Client Feedback: Updated Pt2

I was sceptical when I first contacted Debbie and unsure what good would come of it but I was under a lot of stress. I contacted her out of the blue after randomly finding her blog online one day and I’m very glad I did.  I’m now embarrassed to say I didn’t have high expectations but what I got was astonishing.  Debbie replied really quickly and thoroughly.  She explained what she does and how it works.  This was all done via email, she didn’t even have a photo to work with and I was in a different country.  She told me things that there is absolutely no way anyone would or even could know including, among other things, accurate descriptions of people in my life and a spot on, accurate description of the house we had yet to buy despite it being in a different country and not even on the market at the time of the reading.  She even described where it was in terms of how many doors away from the local pub it is and how the road layout works in the village near the house.  I’m writing this in that house!  She described the actions and emotional feelings of friends that turned out to be completely accurate.  I was blown away! Debbie has a very strong connection to Spirit and lives her life through them to the highest possible ethical and professional standard.  She is probably the most compassionate person I know and is 100%, totally honest and trustworthy – she tells you what Spirit say and will not divert from that.  You can fight it all you like but it always plays out as she/Spirit say.  Like I say, I was sceptical at first but now I’m convinced that she is 100% the real deal and I recommend you put any doubt aside and trust what Spirit tell her. M Smith, Devon, England
Where do I begin? Debbie has forever changed my life. I had never had a psychic reading done before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Debbie was so caring, and gentle. She was very straightforward no fluff. She had opened my eyes to many wonderful things and for that I will forever be grateful. If you are looking for real answers, (none of that fake tv crap) then you need to see Debbie Black!! You won’t be sorry.

A believer 

Michelle Grant, Wisconsin
I have had the pleasure of having two readings from Debbie, one over Skype and one in person. Both readings were incredibly powerful and accurate and I can honestly say that having her do the reading over Skype did not seem to effect the results negatively in any way. If you are not lucky enough to be where she is in person do not hesitate to book your reading over Skype!

The first thing I will tell you about Debbie is she is not afraid to be herself. She stands in her own power of her own truth and what you get when you deal with her is a real, honest human being. For some people this may feel rough around the edges, but for me this added even more authenticity.

In my readings there were no gimmicks, no tools or cards or crystals anything of that sort. Not to say she couldn’t have used those things, but for me it was just the two of us having a conversation like old friends, both times. 

Both readings were very powerful and gave me further insight into myself, my life and my path each time. It also felt rather therapeutic in that I cried during the readings and the emotions were shared and felt by and with Debbie. There were moments of clarity and insight which proved to me that she is, without the shadow of a doubt, truly gifted. 

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend booking a reading with Debbie as soon as you can, you won’t regret it!


Melissa May Curtis, California

I had an incredible reading from Debbie. It helped to give me clarity on some things I had been pondering. She has such a calm, loving and gentle way of expressing what is coming through to her. I found her to be incredibly accurate. One of my best experiences with a spiritual reader. SB, California

I have personally experienced readings before, and I admit, I have allowed myself 

to be open, yet remained a bit skeptical because the world has made me aware 

there are those that will deceive you. 

Upon my first Reading from Debbie Black, I approached this in much the same 

way, yet I had no idea that she would Read my life experiences and questions 

from such a place of “knowing”. To just meet her, in an email format, lay out my 

questions and have the responses be so “spot on”, I was looking around to see if 

she had somehow transformed to be a fly on the wall to have the insight she did 

into my world. That was almost 4 years ago, and I will never doubt her gifts, 

intensions or sincerity ever. 

While emailing back and forth, she told me from over in the UK what was wrong 

with my horse in WI. I didn’t ask her because I thought, she doesn’t know horses. 

Well she called it! She said it was his tummy. He wasn’t showing signs of tummy, 

so I thought. Then the next day, he was showing signs. It was another believable 

moment for me. 

I have gained a lifelong friend and will continue to trust in her abilities with Spirit. 

