Ghost Detection Apps: People are being treated like idiots

I was recently told about these Apps you can download for your phone’s that not only detect Spirits but let them talk through them.

If you have such apps on your phone I’m sorry but your a fool.

Firstly, they say it reads Quantum Frequency. Really?

So your phone can absorb the energy around it and read the ions in the atmosphere and gauge if it’s a Spirit or not on a nuclear level? It can read nuclear energy? Really?

I’m sorry but unless your phone has a Hadron Collider in it which costs billions of dollars your being sold a half face lie and these companies are playing up to our stupidity.

EMF detectors on your phone would need some kind of electrical absorption meter which absorbs currency in it to take in the electricity around it to gauge the particles of electricity around the room which in itself would instantly drain your phone’s battery and Spirit drain battery not charge it.

They claim to allow Spirit to speak through your phone as well.

Really? Like the Phone Bugging ones claim to alert you when people listen in on your phone?

Spirit can talk through Radios, CB, Microphones, Cell phones, TV, Tape, Pottery, Stone, etc…Granted this is true but they drain everything they go near. A phones battery would die after minutes. 

My ex husband makes apps and video games and people, it’s a random selection of words. It gives you what you expect, you have no way of validating any of these words and besides which Spirit would give you more than ‘light’ ‘grass’ ‘coffee’ I mean what the fluffy?

These apps also play on words as a Ghost App they know you expect to hear like ‘death’ ‘pain’ ‘sadness’ ‘help’ ‘alone’ etc….

I’ve been around the dead my entire life and if they talk one word at a time it strings together a sentence or story such as ‘family’ ‘crash’ ‘sad’ ‘children’ ‘ orphans’ not random nonsense.

People for the love of Ivy, stop falling for this shit. It embarrasses us all and degrades the memory of our dead who are trying to teach us some shit about life after death.

I need to get my ass into gear and get this TV show going because it’s clear to me people are getting more and more gullible the more desperate they are to believe.

Unless these devices clip into your phone and your phone is only used as a microphone and portable battery device with which to power the meters your being heroically lied to and I really hope you didn’t pay for this shit.

There is only one thing that can read Quantum Frequency and that’s the Hadron Collider worth billions of dollars. Our phones are good but they ain’t that good even at $700.

If you fall for this stuff your just embarrassing yourself.

Education is everything. Educate yourself.

Learning is knowledge, knowledge is wisdom, wisdom is power.

Get them off your phone’s and do it the RIGHT way.

When I get on the TV people who make this shit up and sell it to us are gonna hate the crap out of me.

Good, bring it on. Coz I’m done watching people get treated like morons for profit by arseholes who make money out of their fear and ignorance.

But I’m not upset at them one bit. I’m upset at the way these unscrupulous dicks market this stuff to the scared and curious for profit by playing to the ‘if we use words that sound like science then it gives the app more credence’ bollocks.

Your not the idiots. They are.

But I’m coming for you. Mark my words. This time next year you’ll know who I am. In Truth, Justice and The Spiritual way 🙂

Telepathy Rocks and this is why

​Well it’s not every day you read a Horse in Wisconsin while in England with nothing more to go on than a conversation in passing with the guardian lol I was having a conversation with my gorgeous Hostess in Wisconsin about flights. She mentioned her need to go check on her horse who was acting off. 

I connected to him immediately, he told me why. He was right lol now my Hostess isn’t worried. He told me he was fine just had a sore tummy. He was later nipping at his tummy. He’s good now. Quite the charmer.
I also was teaching a palm reading class just for fun in class with my students the other day and as a joke my student Mike took a pic of his dogs paw to read and I read it accurately lol he was astounded, Mike was too lol sooo cool. I knew about a dog he was in a kennel with and missed dearly, he told me about how he loved the bones and wanted more which he hadn’t had for years. He got one. He thanked me lol

Also got to pass on three messages to three grieving families in three different states in America who’s loved ones were in comas or in the beginning stages of crossing over. Without photos, just happened in general conversation.

Not including my Bestie who lost a loved one. I call her Bitch, she calls me Cavewoman lol coz I own her and she knows it.

And my California Hostess skyped me out of the blue to discuss flights for my vissy and her ‘Roommate’ who just recently passed connected immediately and passed on a message and I’m not even a Medium lol well I am but not on purpose or by profession.

I fuckin love my job so much. It’s the best job in the world next to being a Mummy.

Death Explained: The fundamentals you should know

As the Queen of Death I feel it is time I explained what I have learned about death and why we have to go through it.
I hope this helps you all grieve a little differently and look at death as an evolution of Spiritual growth and not a punishment or curse.
My goal is to use my extensive knowledge and gift to help educate you all on the fundamentals of death in the hopes you can send your loved ones over without fear of consequence or worry.
What I write in here is what I am TOLD to write. I write when I’m told to and these notes I give to you have been in my book for a while. But now with everything going on in the world I think it’s time I shared it with you.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. I just want to help the world understand the dead on a higher level so no one is afraid anymore.
They aren’t GHOSTS, they are educators and guides. It bothers me how they, our, your loved ones are exploited for ratings and viewing figures. No one will ever understand them the way I do and when I find the right TV show your going to see how it should be.
With that said, lets begin.

