ie manifesting my own reality my TV and electronic devises turn on.

I have a magic wand that I use for better internet reception. It has no batteries but it turned on and started flashing. It’s on video too.

But my TV turns on now and we have a Roku, it’s not cable or satellite TV. It’s just a usb stick plugged into the back.

You have to manually turn then on with remotes.

I’m on the other side of the room cycling with my eyes closed working on my future and the future of students who need it.

Also it’s when I cycle I lose time on my clocks. Between 5-22 minutes. Which is how long we dream for.

I put it to me:

Do I go into a suspended reality while cycling then wake up like a dream? Thus seeing time has moved on without me?

If so how do I explain the fact that I’ll change it back to the correct time only to have it go out a few hours later when I cycle again?

And it’s not just the clocks in my room. It’s all of them. Digital, wind up or wrist.

It’s making me late for sessions etc…

All new batteries, all don’t play up when I’m not home.

So….questions for my theories.

Is it cycling that does it?

Or me manifesting?

I also have a headache for the first time and now I just seen one of my Spirits standing at the door. So I know it’s something

They don’t just POP in. There’s a reason. 

So I’m pretty sure I can manipulate time. I just don’t know when it’s gonna happen lol

But knowing it happens when u work out is a step in the right direction.

Blob I wish I could hook me up to machines.

And I know I sound crazy but I put this to you.

If it’s me just being crazy why have I taught two students to start doing the same?

My wife E goes missing for days and comes back thinking it’s December 2016 lol

It IS possible to manipulate time and time travel using nothing more than your mind.

I’m gonna start documenting it all now on video and when I get to the US I’m gonna study my two students too. 

I do know we lose time the deeper her and I train. She’s nearly at my level of ability and it’s just gone on a year but she is so hardworking and dedicated. She knows my work backwards and forwards.

I can’t wait to train her hands on. When I was there for a week she blew my mind.

I know some people think it’s cruel to use human Guinea pigs but that’s Science.

If I have a theory and I’m working on proving my theory I need test subjects.

And my test subjects are starting to become real proper X-Men.

But I’m Magneto not Professor X he’s a bit of a whinging nonk.

Magneto rocks.

So can’t wait to work hard, save harder and start my X-Men school.

We’ll be fighting terror one clock change at a time haha.

I’ll turn all the bad people’s TV on at once and break their bank cards so they can’t buy their evil.

Hahahahaha I love my gift so much lol

I’m slowly figuring this out.

I swear to blob Time is the 4th dimension.

I wish I could study me in a lab.

Love and Light