Dreams/Sleep Walking/Night Terrors explained

Science has never fully understood why we dream or why we need sleep. I feel I’m pretty sure I know why based on what Spirit have been teaching me since I started watching my dreams as a teenager.
The more I studied mine and now my students dreams I think I’ve cracked it. I did this reading for a client and decided to do a post on it because dreams really do fascinate me and my readers also as next to Suicide and Signs of Communication, Dreams are my most commonly searched link.

When we sleep, we astral travel.
We visit loved ones from this life and past ones and visit loved ones who have passed over as well.
You’ll meet up with absent friends and family in different continents and can totally manipulate what happens when we travel.
Dreams occur because we only dream for about 20 minutes before we wake up and I believe this is done to slowly give the Spirit time to adjust back into the physical and conscious states of existence.
We exist in three states of self. All of which can be manipulated by the other and all three can function independent of each other. I do it daily and now some of students are close to doing the same.
We can switch off the physical for the conscious, tune out the conscious for the Spirit self and tune in the physical.
But sometimes the physical state or conscious state will start to wake up before the Spirit is back in the body which can be VERY VERY dangerous. I believe that SAD or Sudden Adult Death is due to this.
One part becomes active before the Spirit has returned and it confuses the system and shuts it down. (ie we die in our sleep)

Sleep walking is when the conscious self is alert without a Spirit which is why it is so dangerous to wake up a sleep walker.

But also your body and conscious states are vulnerable to interference when you sleep not just by the living but the dead also and as we know not all spirits are friendly.

It’s not common but it can happen that something darker will try and mess about with you if your up to no good in real life.

Your Spirit Elder will as a last resort do things to wake you up so you can re balance all three states.
If it is subtly done it means your physical state was becoming alert and needed to be coaxed gently awake.
But if it’s bad, like if the situation is life threatening like your physical is waking up, or your in danger of something dark lurking your Spirit Elder will scare the crap out of you quickly and dramatically to wake you up.
The signs of the conscious waking up before the physical is when you can’t move but your mind is alert. You try to scream but you can’t physically move. This occurrence is commonly known as Night Terrors or OBE.
You’ll end up being woken up by a hell of a fright usually jolting awake after feeling someone in the room with you the whole time.
People always assume this is something sinister because of the fear associated with it but I promise you, your perfectly safe.
Your guarded beyond belief.
The fear comes from the higher self being alerted by your Spirit Elder something isn’t right and to wake up. When that doesn’t happen fast enough your Spirit Elder will scare you as a last resort. Often taking on scary forms in order to shock you awake. It’s harsh but the alternative is a catatonic state, mental/physical melt down or death.
Your Spirit Elders are the guardians of your Soul. Without them you basically are like a leaf blowing about in a perpetual wind with zero direction. The role of a Spirit Elder is critical to our survival as us.
No one else alive or dead has the control over you they have.

They take what they do very seriously and get to evolve after your life is done. So rest assured your in good hands.

Also I have discovered that the more you open to Spirit the less you dream.
I’m luckily if I dream once or twice a week now because I don’t need the dreams to give me messages because now they just tell me off for real lol hahahaha
But I also have reason to believe some time travel is involved on some dreams. In so far as we have the ability to place messages to ourselves in dreams from the future to our current selves.
But that is a theory I’m still testing. I m pretty sure or have reason to believe the flashes of light I see before a TIME incident, are a heads up from me but again this is just a tentative theory and could change.
I’m STILL studying myself after 32 years but the cool thing is, I now have 18 students I’m now using as guinea pigs to put my theories to the test.
I have time travelers, medians, incredible telepaths, natural telepaths and clairvoyants and only 3 came into this with abilities.
I can train anyone who will do the work and it’s paying off for them in incredible ways too just like it is mine.

I swear, I know how to obtain balance in ones life through following your compass and dreams have played a huge role in me understanding how.
I love my job so much.
I now have a team of X-men, real life X-men WOOHOO!!!
I’m determined to travel the world finding more to train too.
I love my job sooooooo much. Wait…..I said that already lol
Thank you to my wonderful Seniors and eager Newbies. You really are the best Cubs a Mama Bear could ask for.
Love and Light

Manchester (update)

I said it was all about the UK aye? It’s got to end here.

The UK have got this. They’re well versed in anarchy.

So all is about to be revealed. I don’t know if the Andrew thing is correct.  I’m just trying to fill in a crossword puzzle and seeing what feels right to what I see.

