Two of my Juniors

Just made me prouder than I’ve ever been.

Butterfly and Soldier (Tray) I bow down to you.

Butterfly, your Natural Telepathy is of the most exceptional standard.

Soldier, you have the grit and determination I’m looking for. Your level of hard work and commitment to healing the physical to improve the conscious and spiritual matches me own and my Dad was a Drill Sargent. So whenever I’m training, or needing to push my aching body up that hill to end the hike I always hear my Dad saying ‘You can do it Callaghan, don’t you stop now, you’ve got this soldier, your a Callaghan’.

So I’m giving you the name my Dad gives me to encourage me up that hill.

It’s an honour to pass it on to you.

I know. I’ll call you Private. Your rank will go up as you go up a level. It’s perfect.

Both Wisconsinites too. See….another reason I need to hurry up and get there.

I have to get my hands on training up these two.

I know I’m not allowed to show pride.

But when my seniors are in awe of a juniors ability you know your on to something.

And my seniors are congratulating me every week on my new recruits.

Spirit sure know how to pick them.

I can’t wait for our first Clan Gathering next year at my house in Wisconsin.

Bring me home Wisconsin.



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