Why our stuff goes missing

Ever needed something like say a blue pen and you can’t find one then all of a sudden one appears? Somewhere you know you looked thoroughly before?

Ever lost a blue pen prior to that you’ve never been able to find? Would you remember if you did?

Like a genie granted wishes with a blink of an eye it’s a mixture of so many things making it possible but you can borrow things from the past present and future.
So I wonder if at some point I needed a broccoli and took the one that vanished when I was having my first student session with Spitfire?

I never did find it.

I’d love to study this hypothesis.

It’s one to file and sit on for a bit.

Interesting proposal though no?

A Lesson from Spirit about his suicide

I have the pleasure of meeting and doing a reading for a very special woman by the name of A. A recently lost B and had contacted me for guidance in coping with Bs passing.
I her A’s permission to submit parts of her reading for this article in the hopes that it will help others understand the way a person feels and prepares to take their own lives.

Below is an exert of the conversation. I’ll mark anything B says with a B before it.

That photo was prophetic. He was definitely telling people he was ready to go.
He’s not proud of what he did though. He’s totally prepared for the consequences.
He was not wired to the concerns of others in his final days. Suicide is selfish. If it wasn’t no one would commit suicide.
He felt rejection, he felt like there was no place for him anywhere in this life. B said ‘you become detached from all reality when you resign yourself to death and you never stop to think about anyone else’.
He said ‘when you first decide to do it you start to think about the consequences it will have on loved ones but the more it feels right the better it feels inside. Like your heading to the light and it doesn’t hurt when you walk towards it’.
By which point he says ‘you stop thinking about others. You become concerned only with how you get to be in that light more’.
B said ‘It hurts less the more you know it’s going to happen. You then turn on auto pilot. You become an empty shell of your former self from then and then your swamped by light like jumping into a beautiful lagoon that is warm like a bath and the second your head goes under the water you instantly realize you jumped too far and now you feel the pain’.
All suicides, expected and decided ALL end with the lessons waiting for them at the other end.
Some are just wired to have their clocks run down and others switch them off with a minutes notice but all of them have to take notice of the time still.
They don’t get to get away with not ticking. Others rely on them keeping time. It balances everything around them all out.
When someone kills themselves who weren’t ticking down from birth it makes everything around their loved ones unbalanced.

It’s just not bad where you go afterwards like everyone thinks. He said ‘it’s like having to go back to school except every classes subject matter is you and your life up to the moment of death’.

You have to understand something too, Spirit know, see, feel, hear everything every time you think of them, speak of them, remember them, feel for them.
And nothing connects you faster than the memories you have of them.
The more you remember them the more they stand before you.

He felt like he was failing as a person. Had no purpose.
Someone tipped that balance for him. He was always teetering on the edge of deep suicidal depression but someone tipped him over.

He knows now that he and he alone was to blame for his death.
He said ‘sometimes you look for an out so you have an excuse and you know better once it’s too late’.

He said to remember him for how he lived not how he died. He was not how he died. He’d always been prone to bouts of depression but he thought he was good at hiding it.
But he is taking responsibility. He said ‘he just basically looked for an excuse to do it and he found the wrong one and he is sorry for that’.
The person who tipped him over doesn’t deserve that.

It doesn’t matter what a person does in their life it is never an excuse to create a torment that will last an eternity therefore making them have to learn lessons as great as yours.
No one has the right to do that to another soul. If your a bad enough person that someone kills themselves then they de evolve, the journey for them is hardest of all. Because they have lived light, they know it’s power and a series of bad decisions in life leads to an after life of darkness. But your talking about serial killers, rapists, bankers etc…

He is healing, this what he is talking about is him reflecting on the impact he had in this world and he’s being introspective as part of his lesson.
Once he is done he will get reborn.
He will choose to come back and try again and make better choices.

There are people out there who have contemplated suicide and he wants to help stop them.
You have too much to lose and so much more to have to gain back, it’s exhausting for something that just wants to get to the light. But they do it anyway because the only way to get to the light is to learn from your mistakes.
Pity or self pity isn’t allowed in the light. Pity is something given not practiced.
They are never miserable or sad, they are determined and encouraged and supported 100% with nothing but love. But they know their actions need to be learned from and accept it fully with nothing but love and light.

