Spirit Elders/Guardian Angels explained

I’m doing this article to explain what a Spirit Elder is again because I’m constantly asked and I already did an article years ago but people still don’t understand I think.
So hopefully this is going to make it clearer.
I’ve been learning so much I thought I already knew and I think this will help you understand better your Spirit Elder or Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide or whatever you want to call them.

There is no greater Spirit in existence with as an important role as your Spirit Elder.
Those who had the biggest lessons to learn get to be a Spirit Elder once they have learned them all, because being in charge of a living soul, being responsible for everything about that living light is.
Your it’s guide, it’s conscience, it’s hope, it’s protection, it’s strength and comfort.
Your Spirit Elder chooses you over being reborn to a good life, it chooses you over helping others cross. When you reach the level in Spirit where you can choose what you want to do, you’ve reached the top in Spirit Management.
After this it’s head office, after that it’s the Universe.
They are with you from the second your conceived until the minute you cross over.
They NEVER leave your side and 99.9999999999% of the time, they are what you feel in your bedroom at night.
When you OBE or Astral Travel and can’t move in but your awake and you feel someone in the room with you? That’s them.
If your in danger of waking up before everything is in sync they will resort to waking you up by giving you a touch on the back, or poking you, if it’s urgent and you need waking up quickly, they scare the shit out of you.
Growls, scary faces, etc….because it wakes you up quicker to scare you than to jiggle your foot if something dangerous is about to happen.
If you wake up before your ready you can cause serious damage to your life or mental/physical well being. So they resort to scare tactics to wake you up.
But mark my words when I say, while they might be scary at times for your own good, trust me when I say, ‘Nothing or no one will love you more than your Spirit Elder’.

Your Spirit Elder will NEVER communicate with you unless it is life or death. If you need it, they will as a last resort.
If your talking to any who say they are your Angels or Guides it won’t be your Spirit Elder. Elder maybe, but not your Spirit Elder.
It’s not good for a SE to get attached to a charge. It could make them lack concentration and focus to get caught up in our lives ad emotions so they keep well away.
Only the most disciplined will be a Spirit Elders.
Elders however don’t shut up lol They will help and guide you 24 7 if you let them…….and I do.

If anyone says they are talking to your Spirit Elder they have it wrong. They don’t talk. They don’t communicate. It’s all done with images, thoughts, feelings, telepathically basically.
They don’t talk, they don’t show emotion but will project absolute love and comfort.
They can be ancestors too. That I didn’t know until recently. In fact they can be your Spirit Elders and Elders in order to obtain evolutionary growth to make up for past deeds.

Like how my Dad was a bad boy, who rose in the ranks of the New Zealand to become a well loved and respected Warrant Officer and Drill Sargent. He refused promotions to stay a grunt with his boys. He never sent them anywhere he didn’t go himself and he was firm but fair.
He was so well loved and respected he had soldiers turn up in bus loads at his burial come pay their respects to a man who to them was nothing more than a legend.
He got a 21 gun salute and raised flag. But he was trouble until the Army and my Mum, knocked sense into him.
Well your Spiritual evolution or growth as a spirit is like that metaphor for my Dad.
You rise through the ranks and once you have been a fierce drill instructor you get the respect of all those around you.
Your Spirit Elder is in the Drill Instructor phase.
It is their job to turn boys into men and girls into women.
But this relationship has to be kept at a certain distance and with as little emotional attachment as possible. It’s best for all parties involved.
If anyone is talking it is your Elders, your ancestors and passerby Spirits.
And by ancestral I mean in this life and past lives.
When I do readings where I’m asked who the clients Spirit elders are and I tell them, it’s never what they think.
They, unlike Spirits won’t talk to me. They show images and feelings etc….I’ve never fully understood why there is no vocalization with them.
I know it is partially because they had been dead for so long they forgot how to. But is that it entirely? I’m not sure.

I also know if your Spirit Elder is an ancestor you will carry genetic memory. So things about you that seem out of the ordinary compared to other members of your family or cultural can be a Spirit Elder trait, bearing in mind you’ve lived many many lives before you were you.
Very few Spirits are brand new souls. We are technically all old souls but the oldest souls choose to be animals or have hard/short lives.
They don’t have wings, don’t often come surrounded in a light. Rarely show themselves in full form to their charge but will do if it is necessary.
They will ONLY interact if it is a matter of life or death. It is their job to make sure we live and die the way we mean to and not a second sooner or later.
So they tend to only show themselves or interact/communicate if it is life and death and your in danger and need to be alert.

They don’t use your pendulums, come through in tarot card readings or control your crystals and they do NOT trap the dead.
They are love personified and no one living or dead will love you more.
So embrace them for the anomalies that they are and let them do their job without interference.
It will be you one day, and you’ll command the same level as respect.
So give it to them now so your not having demand it from others later.

Love and Light

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