Slaves, The Hindenburg disaster and North Carolina

Okay so you won’t believe this one. I’m here staying with my Bitch Cill, and her friends find out what I am and tell her about their family home being active.

Cill says ‘well my bitch can totally sort you out’ right…..

So that was yesterday I was booked to go see them. I knew her son was gifted and had the most experiences so I was preparing myself to question him and steal him to become my youngest student and first proper male student of the juniors when I started to get images and made a connection to who was at the house.

I said to Cill and her husband, ‘I think they are slaves, and they are waiting for me’. We got in the car to leave and it all began. Cilla recorded some of this by the way.

So I knew that slaves hid in the property in the woods. It was a safe house. They hid then skimmed along the water at the back to follow the coast line up north.

I knew a German lady knew they were there. As we got closer I knew they were in their dozens following the car. I couldn’t breath. My heart was pounding. I put my headphones on to try and concentrate. 

I could see sailors, airmen, people falling from the sky. I saw slaves hiding, men with horses and dogs, women dressed in southern style dress, crinolin style, WW2 planes, could hear Glen Miller Band style music, orchestra type music, people mingling and I saw a big white house with a porch with white railings on the front.

We turn down the long country drive way and there was the White House with white railings.

Out they came, the dead. In their droves. Men on horses, horses and carts, slaves peeking, dogs, a rabbit, a small girl and boy, fishermen, soldiers and more.

I take this boy aside and tell him what I see, and he confirmed everything.

He seemed stunned at what I was saying. Because I was confirming his experiences. I couldn’t know this stuff. Not even Cill did. I’m still stunned by the whole experience.

We salted the thresholds. Then I began with the bell and pendulum with the help of Cill, this boy and another little light I picked up along the way who was connected to the property.

I heard the name Margaret and Elizabeth, John, Adam and Ireland.

So we get inside and I am taken around the house and I see parties, tears as someone waits for a son to return from war, servants etc…And a young girl of about 7 waiting on the stairs. She died of TB or Influenza or something like that. She was isolated from everyone and was desperately lonely. She liked the person I had met at the property { little light).

I saw a small boy of about 4, a couple of women, an old grumpy sailor, airmen, and people falling out of the sky. I feel like the slaves were coming into the property and going down under where we were standing.

I know the German woman knew they were there and was terrified of getting caught. Men on horses would come up the drive and she would turn stoic and strong. Almost belligerent but in a way only women can do, where the message is received by both sides but there is no admission of guilt or capitulation on her part.

I went and opend the connection to the afterlife where I felt it needed it most, then I began to balance the energy and draw everyone who was passed in to me so I could cross them over and I saw them coming off the water too, like white wisps, coming out of the trees across the water as this house is a coastal property. So the sailors made sense now. They went out and never came back. The young Male student saw this too.

They were the first to cross over. Then the kids and airmen, soldiers etc…..Then we went to the last room and there were the falling people and it was so hot I felt like I was burning. The room was full of war memorabilia including a piece of the Hindenburg.

The actual Hindenburg. The Zeppelin that crashed in New Jersey in 1939 I believe.
This man was afraid to cross over because he wore two faces and I’m sure he knew it was doomed to fail. I felt two faced like a double agent. He was afraid of going to hell because of what happened. He swears he didn’t think it would go like that. I think he was German working for the US, he just wanted the war over with. He thought it would bring peace somehow I think. That it helped pave roads to peace sort of thing.

The pendulum told me right away while it was saying everything had crossed over, I knew it was false. I knew he was still there. So I talked to him and told him how it works on the other side, told him he could trust me etc….And then held my hand out and said ‘when your ready to go take my hand’. I was burning up it was so hot. But…

Then I felt taps all over the place. Cill felt it on her finger. 

The slaves, the one who spoke, was first or second generation African. There was a feeling of not being too sure why he was being treated so badly. He couldn’t understand why this so called God was going to punish his life just because he was black. He was like ‘Is it because I’m black? Is my blood not the same colour? My tears? My bones are white like yours, what is my crime?’

It was horrible. I told him that he was the beautiful man he was born to be but unfortunately he was born at a time when the world was blind and stupid. I assured him his family were waiting, all of their families were. I assured him his suffering and fear would go and he would be at peace. I assured him and all he had to do was see the four of our light to know we were good people.

They crossed. All of them did. 

I closed the door and shut all of my new helpers down and we were taken to the cemetery at the side of the property which felt lovely and there we saw Margaret, Elizabeth and John and Adam was someone’s last name and I’m yet to find the connection to Ireland and who this German woman is.

But I’d say it was a pretty awesome day and I know the place is feeling different already because the young boy who had seen spirits there since a child, said it before I did.

He’s incredible. I can’t wait to teach him. He’s only 15. I’ve also taken on a 7yr old boy too.


I LOVE North Carolina, it’s just too damn hot and I’ll get so bloody fat I’ll get obese in 6 months and I’ve worked too damn hard on this stupid body to go back to that dark hole lol

I need snow , or a swimming pool lol

I love my life and in 5 sleeps I get to see my Honey again. 

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