Prediction Alert:Cleansing

Remember how I predicted at the rise to the start of the cleansing reaching breaking point we would start to see the Fall of Celebrity.

The news is littered with stars and execs fighting and pointing fingers to save their own skin?

These beasts are drowning and clinging on for any small thing to save them.

Stars like Meryl Streep and Amy Schumer utterly destroying their integrity over a democratically elected President. You know I’m anti government so I don’t give a shit about who runs and wins.

But to make such a drama and allow themselves to get to a point where they are now considered a public joke says it all really.

I have zero respect for Streep now. Not because she’s Anti Trump, but because she always seemed like an intelligent woman who would never degrade herself by getting political at an event that had nothing to do with Politics. She made that event about her, regardless of the thoughts and opinions of every man and woman who worked their asses off making her and that event possible who voted for him.

Whether you like him or not, he was voted in. You have the right to remove him if you wish, but for fucks sake there’s a right way and a wrong way and all these adults supposedly at the top of their game spitting dummies over such bullshit is embarrassing. 

But SUPER fun to watch.

For those not jumping ship, its fun having them all revealed.

Because now were finding out exactly who these Illuminati Alumni really are.

Oh how the mighty are falling.





The ones with the most power on the lower levels get fingers pointed or highlighted publicly lol the disposable ones, are thrown under the bus.

Careers destroyed ie Bill Cosby, Jimmy Saville, OJ Simpson, Phil Spector etc…..

4 thoughts on “Prediction Alert:Cleansing

  1. Need some help have something always on my right side. there are sounds behind me on my right side as well a lot has happened in the last 4 years. this has happened for the last 3-4 weeks was on the phone and a bag from Walmart on the floor something fell out of it then taunted the bag for like five minutes messed with it every time I turned away.
    Was in office max hunting a binder twenty feet away there was a pack of sticky notes the multi colored ones that are stacked in a fan position that rolled into the isle. I have acknowledged the person and do not fear it. But to many people have passed away to know who it is.
    Anyone have a clue where I would begin

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