ALL my Seniors Powered Up today

I couldn’t be prouder.

I now have Medians and Intuitive Telepaths. Fully fledged abilities coming out and they’re already out in the community using their gifts.

If ever there was proof the dead knew their stuff it’s them. Because I taught through the voices in my head.

Trusted my compass to find my students.

I’d also like to publicly welcome the X Men next generation.

Melissa from California

Colleen from California

Colleen from Wisconsin

Rocio Stationed in South Korea

Michelle from Wisconsin

Lucia from Slovenia

Alyce from Australia

Beth from Pennsylvania

We need boys now I think lol

I’m so proud to be your Teacher and you’ve now been introduced tongue Seniors.

Observe them because this will be you by this time next year if you do the work.

They could all make livings off their gifts now that’s how confident I am in their gifts.

I’m so proud.

The Spiritual Society has fully fledged members now 🙂

I hope I made my Teacher proud and continue to do so.

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