But I feel it going down. Scandals bringing entire families down. Something released to the media, brings down the houses like a house of cards.

Celebrities connected. Torn down, torn to shreds their long esteemed reputations.

Bankers, Billionaires, Politicians slaughtered publicly and legally.

Many won’t survive. But it starts in America first.

America connected in the controversy some how. It starts there. The first domino that tips those cards down is in America.

Trump may go into hiding.

My heart’s go out to the victims and their families.

Your lights shine bright forever more.

But now I know why I’ve been warning people in the UK since before Xmas to keep away from populated areas and why I get anxiety being out on the streets in the UK.
Soldiers and tanks on the streets of Manchester we’re told.

As per my prediction.

New vision development

I’m getting flashes of things hours, minutes and even seconds before they happen on a daily constant now.

At least a half a dozen times a day in fact. It’s the coolest thing lol I’m starting to like this gift lol

It’s helping me understand how time works on a grass roots level.

The Cleansing: Slowly it’s unraveling (update)

Ok, so as you know I’m being taught some pretty big stuff right. Like…..I know even people closest to me are starting to think I’m nuts. But if I’m nuts I’m in a perfect balanced relationship with my conscious mind and my subconscious mind, my physical self and my higher self all at once which is bringing me untold happiness.

So if I’m nuts then yeah.

But I’m having these massive episodes of DMT releases in my brain that are occuring randomly which in turn is helping me see more and better, my future, the future of clients I’m reading and the planets future.

There is massive amounts of things in my life that are now clicking into place as I seem to be unraveling the key to evoling in this universe. Like the maths involved in synchronicity. Synchronicity seems to be like when you stitch something together and the fabric pulled into place to fit perfectly. The biggest forms seem to be through numbers.

When you read the maths, it’s clues to huge things. It requires a lot of focus to master, but lucky for me one of my students has been documenting all of this stuff because her and I seem to have a symbiotic relationship

Everything I go through, she goes through. We have experimented a few times but the coolest one was when I stood behind her in the Netherlands while on my bike in the UK.

She contacted me to ask if I had just been there. I said what I had seen. She gasped and sent me proof. I should add she is an actual Scientist. Works with a lab coat and everything. I asked for a Scientist yrs ago lol she’s it.

I adore her. I trust her with everything that happens to me.

I’m on a self correction phase now. Been left without the Council for over a year now. It’s scary. I’m surrounded by the dead where ever I go and incredible things happen to me when I smoke weed now.

I release massive amounts of DMT naturally and I see the world and Universe, and Spirit realms on such a microscopic level it all becomes so clear to me.

Readings can involve me walking around entire neighbourhoods looking in cupboards and describing what’s in them lol

So it all started Saturday 13th May 2017

My son saw a flash of light outside my bedroom door on Saturday. I thought ‘oh shit!! It’s big if I’m not allowed to see it’s flash. I’ve still not worked out the significance with the light but I do know I seem to be either leaving clues in the form of numbers to students which played a part to a key event taking place in my life on Sunday that has changed the course of my life forever. Or they’re tuning in to me quick and seeing the signs too, or predicting them and preparing me to be mindful of them in my subconscious?

One of the things playing on my mind is this. The Cleansing. When, why, how.

I as you know study every aspect of my gift, have done for decades. I go over things. I kind of file thoughts and visions away in the files of my mind and bring them out to work on at a later date. And when things aren’t filed away complete, it bothers me and I can’t forget it. It MUST be completed.

I’ve written before about certain numbers having meaning to me but 44 is the one that was driving me nuts. Also the date tattooed on my arm, I realized is 44 too lol fuck!!! I just noticed.

It’s my fiance’s name and the date he asked me to be his girl. 4.14.16

I see it everywhere. I’m 44 now, so the easiest thing to guess was it’s to do with my age. Something big will happen when I’m 44. 13 too.

Well yeah!!!!!! BUT on Saturday the 13th Train saw the flash. At the same time my Scientist took a HUGE step in her life. Like HUGE!!! You have no idea how HUGE!!! Also my student Bumble Bee comes to me and says ‘Mama you remember our discussion about 5 1 4 a few months ago and I’m only saying it now because I see tomorrow is the 14th of May. I said to Person (my new name for my ex because he’s my Person) later on ‘ it’s odd too because I’m from New Zealand, I’d say 14th of the 5th not 5th of the 14th. It’s only America that does that month first day second thing.’ so I’m super proud of Bumble Bee being smart and on the ball. Because

The next day the 13th month anniversary of my and Martin’s date the 4 14 16 (5 14 17) 514 see where I’m going with this?

