The Ascension!!?

Really people?

I thought you were smarter than this?

I’m speechless. *sigh*

Words cannot describe what people are willing to believe.

And we are NOT heading to the Female age. 

We need to get rid of these isims poisoning our world.

It’s Balance we are working towards. Without balance we are doomed to fail and the balance to feminine is?????? Masculine.

To quote Highlander

B A L A N C E!!

Working together not divided.

The ascension is new age bollocks stemming from a multi billion dollar industry created by people who don’t know the first thing about death and the evolution of the Universe on a Spiritual level because they’re too busy counting dollars.

One thought on “The Ascension!!?

  1. Since i am surrounded and study within new age community And concepts. I can better explain their angle. They are promoting balance within the world by using male and female energy concept (yin/yang). Stating that the disorder of the world is due to being TOO (yin/masculine) and now we gradually are moving into the Yang principles of exsistance for balance. Same universal theory as you just different words. I hear this theory ALL THE TIME. Believe me they are claiming to promote balance. Anywhoooo I BELIEVE the world is moving in a Good direction yay! People are focused on reprogramming and deprogramming: shedding learned belief systems, Releasing traumas, and abuse through surrendering and faith of universe. focusing on self love, connecting back to nature this; nature that.and also promoting living in the NOW etc.. Everywhere i turn this seems to be our society healing focus. That is actually a more easy , light, flow of living. More yang, feminine.
    My spirit says Energy flows where our thoughts go. If the world collectively focus on the darkness it will never change. I am not here for all of that, i am here to play, dream and live light as feather. Thank you spirit. I miss you mmmuahz