Oh the Cleansing

This is happening all over the world but i told you it starts in America.

Americans taking America back for the people, by the people.

I’d start stocking up now guys because next comes riots and fires in the legions.

Once the military come out, stay in doors and watch the Alt News websites and YouTube pages.

Be safe. Its nearly upon us. Then its all over and our planet will be free from all the corruption and isms once and for all.

Of course the good guys are the ones being attacked by the cowards in masks. The paid rioters. But still there are more of us than them and the fact the two meet means something is getting done and soon…….Very soon, the flags of our nation’s will actually mean something, actually stand for something, then we’ll have a world wide Independence Day.

No longer shall we stand afraid and alone. Together we are strong, divided we are weak. One nation, one planet, one universe, balanced.