So much so that I welcomed her to America and hosted her debut of Readings 

and Paranormal Science in America. We did this at my place of business and I 

invited many of my friends, clients and interested people in our community to 

book a Reading with her. The impact she had on everyone that came was the 

same as I experienced. Many Spirits came through and those that received it 

were moved to tears. Many found clarity and understanding with questions 

answered. In all, it was a success and our community has been forever changed 

for having her here. They simply opened their arms and welcomed her like 


During her stay, she had offered her gift to anyone who felt a Spirit or Spirits were 

present in their homes. We visited a home where her child would be afraid to 

sleep in her room because this Spirit would shut the door and block it anytime 

someone would come up the stairs. This Spirit in question was reliving things 

they experienced during their lifetime and this Spirit was attempting to “protect” 

this child. Seeing Debbie and Riya (her student) cross this Spirit over was almost 

like an out of body experience. One that you need to have been there to 

appreciate. There were several Spirits crossed over that day and a Reading for

both the husband and wife. The husbands father came through also that day and 

shared things that only his dad could share. They too are changed for having 

Debbie there. I found myself so calm in her presence and trusting for her 

knowledge and understanding of a realm of reality, we often misunderstand. 

Her approach to the Spirit World and Paranormal Science is so unlike the scary 

depictions you see on TV and her integrity is admirable. She will not compromise 

her commitment and loyalty to the Spirit World for ratings, sensationalism or 


Having met her in person was so exciting and yet having her leave was torture. I 

missed her the minute I left the Airport Terminal. 

Anyone open to this woman’s Gifts will be richer in Spirit for her having shared 

them with you. I am honored to share this with anyone who may be interested. 

Should you have any additional questions, I am happy to expand beyond this 



Colleen R, Wisconsin.
My Experiance with the Wonderful Miss Debbie

I want to start this by saying I was not looking for any

sort of paranomoral specialist or anything at the time I

met Debbie. I was just at my job, bartending, when I

was just drawn to her.

A little back story about my experiances before I met

Debbie (none of which I shared with her before her

reading. She barely let me talk lol!). My husband,

daughter, son , step dughter and myslef moved into the

house we are buying in august 2014. It is my dream

home. An older Victorian on the block over from where i

grew up in the small town of Montello, Wi. We all love it.

Except my step daughter. She has NEVER liked her

bedroom. She was 3 when we moved in. She was playing

inside and we had boxes outside the door. The door

slammed and when my husband went to check she was

shut in her room and the boxes moved in front of the

out side of her door trapping her inside. from then on

she would not sleep in there. We only get her every

other weeekend and thought maybe she just wanted to

be down stairs close to our room so we just blew it off.

A year after we moved in I let my kids half sister (by

their father) move in with her 2 year old son. She was

18 years old and I was trying to help her. Since my

youngest would not go in her room we let her son sleep in

there. Right away weird things started happening. We

would hear a woman humming in his room at night. We

woud hear him awake and go up and peek in on him. He

would knock on the closet door, wait like he was waiting

for a response, then go in and sit in the dark and laugh

like he was playing with someone. We wouod always hear

him just talking away to no one. It honestly freaked me


We all got bad vibes from the room, mainly the closet,

so we just sort of shut the door and tried to not think

of it. Also the first night we moved in me and my

husband were laying in our room on the first floor about

10 feet from the living room where my daughter and son

were asleep. There was a loud knock, a child say loudly

“MOM”. My husband opened the door and neither kid

was there. he ran in the living room where my two were

fast asleep and woke them up. they both denied

knocking. I chalked it up to one of tmy friendly ghosts

(I have experianced things since I was a child). I

feellike I should also share that my husband had

experianced many unexplainable thing since he was a

child that scared him. He hates ghost movies, is dealthy

affaid of ghosts, can not watch ANYTHING with kid

ghost in it and hates even talking about it.