We drive to a friends house for the day, onnthe drive there I see synchronicity everywhere. 44. Everywhere. Signs, cars, advertising, songs, addresses, it was getting spooky. I said to Person ” you can’t deny this” the closer we got to our friends house the more I saw it. We spend the day, we start to drive home. The 44s where now coming so fast even Person was getting freaked out.

I do my thing and the visions begin. It was intense. Songs on the Spotify playing through the speakers of our gorgeous Kia Soul with the panoramic roof and surround sound was playing Crystal clear on my head and as I remember this I’m right there. I’m sitting in the seat. It’s Sex Pistols Anarchy in the UK. I’m seeing KY everywhere too then I notice which for me is St Andrews, it’s our postcode from when we lived there.

Then I notice 3836 which is four of my passport numbers which is also the years of my parents birth. My brain starts ticking over files of memories so fast it’s fascinating to watch because I’m watching myself think as Debbie while thinking as Spirit and a physical Debbie is on automatic lol but there was perfect unison and I’m sorry but our consciousness is organic and separate to the brain. It’s our second self. It’s just like Inside out lol floors and levels of varying forms of administration lol

Three more things pop up I point out that are 38 36 coz then it starts a certain train of thought and pattern.

As my brain is figuring stuff out from the visual clues and stuff my student (who did the monumental life changing thing the day before with a letter to someone who is changing her life) a letter arrives in my town from mine that would change mine. Aged 44 on the day 5 1 4.

I see me on camera, doing radio, being stopped by people and Milo. I see Assange, Trump, all my cleansing predictions, what I’ve said in here, files and files of memories. All flashing like filtered, detailed notes.

It’s weird seeing it from so many perspectives with crystal clear clarity. I wish I could describe it. It really is so cool. But:

Then with the signs and symbols I start to get it.

The cleansing. I’m right and wrong. I’m right, it has to start in America. They’re the new nation. The babies, they need to be the ones who stands up to the bullies. They do indeed kick the cleansing off. Europe is the Pinnacle, but Russia mostly and it’s the UK who ends it. The Cleansings Pinnacle isn’t in America, it’s the UK. Possibly over Scotland. I say this because of KY, unless it’s to do with Prince Andrew maybe? St Andrews? I don’t know for sure. I haven’t worked that far into it yet. I’m fuckin exhausted lol KY is my old postcode in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland. That’s what triggered the visions of memories and visions.

But I say this because one of the things it triggered is the Royal family. It came up and I’m proposing this. A scandal is coming to the Monarchy and it brings the royals down thus ending the Monarchy.

And I think America is the distraction. This fake news stuff is a diversion to hide what’s going on in the courts and with the sex scandals. I think the forces for good are about to release something huge and it’s gonna take the Monarchy down. Government, everything. I think it’s why I was shown Guy Fawkes masks as a kid. Because what was Guy Fawkes accused of and executed for?

Where else to have the end of it? Anonymous and their masks helped me figure these things out. All clues, pointing me in the right direction. The people of colour dying in the streets, tanks of soldiers joining the protests.

America, the land of the free, home of the brave. That’s why it needs to start there.

Russia will direct focus where it matters I think and the UK ends it once and for all. So many diversions, Trump, Obama, Clinton, Isis, SJW, Feminism, Racism, all the Isims and cancers being fed to us by the media, its all a diversion to distract you from what’s happening in the UK and Europe. Diversion and deflection tactics. Look at The US so you can’t see what Russia are trying to show you about the UK.

But Americans are cottoning on. They’re seeing past the smoke and mirrors now. And they’re gathering in the streets.

True evil hides in plain sight. Remember that. Justice is blind but sees everything. Remember that.

You don’t hide when you have right on your side. You only hide when wrong is on yours.

That’s why they cover their faces or have fodder to do their dirty work. Americans are showing their patriarchal pride and fighting the British once again but on a deeper level. This is for all of humanity. It had to start with America.

America believe it or not will be the ones who reach out the most in the new world and we need volunteers to go to the far reaches to take food, aid, medicine etc..to the people. They’ll take builders and architects and nurses and doctors from all generations. Old or young, it won’t matter, if you have experience and want to help, it’s all hands on deck.

I see the elders with full working minds and bodies going back to work in the stores and stuff doing the jobs the others who had dreams and qualifications had to do. And loving it. Everything is automated now anyway. People still want to see a face though. It’s in our nature to want nurture.

