Multipotenialite Empath aka Lack Motivation

So my student came to me and asked me about this ‘Gift’.
Seeing these bunch of words from our beautiful language made up into non words fascinated me enough to want to see what it was and this is what I discovered.
Obvious now I’m ranting and HAD to write an article. So the internet says a Mutlipotentialite Empath is as follows and I quote.

Many people struggle finding their life purpose, especially the Empaths. Feeling confused as to whether we are walking the ‘right occupational path’ is all too common for the Sensitive. There are many reasons for this, but the way the world makes us ‘feel’ certainly contributes to our confusion. Because we get exhausted, depressed or overstimulated by spending too much time around others, it can lead us to feeling unfulfilled and often blaming our chosen profession.

So like with the Pronoun argument for the sexes this is basically people who are trying to find purpose with an interest in the new age misconceptions out there trying to find an excuse for why their lives are so unfulfilled so they put a label on their lack or drive and ambition instead of taking personal responsibility for their lives being shit.
I’m sorry but once again EMPATH does NOT mean sensitive.
If you use that term to describe yourself you are NOT an Empath. To a REAL empath, it is painful word to use. Not one we spread around lightly. Only a TRUE empath would know this.
Multi potentialite?
Multi meaning many, alternate, varied in choice. Potentialite isn’t even a word. It’s a made up word. It’s potential and what? socialite? no white lighter would dream to be such a thing. So why are people making this stuff up?
Because they are bored and lazy and trying to find excuses for why they lack drive and ambition.
I am literally embarrassed for you if you call yourself this made up description for something your not even getting the meaning of right.
I’m a Multigravitationally Time Existant Transmorphical Entity of Beamescent Light.

I understand that people are trying to find themselves and all but your believing in stuff that isn’t even real in terms of language let alone concept.
And far be it from me to tell anyone what to believe in but don’t claim something is real if you can’t prove it or make of it in terms of fact.
If this gift exists PROVE it. It shouldn’t be hard.
So my question is this: How is having this lack of drive, direction or ambition a gift?
What can be done with it to help yourself, those around you and this Universe? (which are the reasons it’s called a gift).
Coz it sounds like it’s either a Careers Advisor or Motivational Speaker is about it. I can’t see me training my X-men to a a Multipotentialite Empath. Can you?
I just………………………..I scratch my head.


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