9 times out of 10 it is we who keep them here. Our grief, our shock. Thus creating an unbalanced atmosphere.
It’s only usually those who die violently and not instantly after impact that get trapped.
Only in a small number of instances are they not made to learn from it. Where the suicide is forgiven to themselves.
ie Mental Illness, or suicide to save others for example.

He is healing. That’s a good thing because it means he has forgiven himself for his passing and is preparing to move forward from it.
Not without his battle scars though, he knows he’ll NEVER do anything like that again that’s for sure.
Lesson learned.


I’m being brutally honest as you can not be politically correct with suicide.
It is a brutally honest why to die.
I do this with nothing but love to my suicidal brothers and sisters and their families as well.

Suicide is fast becoming my speciality subject unfortunately when it used to be the rarest thing I dealt with.

Everyone knows someone and what bothers is the number of males out numbers the females around about 20 to one. It is a far smaller majority of suicides I deal with are female. It’s maybe one in 20.

To those contemplating suicide, there is always a way out of it. Suicide isn’t always the answer. You only drag your journey out when you do for the wrong reasons.
Please, I beg you to know the consequences of your actions before you do them.
I have written many articles about this from the Spirits perspective and its just not worth it.
You don’t go to a bad place and I know I can’t stop you if your hell bent on it, no one can.
I’ll continue to write to you all, helping any way I can all I ask in return are your tomorrows.

I’d like to thank A sincerely for allowing me to share Bs story with you.
I apologize to A for any pain I caused in bringing this pain back to you.
I hope though it helps you heal in time knowing that he has already made a huge impact to anyone who reads this post and finds peace of mind from it.

Your courage and bravery humbles me.

Love and Light

The truth about Ouija/Pendulums and Tarot (your gonna REALLY hate me after this)

Okay so here is the biggest misconception about Tarot cards and Ouija Boards.
People think they get to talk to the dead using these three tools and it just isn’t so.
I’m going to outline why below.

Tarot Cards: A tool used to tell ones future. It uses NO Spirits to conduct. This is the one that pisses me off the most because there are people out there calling themselves Psychic/Mediums because they use Tarot cards.
Spirit don’t need this stuff and it’s simply insulting to people out there who have spent their ENTIRE lives dedicating themselves to their gift and honing their skills such as myself.
Tarot readers take credit for the Reader (Client) using their own telepathic skill to chose the best card for the outcome and answer they need to help guide them.
It is the READER who conducts the reading not the person doing the spread.
Tarot cards are a set of predetermined answers, yet many take money and credit for this type of reading when in actual fact is the reader could just get a set of cards themselves and save themselves the money by doing the reading themselves.
My students are taught to read EVERYTHING BUT Tarot because I require my students in my society to have actual skill and ability.

Trust me when I say if your paying to have a reading from someone using Tarot who calls themselves anything other than a Tarot Reader your being conned.
If your a Psychic or a Medium you wouldn’t need Tarot at all.

Having a gift is a Privilege NOT a right and yet so many people take these titles without having any right and it pisses me off.
Having the privilege of guiding people using the dead to guide you requires hard work, dedication and a delicate balance of the mind, body and Spirit 99.9% of people out there who conduct readings just don’t have.
I’m sorry but it’s true. It’s called a GIFT, for some it should be called a Loan but for the rest it should be called a Fantasy.
Honestly, buy a pack and do your own readings. You’ll get exactly the same results as the person doing the reading and save yourself the money.
To test my word, go to a Tarot Reader who calls themselves anything other and ask them to conduct a reading without the cards. If they have been doing it for more than 5 minutes this shouldn’t be a problem.
A true Gifted, can read using many forms.
I myself do Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Medianship, Dream Interpretation, Tea Leaves, Palms, Bones, Nature (Natural Telepathy) I can read animals paws and feet as well, I can also read using normal playing cards. The kind you play Poker with. To me it plays out a move in my head of the persons life.
I can also read a persons vibration, or Aura and even read a person based on what colours they are wearing that day.
If you have a gift you don’t need Tarot.