So… how I met Debbie. I was working a Wed night at

the bar I bartend and cook at. Her and a friend of hers,

whom I also do not know, came in for a drink and some

food. I took their drink order and noticed right away

her accent which was obviously not from Wisconsin. I

made chit chat with her and found out she was in town

doiing reading. I introduced her to deep fried chesse

curds and wisconsin beer and she loved me instantly (you

can ask her lol) and she offered me a free reading which

I thought was so nice and I was very interested. I told

her there was something I wanted to know about my

house and she had brought this bell with her. One she

explained to me she uses to cross over spirits. She said

she had finally figured out why she was told to bring it.

I then told her my husband was dealthy affraid of

ghost. With out hesitation she said an older man with

tools around him said to tell my husband to “not be a

pussy he would there watching over him”. I knew instantly that would be my father in law who was

murdered in 2012. He was a roofer and always had tools

laying around him.

Honestly i was still sceptical. Debbies friend Colleen was

calling me in the morning to set up a time for me to go

have a reading with her. When Colleen called she sid

Debbie felt she needed to come to my house and cross

over a child. I agreed. If there was a child here I would

want them crossed over. We decided on sat and set up

the time.

That day myself, my husband and my oldest daughter

were here. Debbie, Collen and one of Debbies students

(I am so sorry I forgot your name dear!) arrived and

came in the living room to sit with us. Right away Debbie

picked up that my dog buster had something to say. She

told me he was so happy to be with me and he loved me

so much he sees himself as my dog husband (which me

and my husband joke about). She did not know that

buster is 5yrs old but I had only had him for 8months

since my husbands 32 yr old cousin died. I had took him

in becuase we instantly had a connection.

So we tell Debbie the room is upstairs. All of us go up

stairs in the hallway. She said shed like to go in with her

student if that was ok. I agreed. Now she could have

gone left or right, theres rooms both ways. We had all

teh doors shutting including a small closet room. She

went right to my youngest daughters room and went in.

She invited us in. She explained to us that there was a

young boy who had that room in or around the 50s -60s.

His step father had abused him and he was living in a

loop where he would hear his step dad coming up the

stairs (yes he was here too) and he would run into the

closet that was his where he would hide from the beatings.

Debbie asked me if we had a young son. Around 2.

Beacuse the child keppt saying he would play with the

little boy who lived with us. My kids nephew had moved a

year before this. She had no way of knowing that he

ever lived with us. Also the room is pink with princess

stuff everywhere and no pictures were up in our house

to give anything away. She also said that he would watch

over our youngest because he had a sister here age. She

asked to be left alone with he student to cross him and

the step father and also the older lady from my kitchen

who was from a war time and would HUM (like what we

would hear when my kids nephew was in the room).

After she was done we all came back into the room. I

know this is going to sound corny but you could feel a

weight was lifted. Buster even came into the room for

the first time and laid at her feet.

As my teenage daughter was asking a question Debbie

spaced out and said she needed to speak to my husband

alone. We all left. This is what she said to him as he

accounts for me. I will add before i wrte it that he is

VERY sceptical of anyone who claims to be able to talk

to spirits and he is a huge believer in Debbie after what

she said. Here is a break down from him

” I gave her no information what so ever. She just

started talking and said that we had just recieved more

legal custody of my daughter (true) but it didnt feel like

it because we were getting her the same amount( also

true). She then said my father was with her often. That

she was being abused, emotionally and maybe a slap in

the head, by her mothers mothers 3rd husband. Not her

biological grandfather. ( no way she would have known

any of this and after talking with my daughter it was confirmed he is very mean and does tap her on the head

and yell alot). There is no way she would have known any

of this. ”

There is my husbands account. I then had a reading with

Debbie on my own. I wanted to talk to my mother. I will

not get into a lot of details but I know 100% that

Debbie was talking to my mom. From Debbie trying to

get my mom to give up the shinanaggans I got into as a

child and my mother saying “they are not my stories to

tell” which is what she would say a lot. To her talking

about how my mothering style was different than hers (

which is soooo true) to even something my mom would

say about my best friend. There is no way Debbie could

have known any of this. She did not know my last name. I

think she even messed my first name up a few times lol!