People will only work because they want to, not because they have to. Factories being opened up again. Men who worked there 30yrs now waiting to die will get jobs training up new staff. Old pubs opening up again. Businesses opening up because the people not working in Asda are now living their dream of having a tailors shop, or bakery.

People will buy locally made and country made before anything. Trade will be done fairly by other countries. It goes without saying all stores will sell French cheese and Scottish whiskey, we’re not Philistines.

But next to them will be Barry’s Cheese he makes from down the road, as well as some nice state or county brand etc….Fair Trade.

Also the criminal justice system. That’s another thing America will change the face of. This is all things I see America bringing to the table after this is over.

A return of the car industry in America too.

Russia will go back to being Russia.

But The UK is where it needs to end because they have the most to make up for with colonization. By they I mean the royals and government. They’ve done the most damage to what is the world right now. They’re DNA is in every President, every royal lineage on Earth. But something is about to happen and all eyes will be on the UK.

and who better to topple the dirty of this great nation than the fuckin awesome British?

No one has a better track record of over throwing Kings and queens, Prime Ministers and such with anarchy than the British.

America will recover quick but emotionally it will take a while. But they’re good hearted people. They’re all just angry and afraid and taking it out on each other in mindless fear. Just like I said they would. These isms people spout at each other, noone really means it. It’s misguided anger. Well it’s all coming out and soon it will be cleansed.

We all just want to be loved. And no one loves like Americans. I’m sorry but it’s true. The British, they pull their socks up and get in with it as best they can, and the greatest thinkers and creators come from there. When you need a thing engineered or thought up, you get a Brit or a Russian. They’re practical thinkers who are excellent at thinking outside the box. But I’ll never forget the way America came together on 9/11 which by the way is my birthday American style. 9/11 it is something no one forgets. As it should be. There’s just a way they come together. It’s like a light.

I observe everything around me always. I’m a true blue Scorpio. I take it all in, even when people think I don’t pay attention. I log things away in my head file then connect dots. It’s my thing. I like nice orderly memories and thoughts lol I know some say im autistic in classification but it’s how it has to be for me in order to understand my visions. It’s how I process the numbers, to remember the numbers because I’m shit with maths. If I have to remember numbers I’m excellent but in maths form my brain runs and hides.

I said if I’m autistic then my gift is how I’m able to articulate my mind so the world understands my connection to Spirit better. Lol

See the music? when I work and see things, it helps balance my thoughts so I can make sense of them. Because the dead don’t fuck about. You need to be on the ball with this shit lol.

Which is why I love Bumble Bee. He’s very on the ball.

On the 15th I get a message from Bumble Bee suggesting he make a movie about me, at the exact same time I message my agent saying let’s make a movie about me (all documented and witnessed).

The 15th 5 at 2pm so 1400 (5 1 4) a letter comes from my love, delivered to Wakefield on the 14th of the 5th ( 5 1 4) which like Sunshine’s letter changes my life forever.

Everything happens in 3s 3 is an essential number for evolution. We can’t have creation without it. Assange, Trump, Milo for example. Three White haired men. America, Russia, UK three places needed to save the world.

5 1 4 three numbers needed to see the stuff that would begin a chain of events that changes my life and my families/students lives forever.

Three McHugh women needed to change my life. All three started a chain of events of something needed to change my life forever.

I think that’s why I never saw what happens to the president in any of my end visions. Because it doesn’t matter. It ends with Trump.

The darkness is dying. These protests and stuff in the US are a distraction. The darkness is coming to an end and it’s panicking. America’s is the best place to go because no one stands together stronger with more genuine love than the Americans. It’s the only place for me to call home. When I’m in America, I’m never afraid. I walk around by myself.

I could go on and on about synchronicity too. I flew to Cill on the 14 4 my 12 month anniversary with Martin. I did my first reading the 15 4 My whole journey of my life changed that day forever. The new me came out.

It started with Aunty who I met through Cill, I met my agent through Aunty who I met through Cill.

All our lives are now about to change forever in wonderful ways because of it.

I have to say this.

If I’ve left you out of my life it’s nothing personal and I deeply apologize for hurting you if I did. But I have work to do. The dead are getting ready to speak and heal and I need people I can trust with my life and my childrens lives. I told you all this in the contract. But I am truly sorry for anything I’ve said or done. Hurting you was never my intention. If we are meant to be, our universes will collide again and we can make better choices for each other next time I hope?

