What I look for in a Student:

I know some of you reading this will be aware of the fact that when I started teaching my work I started with 29 students in total. Some were being taught how to be happy and have Spirit guide them and some were being taught to be like me. To have the connection to Spirit I have.

I’m now down to 7. Yes 7, my magic number.

My elimination process has been brutal and even painful at times but I wanted to explain why it has to be this way in the hopes it can explain a few things to those left behind and to anyone wanting to become a student, what it is I’m looking for.

1) Judgement: Some were let go for judging others within the group. I can’t have that.

My life is Death. Death comes in MANY forms. Just when I think I’ve heard it all….. I haven’t.

It’s not for us as White Lighters to judge anyone. As a Teacher and Spiritual Leader I’m responsible for every single person I send out into the world after a session (reading) or Class (students).

I will not train anyone who judges how a person grieves or lives. You are expected to guide, advise and console many lives and most of those lives are more fucked up, heartbroken, or controversial than you can ever imagine. But their journey is their own not yours. If they are sent to you it is with good reason. If you can’t handle a fellow student talking through their grief, you won’t sit through a strangers either without judgement.

I have a VERY strict code I live by and I expect no less from my students as my Teacher did me.

This gift is given, that is why it’s called a Gift, a present from the Universe with which your awarded when you prove yourself worthy of it otherwise it would be called a Right.

Noone has the right to judge anyone.

I’ve earned my stripes and I’m allowed to observe behaviour because I’m no responsible for whoever comes after me in the name of my Society.

Lives matter to me. It should to you too.

2) Dedication: We all have busy lives, some of us have kids and careers also but noone won a gold medal in the Olympics sitting on their ass moaning and eating cake.

I expect work to be done at some point. If you want this, you’ll do the work. Extenuating circumstances permitted of course but this life isn’t easy. If you can’t train your Pineal Gland even if at 2am if necessary then you won’t work till 5am helping a woman who’s child committed suicide aged 9yrs old who’s looking to you for closure and assurance that he’s okay and at peace in Spirit.

This life is loooooong hard hours with the biggest rewards waiting at the end of every story. This life isn’t about YOU. It’s about those Spirit have directed your way needing your help and guidance. 

If you can’t turn in an assignment time after time, then this life isn’t for you. Spirit train around you, but you have to out in the effort. 

This gift is a privilege not a right and the golden rule with my Bosses is this ‘You take care of them and we take care of you’ 

I work long hours, 20 a day in fact, teaching, doing readings, looking after my boys, replying to my hundreds of emails and comments (which I’m now behind in), doing my Science and writing, now I have m new business venture and promotional work to do and new Vlogs and YouTube podcasts to do also. Yet I do it. I don’t complain. I just do it. Because with every passing day I’m getting happier and younger apparently lol (that’s what people keep saying???????). Because I can rest when I’m dead but for now Spirit need me to do a job and I’ll be by their side all the way as they have been for me.

Ride or Die with them and I no in between. I expect the same ethos for my students as my Teacher did for me. Even in her 70s she was up early teaching me, spreading her incredible light often not knowing how she was going to do it but her faith was unshakable and every time without fail she achieved what she set out to do because of it. She taught me so much. I miss her desperately. She’s not been around in a while. Usually she comes with her file lol but I’ve ended my training, so now I’m left to my own devices and only Spirit watch over me. 

The Council await. If I pass this ‘right of passage’ or ‘coming of age’ phase of my journey my rewards will be epic and I’m fully of The Light. I’ve been left to wander the jungle alone at night with nothing more than a stick for defense lol if I survive this, my life changes forever. The rewards immeasurable. (Gift wise i mean).

Any of my students who make it that far will go through the same thing. If Spirit, or The Council say jump you don’t ask ‘why’  you say ‘How High’
3) Loyalty: When training, Spirit, Your Teacher, and your clan come first. No taking sides, you just don’t question why your being asked to walk away. If you question why your teacher you trust enough to open your gift is asking you to walk away from something or someone then you don’t trust your Teacher or Spirit.

 I don’t do what I do without good reason. That should be enough. Never in a billion years would I question Pauline. She commanded respect without uttering a word. It was just given to her because none of us questioned her word or reason for anything. That fascinated me about her.

Ask as many questions as you want, but never ask your Teacher to explain their actions or reasons, it sounds harsh and yes it is blind faith in a fallible entity BUT if you question me, you’ll question Spirit, if you question Spirit you’ll question The Council and The Council decide your fate with this gift. If they tell you ‘start packing’ 6 months after moving house you don’t question it. 

In the run up to you bring allowed to be graced by The Councils presence, Spirit have proven themselves over and over again, never to let you down; so The Council phase of your training is to the point where when they turn up confusing the shit out of you with all their awkward glory asking you to prepare for something life changing, you don’t even bat an eyelid.

If you do that with phase one of your training (Me) you don’t stand a chance of getting to phase 500 (The Council). 

