The truth about Spells. Be careful what you wish for.

One of my juniors Beth, brought something up to me today that I felt needed to be written about because it scares me how stupid people can be when it comes to The Craft be it Witch, Dark or in my case Ancient.

Luckily she was clever, she came to me. I know others will pay a ton of money for this stuff not knowing that everything you do in a spell has a consequence.

Firstly, let’s look at the Spells themselves.

It works on my principal I call Quantum Magnetism.

The principal being you must believe to achieve. You must accept responsibility for what you send out because good or bad it WILL come back to you.

When you ask the universe for something you will always attract what you send out.

If you do a spell that requires a burning of paper with a ritual on it for example, your not sending out the ashes and hopes to the ether.

Your destroying what you burn.

So if you ask for money on the paper, you are asking for it to be removed.

The flame in any spell represents your connection to Spirit and the Universe. It’s the telephone if you will. But you must be mindful of what your asking for.

I won’t go into details of exact words but you must add favorite when asking for something.

So you must ask only for things that aren’t asking for more than you need and you must be prepared to take the consequences of what you send out.

The Universe is as literally as it comes.

If you ask for someone to suffer or lose, you too will suffer and lose.

So if you want money you must always say what your prepared to work for or lose or not lose before you do it.

Money is a big one I’m asked to. But 90% of the spells works only if you believe it will. But you must add a favorite.

I want money but I’ll work hard and never should it come from loss or harm to another.

That sort of things.

The spells I do are based closely to the Maori practice of Utu.

An Utu is a curse put on some who must find balance in their doings before the spell is lifted.

Maori people understood the Universe on such an incredibly deep level and they knew that if your going to hurt someone you must do it in a way that always give them the choice to right the wrong or take it to the Ancestors forever more.

So you bind someone from creating harm to someone but it must be said in a way that if it comes back on you creates a positive effect on you instead of negative.

So doing something like burning a wish or hope or want actually removes it. Destroys it. Your asking the universe to destroy the principal request.

You will always get what you ask for. So be careful what you ask for because you WILL get EXACTLY what you ask for.

My seniors are only a year away from graduation. They will for those who want it, come work with me.

My dream is to open the world’s first University of Paranormal Sciences.

I’ll put all my money into scholarships, dorms, and free classes to anyone I choose to do the courses.

My seniors will help teach. Like X-Men school. I’ll be Professor X meets Jean Gray/ Phoenix lol

But even they know learning the Craft is the last thing they are taught and not all will be allowed to go past a certain point if they don’t take it seriously.

They’re all super clever people and they know that this isn’t all super happy fun time training.

This stuff in the wrong hands can destroy a life and people are paying sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to have spells done not knowing the consequences of their actions.

Just remember two things when you do or buy a spell.

If your asked to burn something, make sure it’s something you WANT destroyed.

Otherwise use a candle or soul for spells. It’s safer, never goes away and takes your hopes and dreams up with the smoke or as grass grows and the paper or wax degrades over time. It feeds, grows and nourishes all it touches.

If someone gets you to burn anything other than a candle, be prepared for the consequences.

When I burn stuff on paper it’s to remove fears, negative influence and such. But I NEVER throw the ashes away. They must be buried.

I wish I could give an example but the words you speak are just as important as the actions attached to those words.

If your doing a spell to ward off evil or negative influences or people you must be careful what you say.

It must never reflect negatively back on you and Quatum Magnetics is all based on the theory of the laws attraction, finding the best possible outcome based on your decision and drawing it to you.

The Universe and everything in it relies on many things in order to evolve and expand.

Magnetism, Time, Balance, Gravity and Harmony. So if you send bad you must do it in a way that when it reflects back on you, it’s good.


Thank you to Beth for bringing this to my attention.

I hope I’ve explained it well enough that your all a little more careful about what spells you do because what you send out comes back ten fold.

So if your doing a spell with negative connotations, you must write it in a way that when it reflects back on you it has positive consequences.

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