This uses the Science of Metaphysics, nothing more. No dead people use a pendulum to make contact.
A Pendulum uses magnetism and the fields of energy around you and the planet.
They can be used to ask yes no questions. How? because anything organic can be read and communicate in it’s own unique way. You as the conduit for the pendulum need to train yourself to connect to the planet first before anything else because your required to tune in to the vibration or fields of energy around you.
This is why the pendulum is best used to find things like water, lay lines, electrical lines, lost objects, treasure, oil, missing people, active spots, etc……
It’s insulting to think our beloved dead are sitting tapping and pushing on a glass ball or whatever you use to communicate.
If anyone says they are reading you using one they are fooling not only you but themselves.
The trouble with Pendulums though is how easy it is to manipulate the answer you want. Because you too are organic and everything in the Universe is also organic and the vibrations of each to be read have to be perfectly balanced if you don’t finely tune your connection to your Pendulum you can manipulate the answer you want.
When you don’t want a specific answer you get the correct hit. But if your wanting an answer you create the answer you want.
Again, tuning in to a Pendulum requires at least a year of dedication and commitment to it. My Pendulum went with me everywhere.
Also you must never buy your pendulum, it should be found, or offered up to you and it must be 100% organic and cleansed before use.
You don’t know what your piece of rock, stone, shell, bone etc….has been before it was your pendulum.
And as I have said before, if it is offered to you it doesn’t need cleansed. If you find it then it does.
The difference being, when your out and about an offered Pendulum jumps out at you, it is one of those things where you’ll see the stone your meant to have on a beach full of them because it jumps out at you and you can’t take your eyes off it.
One that you find is usually something you already have laying around the house already in which case it needs to be cleansed in salt water.
You can’t read the planet if your using plastic. So your pendulum MUST be 100% organic.
Once you have found your pendulum you must then going around your house and use it to test every other organic object in your home.
Having an object in your home that is negative for you is like putting a magnet next to a compass. It can pull and weigh it down and actually can be responsible for activity in your home, from Poltergeist to depression, relationship issues and erratic behaviour in your children and pets, not to mention in you.
If you can’t sleep it could be because that pretty rock you found on the beach you didn’t test saw a war when it was part of a mountain or even a ritualistic killing from 10,000 years ago. You just don’t know what your brining into your home. THIS is when your Pendulum is at it’s best. I don’t have so much as a twig in my house that hasn’t been tested.
People don’t understand why I take this stuff so seriously. Why I’m so fiercely protective of Spirit and my craft.
Because no one gets it. These new age people have taken an ancient skill and turned it into a fluffy joke.
The truth of the matter is, the pretty pieces of our planet (crystals, gems, jewels) aren’t any better to use for healing and power than the stones in your garden.
They all come from the one life source. But no one wants the fingernail, they all want the organs.
And that pisses me off.

Ouija Boards:
SIGH!!!! This is the one I deal with DAILY from people.
Ouija boards use NO dead people. The dead do NOT talk through them. YOU DO!!!
Those conducting the séance or board (it’s the exact same thing but using a different conduit) manipulate the board or session using Telekinesis. This is a Science using the power of ones mind to move objects.
The answers you get are telepathic in ability. This is the Science of placing thought or reading ones mind using your mind.
People say ‘But how did it know the name of my Grandmother, no one knows what her real name is’. The answer is ‘Because you do’.
Our brains are the most powerful computer/engine in the Universe. There is nothing like it nor will their ever be as long as we keep evolving.
People don’t understand this stuff yet so many people use these tools for entertainment and then fuck it up.
Then it’s me they run to in order to fix it. Everyone knows Ouija and Seance’s are counter productive to Spirit communication.
The dead don’t sit and push a piece of glass to talk, they don’t need it and requires WAAAAY too much energy to make happen.
Moving objects and showing themselves in a 3D visual require thee most amounts of energy needed and so they avoid it at all costs.
NOW!!! the thing with these types of entertainment (and it is for entertainment only because it’s not a real gift or ability, it’s just Science) is if one single person in that group is negative, depressed, angry, or easily manipulated it places negativity into the outcome and then you get the nasty stuff coming through.
Then because of the fear and hysteria it creates it then invites the actual bad stuff because they see you and think ‘Ahhhh here is one we can cause trouble for’ then BOOM!!! you get the growls and fear being generated.
The dead know how much trouble all of this can cause and want and play no part in any of it.
If you use these tools for readings, your producing the answer not the dead.
Your basically doing your own reading using your own abilities. That’s it.
So don’t be fooled.