There is a evolution of Spirit at the moment of death. When the Soul has died with balance, peace of mind, closure, the soul passes easier which is why Spirit have been telling me for years to die without regrets.
It is better to live without regrets than die with them.
This is because it helps cleanse the soul after the transition and leaves a better vibration after death.
All death leaves an impact on the atmosphere and depending on the type of death depends on the amount and type of vibration left behind.
Death CAN be measured using technology beyond medical machines.
EMF detectors for example can show drops and rises in energy readings during and after a soul departs.
EVERY living being can also feel death coming because it is Physics.
Death is a form of physics.
Physics is basically the science of things that can and can’t be seen but can be measured.
Death can be measured. It’s how Doctors and machines know when a body is dying and even how long they have left.
BUT!!! Death IS a choice.
We choose when we die. I used to think we didn’t choose when we died but not only do we choose when but we also choose how.
Even murder victims have a choice. Fight or flight for example.
Many people survive murder attempts, many sadly don’t. But at that very moment in time they have a choice.
Get in the car or not? Go for the gun or not? etc….it sounds horrible and I am NOT doing this to hurt or offend anyone but it is the truth.
I speak only the truth.
Sudden and violent death can speed up the evolution of the Spirit if the Soul/Person accepts their death at the time of impact. If the conscious self comes to terms with the passing it speeds up the evolution of Higher self.
By impact I mean before the soul decides to leave the physical form.
It leaves a vibration that can be measured. This is why people feel weird or off when they enter a place where a violent or sudden death occurs without anyone knowing the history. It is also based on three things:
Impact based on
1) How death occurred
2) Who is left to grieve
3) Where death occurred.

I recently had the pleasure of going to Lizzie Borden’s house and was really disappointed at how the Spirits were being treated.
My student SAM knows…..only she knows *wink*
ALL I kept hearing was the words lies, gossip and conspiracy from Spirit.
They ALL had a hand in those murders. Only one man did the killings though, the man in white. Young man.
Anywho, everyone felt the vibration as soon as you walked in to the parlour where Andrew was sleeping at the time of his death.
Yet while he died a violent death he had made peace with this murder, what he hadn’t made peace with was his conscience.
I’m not going into detail but I’m pretty sure I know why he was killed and it does NOT involve Incest and whoever suggested that needs to be taken out the back and beaten with shame.
It has left an impact on that house that didn’t need to be there so I ended it.
I’m sick to my back teeth of these fucking useless Psychics and Mediums making death a dirty, bad thing. I swear to fucking Blob, if they have a Cage Fighting Match/Showdown for psychics and mediums I’m signing up.
I’m ready to go to war. I’m done. NO MORE!!!

Anyway, Suicides leaves a different vibration to other deaths because the conscious self is aware of what is going to happen BEFORE impact of death.
But the measuring of the change in frequency at the moment of death shows sometimes subtle changes in frequency of the atmosphere and physical self.
And Death is felt more often than seen because we are all one energy running on different vibrations.
Like a Radio. It has all the stations in it we just need to tune our stations in the get the best reception.
Being a me is DAB (DEB HA!) with all the stations preset and tuned in so to speak.

We exist on 3 levels.
The Highest Self
The Conscious Self and
The Physical Self.
Proving physics in death is easy, proving life after death is easy and depending on the type of death, depends on the vibration left behind.

Here is a list of the strongest frequencies left behind based on the type of death as told to me by Spirit.
By left behind I mean for the living and the soul that has departed as well as the home,space or area where death occurred.
From highest to lowest we have:

1) Child/Infant/Baby Death.
Believe it or not. This is because it is deemed unnatural for any parent to bury a child. What parents need to know is a soul that chooses the shortest existence is the WISEST Souls who evolves to the highest upon departing because of the sacrifice they made in order to leave the lessons left behind after their passing.
I tell my clients who have lost children now that ‘Only an Angel would be so hard on itself in order to leave the most love behind’

Sudden, violent death where the physical and conscious self often doesn’t get time to make peace with what is about to happen.
A lot do, thankfully, those who look their killers in the eye etc…..their Spirits have already crossed over and made peace.
The ones who never see it coming are the ones who leave the biggest impact.

3) Accidental death:
Having spoken to and worked with many people who have died accidentally or due to an accident it is rare they don’t say to me ‘I knew something wasn’t right that day’. But it’s self explanatory really.
I often get a ‘Oooh shit…..ooops, probably shouldn’t of done that then’ from the one who died lol
But we have all gone past accident black spots, seen the crosses or been in a place where an accidental death occurred and felt it. Your lying if you say you haven’t.

They have a choice, they get to prepare, the impact left is often more to those left behind and depending on the way they chose to die.
For example an OD (overdose) leaves a lower impact than a gunshot wound to the head.

5) Unexplained:
Because the questions itself surrounding the mystery leaves an impact.
Hence the Lizzie Borden house, when people find it interesting, fascinating or macabre it can in itself not only trap a soul but leave an impact.
We are fascinated by yet fear death. We are the biggest cause of trouble for the haunting activity that goes on in most houses, buildings, graveyards, death sites etc…we are more often than not the ones who invite and create it. Not dead people.
It’s why I get so pissed off when people blame everything on poor Spirit or low level energy.

