I’m plagued by disturbing images

I keep seeing children, entire families of children handed over to darkness.

Some were celebrities, some not.

A few years ago I kept having a series of dreams where ferral like children and adults were coming down from the mountains in somewhere very kinda Virginia like.

People in White vans with the most loving hearts were calling out for these people who looked so dazed and confused.

I believe 90% of missing and exploited children and missing persons are being taken to the same people, taken for the same people, and some of the Spirit called ‘The favourites’ are still alive. Some in their 30s and 40s now.

Missing people, missing children, all used for the same purpose.

Some of which has to do with what’s in The Arctic.

They have underground towns all over the world. Bus loads of people I’ve seen disappear into deserts never to be seen again.

Parents giving up their children then getting to start new lives all over again.

And in these dreams the grown ups were all eating ‘citizen dogs’.

Human hotdogs. I’m now wondering if this wasn’t Pizza gate. I have this dated and documented too as proof I said this years ago.

I remember in all my dreams about these missing children that it was odd how they revered all the animals around them yet ate people as hotdogs.

As the vans were driving around talking these people and children down from the hills they were coming down looking unclean, and dazed, and almost zombie like but with fear and disbelief in their eyes and those of us in the vans walking to wrap blankets and stuff around them knew some of these kids had never been let outside in the years they were missing.

That seeing trees, modern cars, etc….Was scary and confusing to them. They had this programmed reaction of almost ‘zero emotional reaction’ 

Like, they’d been conditioned to not react because crying or screaming for help just gave them more pain so they just taught themselves to close their eyes and wait for it to be over.

Some when they return, won’t ever recover.

I’ve not slept much. I don’t know why I’m seeing it all again but if I named some of the famous people I saw in my dream you’d be shocked at how far spread this is.

I’ve had a week of having to deal with these revelations of how far spread it is.

From who is involved, who handed over their kids, who raised their kids into it, who they sacrificed, who they threw to the slaughter, the mother child sacrifices, and what I call The Collection Agencies.

I hope this is because the lid is about get blown off and the truth finally revealed.

Because Trump is running out of time I feel and it’s making me nervous.

To top it off, I now have Spirits running around my room. One of them has been here all night and then jumped on the bed.

*Sigh* I was hoping I’d have no more premonitions about the Cleansing but if I’m right, the shit is about to hit the fan and it may be while I’m in the US staying with my Bestie and seeing my man in a few days.

The news networks are about to end their careers, and things being caught on camera, reporters and news anchors resigning with the embarrassment, SJWs and AntiFas, etc…All about to be the laughing stock of history. It feels so close, I’m almost nervous with anticipation.

Oh and political scandal, and Royal scandal too.

I just feel like someone is going to die, a head of state or something and all below breaks loose then it all comes down like a house of cards.

I’m nervous and now thanks to my visions, emotionally disturbed.

8 thoughts on “I’m plagued by disturbing images

  1. I hope this means the Very disturbing human trafficking is coming to an end. . I feel sick just reading about it but you have been having visions of this. I can’t even imagine how disturbed you feel xox

      • My dear girl PLEASE stay strong you’re the one that sent me help and told me not to give up don’t you give up. Just wait it out PLEASE do whatever it takes to get through this. Scream, cry, or hit a pillow. BUT DONT GIVE UP.
        I LOVE YOU

      • I’m OK Baby, I meant an emotional break down. I’m surrounded with love from my Protector, students, boys and people like you. I just want it to be over now. There’s only so much a person can see for so long.

      • I understand and I’m here for you love and light always

      • 🙁 Keep strong Debbie. As a mother this must be so so hard!! Sending you love

  2. My sweet girl. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I hope this all comes to an end soon and you can finally rest. No winder I feel the way I do this works is so messed up.
    But I believe in you and your light burns brighter than anything. Stay safe and please try to rest love. Terri M

    • Thank you, but after what I’ve been seeing I’m struggling. Emotionally I’m not doing good at all. I feel sick and as a Mother myself, I’m just, I can’t even put into words how I feel. I don’t understand why I’m seeing what I’m seeing. Why now? I know it will become evident over time but right now, today? It’s bad enough I’m thinking of what I can do to escape how I’m feeling. This is the worst I’ve ever seen BECAUSE it involves children. And it’s disturbing because most of these poor children and babies I see, were handed over.
      These sex/torture rooms in these restaurants and apartments I see, are just full of beaten, terrified and broken children. Screaming, sobbing, being forced to call their abusers Daddy and shit. I just want it to stop now. I am getting close to my limit of what I’m strong enough to see. The only thing I can say is I KNOW this is nearly over and we as a society will need to do all we can to heal these poor Souls. For the ones that survive/d I mean.