My brain is skipping time from my hand???

So recently I’ve been having a real issue with skipping back and forth through time between my physical self and my conscious self.

But its hard to explain so I’ll write this as best I can. I’ll type slow, so read slow lol

Ever since I transitioned with my gift where I now time slip during all readings and Spirit connections I’ve discovered messages and written notes hidden in conversations I’m having with people.

Because 99% of my work is conducted online I’ve found that when I’m typing messages that when I read back make no sense to what we are talking about until further in the conversation when I’ll then think of what it was I wrote previously. But I have no recollection of what I wrote the first time until I re read it.

So for example, I might to talking to a student about say their telepathy test.

Later on we will be talking about bumble bees and when I reread what I sent in the conversation about her test there will be a whole line about bumble bees that makes no sense to what we were even talking about and its freaky because its placed right in the sentence like this example.

(this is an example, not an actual conversation)

‘Okay, so don’t worry about it Babygirl, just relax and go with what you feel over what you think because I forgot to tell Abraham never put soap in that dish because it makes it easier to receive the message’.

Also I’m finding notes around the house I have no memory of writing that then take me months to decipher and when I do they make perfect sense. I’m gonna put these symbols up of what I’ve written on pieces of paper my ex has been keeping.

But then later in the conversation we will start talking about her brother Abraham and how he’s having trouble washing a pot. 

So its like I’m writing a conversation that hasn’t taken place yet before it happens minutes before, sometimes even days.

I then have to go back and correct the conversation. I’m always like ‘Where did that even come from? It makes no sense’.

So, yes, it seems its not just time slipping into the future lol

And the real kicker? Its now happening to my top student too. It seems I’m really good at teaching people how to time travel lol 

5 thoughts on “My brain is skipping time from my hand???

  1. Are you sure it’s not your weed? LOL. No seriousely, this far away from you I can feel these departures in your consciousness. I wonder if your not pushing yourself too fast? You are so hungry to move forward yet I fear we may lose you in the process. That is a selfish observation from one of your friends and followers. You started this Ms Debbie…we need you:) and love with all our light.

    • Stone cold sober and I should of pointed out my Dr said I’ve got the health and metabolism of a 25yr old.
      Its not neurological. All my time stuff happens without so much as caffeine in my system. Its all because I’m learning how to manipulate time. Its basically Spirit teaching me how to be a Spirit. Its a 4th Dimension thing. The 4th Dimension is time. You’d have to know my journey better but my health is improving every day. The Dr can’t explain it. My glasses need weakening AGAIN twice in one year. I write this stuff down to get it documented and witnessed because its an incredible thing thats happening. I’m not afraid one bit. I trust Spirit, 100%. I know my body so well now, so well. I know its getting ready to have another baby too because my uterus tells me. I can’t explain this, I know it sounds nuts but I feel like not only am I becoming part of this planet like I’m plugging in to her to be a part of her, but I’m learning to live outside of the physical. It sounds nuts but you all don’t even know a half of what I can do. I’m a character out of X-men lol I’m a living breathing X-men but I’m NOT fucking Jean Grey/Phoenix. She’d be my nemesis because everyone says I’m just like her and it drives me mental lol her and stupid Cyclops.
      But I’m also Professor X too. My students are the X-men Next Gen lol am I revealing my true nerd here?

      • I’m gonna look in to the xmen series. I don’t follow it. It will help me understand what you are saying. So glad your health is off the charts! Love you to bits!

      • I’m gonna look in to the xmen series. I don’t follow it. It will help me understand what you are saying. So glad your health is off the charts! Love you to bits!

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