I wish no one harm. I’m a kind person. I’d give you the shirt off my back if your genuine. Just remember, I’ll know if your genuine. If I’m wrong then karma gets us both in different ways lol

But my future is in America now. America is home.

Please don’t be afraid America, the focus won’t be on you for much longer. The darkness have bigger things to deal with. Unfortunately, it’s had to start there first but it’s nearly over. You’ll recover well.

Please just bear with me with my visions too, I’m still unlocking sequences. But I’m sure I’m almost done.

Its all about vibration, and tuning in to your environment in order to read the code.

For example

I believe our illnesses (the ones they can’t explain what they are or why your ill kind of illnesses)) are our bodies way of telling us to let go of things we’re bottling up. We’re organic on a molecular level, atoms, cells, energy, magnetism, gravity, balance, etc…none of it can sustain existence without jointing something else to become a greater part of itself combined.

So when the balance is out or vibration is off even by a bit, the results can be destructive. Our bodies, minds, spirits or souls if you will, can and do exist separate to each other.

So illness mental or other is the bodies way of saying “sort the other two out please, I can’t balance it all right now when I’m weak”.

When your unhappy you over eat, or drink or take drugs or starve or work or whatever. It’s a self punishment thing. We are Spiritual Beings on a ‘learning from the human experience’ high, so our conscious self brings about our karma’s, warnings and stuff to try and steer us back to North. (Remember my compass theory?). This is why we dream. It’s our conscious self trying to get our physical self to listen to what our higher self is saying (Spirit). In Spirit we are all one.

Our dreams are there to help us discombobulate the emotions. They’re messages, in code.

Spirit balance our minds and bodies by making sure we should only make better decisions, because we evolve faster when we make good choices but if we make bad choices we are to read the signs and fix it. When we don’t listen, it gets worse.

Making bad choices brings unbalance and discord. Like when a DJ pulls a record backwards but never lets go. He just keeps pulling it backwards.

Living in the past for example is like that record going backwards and never letting go. Letting go creates a melody which creates harmony.

When we don’t let go we fill up like a cup and eventually everything over flows so Illness is your bodies way of saying ‘Your full, settle down and sort it out’ like being fat is.

I will show you how to listen to this planet so it can help heal you. You can start your journey now by getting those emotions out your bottling up.

We have emotions for a reason people. It’s our conscious self release valve so the cup doesn’t over flow. Let your conscience self deal with the physical pain so the Spirit can be healed. It’s you your hurting, no one else.

I say all of this because…..

As I’m reeling in this explosion of revelations of the last 24hrs I feel this horrible sickly feeling. Then a feeling of being sucked backwards. Sitting on my bed with my tablet in my hand……

I felt everything be taken away into darkness. I’m standing on this rock thing in a deep dark blackness and all I’m thinking over and over as I fall backwards while perfectly still is “No noooo but I thought she was a good girl” and my voice says “She is, but you aren’t”. I got shown some stuff I never want to see again and I’m making vows to be good to myself, give me a chance to get it right and next thing I’m gasping for air in my room again talking to my students about the incredible synchronicity incident that has just taken place with Bumble Bee and Sunshine in Hangouts. The 15th 5.

So I’m coming clean. I’m holding my hands up and getting some shit off my chest because this next phase of my journey is me being trusted with many lives for real to make up for the lives I took in my last life.

I was nauseated for about four hours like you wouldn’t believe. All documented immediately. Witnessed too.

See when I see stuff like this? I see the past and present and future with Crystal clarity. I can walk around it. I went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania two weeks ago. I got shot in the head, could tell you every detail. Names, uniforms, where dirt was, I can open cupboards and bags to see whats in them and I know it sounds fucking nuts but hey!!! In for a penny in for a pound but I believe I’m cracking the code to the 4th Dimension. Which I believe is time. I of course don’t have the correct machines to hook my brains up but I wish I did. I know I’m not crazy because I have witnesses.

All my clocks times changed within hours of me changing batteries. Digital clocks, I’m constantly resetting them yet they change all the time usually within a day or two. I lose days, weeks, months, conversations I forget when having them I can remember later with perfect clarity down to minute detail.

Electrical equipment breaks around me. My wifi hates me and only me.

Im confessing some things to people now. Coming clean about things I need to release myself from in order to move forward. Because I’m graduating now I think.

So we shall start to sew up the fabric and cross some dead over,hug the hurt, help the scared.

If I hurt you I’m sorry. If my words were said in any way to hurt you it was not my intention, never my intention. Unless you hurt me first in which case I meant every word.