6) Natural:
This includes illness. It’s low impact because 99.9% of these deaths are prepared for. Expected or not a surprise.
I consider diseases, addictions, illness a natural death.
It’s expected, the dying or those left behind often get time to say goodbye or there is a relief upon passing.
Or in addiction cases, most people expect something to happen at some point when someone they love is an addict.

7) Victims of war, famine,oppression, slavery, homelessness:
They leave one of the lowest vibrations because:
All souls who chose tragic lives and deaths in the hopes that their passing leaves lessons behind. Selfless souls, or as you would call them Angels in the highest.
The more suffering in the life the more evolved the person in that life the higher evolved they are in death. And I mean HIGHER evolved. They go to the top.
While a person who dies in war is technically murdered, they have a choice. It is a sudden and terrifying death but one that impacts the whole world therefore leaving some of the biggest lessons our history can handle. So it is never to be repeated.
Selfless souls.
In the cases of people bombed in their homes or schools etc…(Palestine or Syria for example)there is often no time to prepare for it. They leave only fear which should leave a huge impact but doesn’t because any self sacrificing soul is relieved of the fear subconsciously and always with the highest self.
Every time I hear of a death in such a way I always thank them for giving up their lives for us to learn from.
Homeless people who die, die lonely only in the visual. I promise you they NEVER die alone. Homeless people are societies beaten Angels and we reward them by treating them like shit and even in some places it’s illegal to feed them.
Yes you can actually get arrested for feeding a living breathing human being.
8) Heroic Death:
Anyone who puts themselves in danger to save a life of ANY vibration leaves the lowest impact because while tragic, the pride felt for those left behind supports the grief better.
For the Hero not only do they evolve super fast but the rush of adrenaline they feel before they do the deed is Spirit or as I say to religious people ‘Them getting their Angels Wings before death and Angels are the bravest of all’.

One thing I must stress though is every single one of these souls who dies in these ways do NOT carry the burden of their deaths with them upon passing.
Once we become Spirits we leave the burdens of life and our death behind.
We know where we went wrong, where we went right and the lessons of our death based on how we died and who is left grieving for us when we die.

Those who die leaving lessons for those left behind or for humanity, or community get the golden ticket. The selfless deaths are always given the quickest evolution of Spirit upon death.
The bigger the tragedy the higher the evolution on the Soul upon death.
By impact I mean left in the atmosphere and those left behind as well as the energy left behind from the soul who died.
So in the same way you can measure sound waves or ripples in a pond you can measure the impact a person leaves behind after death. It leaves an impact.
We the living often exacerbate this frequency by being fuckin morons running around murder/death sites with black trench coats and EMF detectors shouting idiotic statements like ‘I feel a cold spot’ or ‘I got scratched, it’s definitely negative’
It makes me want to punch a pillow.
When I get my show, once I agree to one that lets me do this MY way and not for the ratings and viewing figures (as I refuse to fudge or exaggerate the experience)I’ll show you how it should be done and then you’ll not only laugh at these people but instead of investigating you’ll be crossing them all over and having a laugh while you do it.
For the dead are hilarious. Trust me. My students are starting to finally understand what I mean by this.
But you need to understand something about hauntings and active places.
The want for the macabre, the want for a thrill can amplify the energy thus negating it’s true intent which is to leave lessons in how to actually treat the dead.

We create it basically, and 9 times out of 10 the dead you think are there just sit in the corner scratching their heads playing tiddly winks while we play at being Ghostbusters lol

But know this:
Our evolution is written in the stars. Literally. I know coz I spend a lot of time there when my brain releases the DMT on it’s own.

I hope this helps you understand death a little more.
I was hesitant to release this information because I don’t want people thinking I am trivializing death.
I am NOT in any way shape or form demeaning how someone dies.
I’m talking about physics in death.
The energy left behind after death occurs which create hauntings.
Because I’m making it my life’s mission along with my students to educate people on what death really is and how in a lot of cases it should be celebrated as for many it is a reward or graduation to something so much better than being alive.
A child death for example is when the highest most wisest soul finally gets their wings and becomes whatever it wants to be in the Universe. No need to come back again if so chooses which is the whole point of living.
Getting the lessons right this time so there is no next time where no matter what level we live and die at, we are all just trying to get to the light.
Which is why there is a parallel between death and the cosmological constant.
See!!! There is method in my madness lol
My dead teach me shit, and now I teach it to you. In the hopes we can ALL treat the dead with a little more respect than we do.
If I do these lectures like I’ve been asked to, I really hope to get into the nitty gritty of death and physics or The Evolution of Death as I call it.

I’m going to be doing Podcasts soon interviewing my students. All of whom have great stories to tell about their own evolution as Pathwalkers and how they found me and why they stuck around lol Each one bringing to the table a unique view point of being my student. Also how they discovered their abilities once they began to stop fighting the fear.
I can’t wait.

Love and Light
Mama Bear

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