How to cleanse your home the easy way.

Ok so you all know I have my article based on how to cleanse your home, self or office using Sage and candles but now I’m totes a Science bitch now I was shown a much easier way to cleanse yourself, your home or yourself using nothing more than a bell and Pendulum.

It takes minutes, not hours as with a candle and sage and you can do it anywhere. 

You just need a bell, an average every day bell you’d use for service or food if your a Victorian mute sick in bed lol or my ex who was given one when he was very ill but it was then removes and stomped on because he drove me up the bloody wall with it.

So then your Pendulum. It can be anything treasured that has a good swing. When I’m cut short and need an instant Pendulum, I use my Greenstone around my neck which I had been wearing for 18yrs given to me by my sister.

You can use your wedding ring, or necklace you west given to you but your Dad for graduation. (Mentioned you again Collen W lol).

We all have something around us or our home we can use as a Pendulum. You won’t need to cleanse it if it’s an heirloom or given by someone you love and respect.

You start at the front of the house and hold the pendulum with your arm out stretched. The energy just flow, so an out stretched arm creates a better flow of energy than an arm that is bent.

You then ask the pendulum which way it wants to swing for yes and for no.

Remember to give your Pendulum time to address both questions before you ask it to do something else.

PLEASE remember three things when using a Pendulum.

1) It must be 100% organic. If your working with the organic Universe, pay it the respect of everything involved to manipulate it by making it organic too. The vibration of the objects matter greatly.

2) A Pendulum does NOT use Spirits or the dead. It fucks me off how people think our dead sit poking at our Pendulums like imbeciles. Like they have nothing better to do than like a fuckin piece of glass or rock.

3) if when your using your Pendulum down and you put it down before your finished you MUST ask it over again which way it wants to swing for yes and for no.

Everything is magnetic and Pendulums work on Physics not the dead. Metaphysics (in the TRY sense) is the Science of measuring what can and can’t be seen using the elements and organic Universe to manipulate it. Like finding water, lay lines, missing people, finding treasure, missing objects, bodies, and the like. NOT the dead.

So right away you know if your told it’s Spirit, the people telling you it is are idiots, dangerous and don’t deserve your time or energy. Just like those who call them GHOSTS and believe Ouija use the dead to talk and not Telepathic Telekinesis.

I’m shocked at how old fashioned and out dated people are in their Investigation or understanding of the Dead and our Universe.

But anywho….so you ask which way for yes and no. Please remember also if you EXPECT an outcome you’ll get what you expect so do nothing with the expectation of what the answer will be and it will work perfectly.

Also be careful of your mood when doing a cleanse. You mustn’t use your Pendulum if your in a bad mood or feeling morose.

You then go into each room, in the middle of the room and hold the Pendulum out and let it swing. You then ring your bell and keep ringing the bell until the pendulum swings yes.

It changes the vibration of the energy around you. You are magentic, your planet is magnetic, your house is magnetic, if it’s organic, it’s magnetic and has a frequency.

It can all be measured.

So be calm, content and precise.

You do every room in the house, office or building. Including bathrooms and wardrobes if you can walk into them. Garages too.

If the living go into it, it can be cleansed.

It takes minutes.

Sometimes the pendulum can take ages to swing yes but if that’s the case then it means that room was drenched in negative energy.

But it will eventually swing yes, just do NOT stop ringing that bell in the room until the Pendulum swings yes.

The bells peel is harmony, the pendulum balance, the room magnetic, you doing the cleanse represents time in a situation like this. Your drawing all of those aspects in around you and your home and cleansing it. Making it work together like the mechanisms of a fine hand craft watch. Nothing works if the timing isn’t right. Everything must work in a symbiotic relationship in order to achieve perfect harmony and balance.

Our lives like our Universe can’t exist without it.

I’m leaving the original post up though because some people truly believe in the power of date but in all actuality you can achieve the same effect with tea leaves, tobacco, basil, oregano, dried lavender etc…..

99% of this stuff works best when it’s believed. If you don’t believe it’s working it won’t.

So positive always please.

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  1. I knew bells break negative energy and just went around the house the other day. Now will try adding the pendulum to confirm room is cleared. Thanks for this 😀