I hope you learned something today and I hope I cost a few fakes some money because there are more of them out there than genuinely gifted people.
Having a genuine gift is the same as people and politics. Just because you have an interest in it doesn’t mean you can and should do it.
As I say time and time again ‘Just because everyone can have the gift doesn’t mean they should’.
I simply refuse to show ANYONE who asks how to open up to Spirit because not everyone should.
If your self absorbed, too caught up in your own life to take the time to help others, if you suffer from depression, addiction or any kind of mental anguish, if your a negative person, aggressive, scared of everything, too afraid to be what you are, easily manipulated or frightened or refuse to open and expand your mind or too lazy to do the work then this isn’t for you.
You don’t need to sit under copper triangles or meditate. If you sit and do the work you don’t need any of it at all because YOU become the biggest conduit there is.
Your Pineal Gland should be the only tool of your trade for ANY of it and if you don’t exercise that most then the rest of it is pointless.

It is a Privilege not a right, it’s dealing with actual dead people who often have tragic stories to tell to distraught and frantically hopeful loved ones. If your too busy getting laid, stoned, or lazy to take the years required to perfect your craft then this really isn’t for you.

Tarot readers have the easiest job in the world in this industry. They don’t even need to ask for protection because all they are doing is playing poker dealer in someone’s life. All the work is done for them.
The reader shuffles, the reader picks the cards, the reader uses their own ability to pick the cards they need to help them and the conduit is the cards, and the person taking your money for it gets all the credit using no ability or skill yet they get all the reward.
How is that fair or just?

When I hit the mainstream media I’m going to be getting hated on by millions and millions of people around the world because I’m gonna shut as many of them down as they can.
Thousands upon thousands of years of stud, honing ones Science and gift has gone into my society and these people just all think they can just come play at being one of us without any training or ability.
Having an interest in the Paranormal Sciences don’t mean you can ever understand the intensity of the training. There are steps taken that often start from birth.
A Pathwalker starts their path from birth then when it is nearing time to move up to White Lighter they are sent a teacher.
Yet so many people are told and believe they are one. So many people are getting readings and being told they are a White Lighter. But you can’t be one without being a Pathwalker and as I said a true Pathwalker starts from birth.
A Pathwalkers life is not an easy one and the gifts are established from birth.

A Pathwalkers life is a difficult one, often dealing with serious mental and emotional issues like bullying, abuse of all forms, poverty, adversity and social bias ALL while dealing with their gift.
A Pathwalker is born with a gift, and a White Lighter then uses these gifts to help the masses. The dedication and loyalty required would put a Special Forces trainee to shame.

Often those who can’t balance their empathic gift with the path with which they walk often end up committing suicide or want to.
To quote The Highlander ‘B A L A N C E’
If you don’t find the balance in all of it you might as well take up a sport or hobby because the rest of it is pointless.

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‘Day of Rage’ protests target Queen’s Speech


It’s all coming together just as I saw it.

It’s the first time the Queen has been mentioned in any protest here.

Watch this space. Shits about to get real here in the UK.

People are angry.

The Molecular Shape of our entire Universe

See….this is what I’ve been saying but it’s not just us, it’s anything organic including thought, inspiration, love, creation, invention, etc….I could go on and on.

Remember EM3?

This is it but on an everything scale.

It starts as one, is joined by another and becomes something entirely different.

This explains my theory of a Constant evolving Universe.

I know the Cosmological constant is a maths but it describes the constant forming and evolution of our Universe in word format perfectly.

Our cosmos is constantly moving forward. Constantly evolving, due to the perfect balance and symbiosis of all organic things. Including of the conscious, physical and spiritual or three states of being as I call it.

I want to thank my Sunshine for bringing this to my attention.

I love you so much for not judging me even though you could lol

Your letting my theories evolve and helping me self correct anything I may misunderstand.

This is why I asked for you.

You make Mummy proud lol

So see….I’m not nuts lol