My Goals Before I Die

Live to at least 200

Become a character in an Xmen comic as the arch nemesis to Jean Gray/ Phoenix

Coz I’m sick of people saying I’m like her. Boooooo

I’d be Jean Blue/Griffin or something cooool yeeeeah and I would be in tight blue and black with long red hair and boobs up to here.

And I’d be a Scientist by day in a sexy white lab coat and stuff. 

Then next on my list is to go as my character to a Comicon in America.

That would be so hot lol

I also want to be on a D&D book, and be a World of War Craft, and Worms WMD character.

I want to be on a South Park and Family Guy episode.

And I want a football jersey and ice hockey jersey from every team in the America’s and I will sleep in every single one.

Its my dream to own all the teams out there lol I’m not Biased lol

I have a couple already 🙂

The Steelers, (Bradshaw) etc….

I want to own my own bar I run for fun not for profit.

Cross over every Spirit I encounter in a home or business.

Visit as many countries as I can helping as many people living and dead as I can.

And lastly to Live my Truth, no one else’s.

The mark of a man is in the value of what he teaches, not in the value of where he was taught.

By the end of this year I want my own radio show and be living in Wisconsin waiting for my husband to be released.

I’m going to marry him by the start of the new year. December 2017.

And I don’t know how but I end up on TV show how, and have a baby and a ton of students.

And I lecture and write some books and an Auto biography as well.

Then around my 60s I pull back to teach and write and be with family.

And open a School, like a Paranormal School of Science with students all around the globe who come on a donation system where the money goes directly to the school.

It will be like a real life X Men Academy and I’ll be Professor X with 38H tits lol

Professor H lol 

My senior students and graduates will teach classes on a volunteer slash emotional black mail system and we’ll have free music, art, writing, cooking, woodwork etc….classes as well as Telepathy, Metaphysics, Telekinesis, Psychic, etc…classes and I’ll hand test every student myself.

I’ll mostly be too stoned to function coz I’ll be in the Drug Taking to heighten your ability on organic drugs Class.

Teaching how to trigger DMT reactions (which rocks so much) naturally in the brain using weed and two other tools. Sampling everything lol a nibble of peyote here and a scouch of weed there lol

And thats in my 90s HA!!! Fuck yeeeeah lol

I’m gonna be sooo naughty hahaha

Watch out America. Lol here I come.

I’d like to apologize in advance.

Mmwaaahaahaaa  ‘-_-‘

(Thats supposed to be an evil laugh and a devil, not Space Invaders or an electrical socket) or a jet from behind lol or Manboobs and belly button hahaha

I’d apologize but my brain left the second I hit the WordPress App on my WileyFox phone which I LOOOOVE so much.

My ex was sick of me threatening murder to my phone every second so he got Mr the anarchists phone WileyFox, British Made which I love, I always support the country I’m in for products, and buy local always, (gotta support your local and state and national economy).

So he got me this phone and its the best ever.

It doesn’t have any of the site apps and stuff your forced to have on the brand phones. That drives my nuts when I’m using data on things I’ll never ever use.

WileyFox only has what you want, and like photo gallery, clock etc…I LOVE this phone so much.

I usually hate technology but this is my favourite.

Oooh and I want to be a Sat Nav voice.

Ooh and I want to be a Dr Who love interest, preferably a flash back David Tennant episode haha meow!!! 

And I want them to bring back Red Dwarf and Hitchhikers Guides to the Galaxy and Takeshi’s Castle so I can go on them. Not even for an episode. I just want to visit the sets and cry with joy like I did when I went to the Dr Who Museum in Wales.

Thats my Holy Grail. I made my son think it was his idea lol