Manchester (update)

I said it was all about the UK aye? It’s got to end here.

The UK have got this. They’re well versed in anarchy.

So all is about to be revealed. I don’t know if the Andrew thing is correct.  I’m just trying to fill in a crossword puzzle and seeing what feels right to what I see.

But I feel it going down. Scandals bringing entire families down. Something released to the media, brings down the houses like a house of cards.

Celebrities connected. Torn down, torn to shreds their long esteemed reputations.

Bankers, Billionaires, Politicians slaughtered publicly and legally.

Many won’t survive. But it starts in America first.

America connected in the controversy some how. It starts there. The first domino that tips those cards down is in America.

Trump may go into hiding.

My heart’s go out to the victims and their families.

Your lights shine bright forever more.

But now I know why I’ve been warning people in the UK since before Xmas to keep away from populated areas and why I get anxiety being out on the streets in the UK.
Soldiers and tanks on the streets of Manchester we’re told.

As per my prediction.