Telepathy Rocks and this is why

​Well it’s not every day you read a Horse in Wisconsin while in England with nothing more to go on than a conversation in passing with the guardian lol I was having a conversation with my gorgeous Hostess in Wisconsin about flights. She mentioned her need to go check on her horse who was acting off. 

I connected to him immediately, he told me why. He was right lol now my Hostess isn’t worried. He told me he was fine just had a sore tummy. He was later nipping at his tummy. He’s good now. Quite the charmer.
I also was teaching a palm reading class just for fun in class with my students the other day and as a joke my student Mike took a pic of his dogs paw to read and I read it accurately lol he was astounded, Mike was too lol sooo cool. I knew about a dog he was in a kennel with and missed dearly, he told me about how he loved the bones and wanted more which he hadn’t had for years. He got one. He thanked me lol

Also got to pass on three messages to three grieving families in three different states in America who’s loved ones were in comas or in the beginning stages of crossing over. Without photos, just happened in general conversation.

Not including my Bestie who lost a loved one. I call her Bitch, she calls me Cavewoman lol coz I own her and she knows it.

And my California Hostess skyped me out of the blue to discuss flights for my vissy and her ‘Roommate’ who just recently passed connected immediately and passed on a message and I’m not even a Medium lol well I am but not on purpose or by profession.

I fuckin love my job so much. It’s the best job in the world next to being a Mummy.