Terror attack in London

Told ya. As I’m figuring the symbols out its all making sense.  It’s all coming together.

The cleansing ends in the UK.

This fight ends here.

I wonder how KY plays a role. Is that Scotland? 

We shall see. Stay in doors UK.

Keep away from crowds. Shop online where possible.

My heart goes out to all the victims.

It’s nearly over. Just hang in there a little bit longer.

These terrorists will be stopped here.

They pay for these attacks after all.


Get what I’m saying??????????

2 thoughts on “Terror attack in London

    • Just do your thing but don’t do it longer than necessary. Like go to work but come right home after. Avoid large crowds. They want people scared. They have an election coming up. There’s always something political going on somewhere at the time of these attacks. Your safe but it’s the people’s anger I’m warning people about. They’re poking bears and the bears are about to bite back. See….Americans are too nice. They don’t have ANY experience with anarchy. Look at Antifa? The fact they exist proves my point. Hahahahaha but the UK!!! They, The French and Russians are the best at it. When you think of Anarchy you immediately think of the UK. Everyone does. Why do you think the Sex Pistols were so hated? Vicious was killed for not selling out. I’m convinced of it.
      I see it escalating yes, I have always known once the military hit the streets it’s time to stay indoors and not leave unless you need food and supplies. Hence the warning I’ve been telling people to stock up on food and water. We call it our Zombie Apocalypse cupboard. It’s a couple of weeks of fury then a few months of clean up, and about 20yrs to rebuild from the shock. But I KNOW the tide is turning. It has to coz if the darkness within doesn’t end us, this poor suffering planet will. She’s had enough of us parasites. BUT!!! She’s starting to settle down. There is a calm within her, because she knows it’s nearly over. She’s not as itchy as she used to be. So I know it’s soon. There’s more good happening than bad trust me. It’s just not being reported. YET!!!!
      Be brave my love, and have faith. If you don’t get involved it won’t affect you as much. But your involvement will depend on what the hell it is they do next that makes people so angry they take to the streets in droves to rip politicians and people of influence apart in their homes I guess aye? When that happens, it happens globally. The anarchy spreads globally and the rage ends the darkness in every land. I see thousands of these demons incarcerated and executed too. People will be stunned at who’s involved in all of this. How far the darkness reaches. But the light is stronger. It always is.