I’m not meant for everyone and that’s ok. I’m not here for everyone. I’m here for those who need me.

The dead are more than toys for our amusement and I’m going to defend them.

The truth is coming if you are the cancer to the Paranormal world. Your the darkness that fills the Paranormal side of existence.

I’m still working on my self-esteem issues. I’ll get there. I go out the front door now. I never used to. America held my hand and made me brave. I go to major airports alone, I love it. I soak up the experience. Spirit are with me all the time now.

I’ve even lost my fear of flying too. I mean if it crashes or blows up what can I do? I’ll just accept my fate. It’s obviously my time to turn the clock off. I’ll just hope it’s quick and painless as I imagine Person dancing as I go down.

Can you imagine my life with a camera on it? Who wouldn’t watch it? Lol the comedy of me and Person would be worth it.

Coming to a Netflix near you hahaha you know you’d watch lol I’m spooky lol even I say that lol I’m the Queen of Death. Thee dead taught me everything I didn’t teach myself lol

That’s why I need to shut the rest down. It’s a cancer spreading fast. Well I’m the big fat joint coming to suicide it’s cells from the inside out. I will make it eat itself like cannabis does to actual cancer cells.

But Quantum Magnetism as I call my theory is reading signs, following your compass, trusting your instincts, to bring forth the best possible conclusion to manifest it into reality. (or worst, because there’s two of everything remember? Two versions of everything). Waiting to evolve into something greater than itself.

Time, all waiting, balancing on decisions made. Time can be manipulated.

But what I know is with an infinite amount of possibilities that can come off the back of one decision your entire life can change for the better just by choosing the best outcome.

But the whole point of this article is to say this.

I’m sorry. I’ve gotten stuff mixed up on the journey called my life but I’m on a path of self correction to make up for my past deeds.

I’m not above admitting I was wrong. But I didn’t see the cleansing wrong. I just hadn’t seen the whole picture until now and it’s all now starting to come into focus.

But you’ve seen my journey as I’ve documented everything as I’ve uncovered stuff. If you read every post, you know my journey and know I’ve not made this journey up.

I know a lot of you print off my posts. I’m seeing better now because I’m figuring it all out.

I’ll keep you posted always. Thank you for your patience. If im wrong I’ll correct it. Just please give me time. It’s all happening so fast.

Riots are still coming to America, streets on fire etc….but it’s over quick. It’s nearly over. All the stuff I seen is happening now. It’s all coming down. I’m not afraid and neither should you. Nothing I said was wrong it’s just I couldn’t see the edge of the picture as I was only focused on one part of it.

Love always

Mama Bear

P.S Here’s a kicker, my arm Tattoo is 4 14 16, on the 14th 06 16 I get my Divorce Absolute. I should get it in the post the 16th, My Fiance’s birthday and my youngest son’s birthday who saw the flash of light outside my bedroom door. -_-

You can’t make this stuff up.

UPDATE: My senior Riya just reminded me she was having dreams about 5 1 3 months ago. I totally forgot she came to me. I have the messages in my messenger chat somewhere. But she saw the licence plate BLK 929. Now I was born on the 9th 11th 72, 9+2=11/ 9-2=7+2 9/11/72

I’ll be interested to see what happens on the 9 29 (Sept 29th).

But also 2009 is coming into focus too. It kicked off when my son gave me his special coin he found to help fund our move to America dream. (I kid you not…how awesome are my kids).

It was printed 2009. Now I see 2009 everywhere. So 9 2 9 means something.

It’s the year my first child was born. 1 12 2009 but the 29th is also my wedding anniversary to Person. 11 29 02. But nothing is clicking into place with those numbers. So I shall see what happens.

It’s easy to see who’s tuning in to me though aye? Lol we don’t even live in the same countries or counties lol

NOTE TO SELF: Explore dream plant theory and did my vision of 3ME symbols mean Kek?


How to center yourself if your stressed out

This works wonders if your stressed out, discombobulated, or feeling Meh, pissed off or aggravated.

Get your Pendulum which can be your ring and a strand of your hair. Or cotton if your hair is short.

Or a favourite necklace too.

Stand in the middle of the roommate hold your Pendulum outwards, arm stretched out.

Ask the Pendulum which way for yes and for no.

Turn in a circle slowly until the pendulum swings yes.

Job done.

Feel the difference?

It’s incredible aye? It really works. Who knew the dead knew what they were talking about lol