She is 100% the real deal. If I did not believe this with

all my heart there is no way I would be writing this mini

book for people to read instead of watching tv or

shopping on my day off. I have came to Debbie with

questions after as wel. I always make them vague or as

vague as I can and she is always brutally honest.

I wanted to add that I had went to see a pyscic before.

I paid $200 for a half hour. I had to give my name, my

husbands and the name and age of the people I wanted

to contact weeks before my appointment. Yes she got

some things correct but google did the same. I told

Debbie NOTHING! And she is the one who insisted on

coming to my house to cross over the boy.

It has been a few months since she was here and I am

happy to say my youngest daughter LOVES her room

now. We have redecorated and she plays up there alone!

A huge dark cloud was lifted by Debbie and I am forever grateful.

So here is my story. How I met the New Zealand amazon

woman who has a mouth like a sailor but a heart of gold.

If you are able to meet this woman I encourage you to

take that oppertunity!! She will leave you feeling at

peace and glad you did

Always greatful,

Traci Zurfluh, Wisconsin

My Dear Debbie!

Hello Sweetheart! Yes, I got your email Tuesday morning. But as usual, I needed my migraine to subside and I wanted everyone a sleep so I can give this email my full undivided attention, because you’re well worth it! And yes, show your agent whatever you need to. No problem at all. I grant you full permission. I have a few questions regarding my reading as well, but I will email you in another email regarding that. But I’d like to start off first and foremost with my review.

I discovered Debbie through her “Spirits and the Paranormal EXPLAINED” website online. There I discovered so much information regarding the paranormal. It’s a blessing to see all the knowledge that this woman possesses regarding the paranormal, and has decided to freely educate the world with her wisdom. Thank you Debbie sincerely for that. On top of all that knowledge, there is a woman with such great character. Easy to talk to and easy to relate to. A very energetic, loving and down to earth soul! I loved her openness and humor. She was strong and confident but yet empathetic to the needs of others. I never told Debbie about my life. I did an online reading with 15 questions. Her  response was rather prompt. The answers that Debbie gave me were not effortless and quick though. She actually took the time to answer every question accordingly. It was pleasant and impressive to see this extensive email of information. As I began to read through my questions I was astounded by her accuracy to know things about my life, that I would only know. On March 28, 2017 is when I received my reading. That is the day  my life changed forever. This wasn’t the type of reading where I’d ask for lottery numbers or what is my future husband/wife gonna look like?  Not that there is something wrong with that. This reading was VERY personal for me. Let’s just say only deep rooted issues that I would only know of and personal issues in my relationship that only myself and my partner would know, SHE KNEW!!!! She even described his appearance, his height and his personality, AMAZING!!! It was so amazing to watch a real psychic at work. Something I’ve always seen on tv and read in books, but to experience it first hand, YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS FIRST HAND AT LEAST ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME ! You have NOTHING to lose but EVERYTHING to gain. This can really change your life and guide you back to your life’s path. Sometimes some of us just fall off for a while. And we don’t really realize it till years later. Debbie is the light that will guide you out of your darkness when nothing else makes sense in your life anymore. She will make you laugh, she will make you cry..but not out of sadness but out of hope for your future. I will definitely recommend Debbie for a reading. I not only found an extraordinary psychic but a lifetime friend.  Thank you Debbie you have helped me immensely. Now it’s time to sore my wings…


From California

Deb or as I like to call her, ‘Mama Besr’ has been a true light in some of my darkest times.She has rescued me from my mind and helped to guide me along a path of peace and happiness.She truly wants everyone to be happy but also to understand our universe as it is not the way it’s perceived or projected by others. She’s an educator, mentor, life coach and friend. Her gifts have saved many including me. Mama has helped save my marriage, work through my anxiety and help me deal with the loss of my mother and sister. She is always willing to help with truth,  love, laughter and a pinch of sarcasm. Mama Bear IS a true, one of a kind, gifted psychic and I fully support her and her future endeavours. 

MaryAnn M. Canada.