Plus I need to know my work is safe. I’m making history. I need to know the secrets of death I’m privy to are in safe hands. So I always look for loyalty.

4) Selflessness: If your in this because it’s cool and you want to be a part of something awesome then your gonna get removed. Some of my former students did this because they wanted to be apart of something not realizing I’d be expecting them to train and actually do the work necessary.

This isn’t about me or you. It’s about the people Spirit need you to help. If you make this about you then you’ll get removed. It sounds harsh but you can’t think about yourself. If you’ve been chosen and you do all that is asked, the rewards waiting in this life and the next are the sort money or take or smarts can’t buy.

Just because yoyr of the light doesn’t mean you don’t stop chasing it because light is infinite with enough of a power source behind it. Being selfish is darkness.

5) Faith: It doesn’t matter your religion, faith needs to be absolute. So no matter what life throws at you, you have faith absolute that Spirit and your Teacher and even your fellow students have your back.

When you question me, or yourself you question Spirit. Everything I do is because I’m told to. Everything I teach is because I’m told to. I’m not infallible. I’m a pain in the fuckin ass who can jump the gun and get over emotional about stuff, but what I teach, what I am is genuine.

I really am this bitchy, bossy, loving and loyal. I’m totally insane to a seemingly sane world. But my faith in Spirit and my connection to Spirit is unbreakable. I’m loyal to who’s loyal to me and you can’t get more loyal than the dead. They have all the time in the world for me and my insane mind so I have all the time in the Universe for them.

Coz I’m a Scorpio so I will always love someone a thousand billion times more than they love me lol

6) Love: If you can’t love yourself or those in your class you can’t love a stranger who needs your love to survive. And you WILL have many many many people who will love you and want your love in return because they respect you that much. My clients, students and fans are the most steadfast and loyal people in the Universe. The things my fans, clients and followers offer up to me just to love me or help me has me in tears at just how kind and selfish people are. 

These people in my mind are part of my Spiritual family. My students are my children, my son’s are my light. The whole purpose for my being. But when I need them, they’re all there for me. Selflessly and genuine. I love them eternally for this love. It makes my light shine brighter as what shines at me gets reflected back to the world.

Love what you do, do what you love, love what your born to be,  be what your born to love. No exceptions or explanations.

7) Commitment: If you commit to training and agree to make contributions towards your training be a person of your word. I know I say ‘donations only ‘ but when you don’t pay its my children who go without the shoes they needed that month and that’s no fair. I’m taking a chance on you as much as you are on me. You sign contracts. When you decide not to pay I then have to pick up extra work. I’m not in this for money. Some of you paid $5 a month for the same amount of training as those who paid $100 but 90% of my work is done for free and what i make goes towards my family. I rarely pocket any of what I make unless I need vitamins or something. If I was in this for the money I’d of kept all the other students on and be swimming in money. 

But if you can’t make a commitment to me to be a person of your word where we have a symbiotic relationship, then I can’t give you my time because you forget I have up a very lucrative job to do this and it’s important to me. 

It’s not fair that because I’m Spiritual I’m EXPECTED to teach you for free when you knew coming in to this I’m relying on you to help me provide for my family.

You wouldn’t work for free in your job so don’t ask me to work for free in mine. I have students who don’t pay a penny but whom give me so much back in return. It’s really not about the money. But when you decide not to pay for a few months or even a month and not bother telling me then your being selfish and I’m going to let you go. I can’t carry dead weight. I have too much on my shoulders as it is. 

Some of my students pay in promoting my work or giving free readings to people I send to them. It really isn’t about the money. But the 7 who remain prove their commitment to this Society and in return when they fall on hard times they come to me, we make a deal and move on until they’re back in their feet. Some of my students just wouldn’t bother paying or explaining their situation to me not giving me a chance to get the work to replace the lost income and chasing them up isn’t my thing.

In the end I got fed up and now suspend the contracts of anyone who doesn’t pay me the respect of an explanation. It’s a give and take thing. You help me, I help you.

Once your a White Lighter you won’t pay anyway. Because then we become colleagues.

I’ve learned so much in this last 12 months I can’t keep my head straight. It’s still spinning from my marriage split but I accept this new life with love and light.

I’ve got so much to teach and say. I feel responsible for everyone who crossed my path. My readings have changed so much. I genuinely love every second now of every reading I do because I’ve lost the fear of getting it wrong. I blocked myself with my fear of getting stuff wrong.

Now I understand death and the evolution of the soul better than anyone, my readings are having a real impact of people and I love every reading I do.

I don’t expect everyone to like me or understand why I do what I do. I’m brutal and probably even hurtful at times when I’ve cut someone from my life or class but it’s not intentional but they know the rules coming in to this.

No cliques, gossip or taking over and no insubordination. A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. If your a weak link you take the whole fence down so I need to protect the fence first.

Noone stops to think about the precious property that fence protects and keeps safe behind its parameters.

I do because I’m the bloody security guard who’s life depends on how good of a job I’m doing to protect it.

I say I’m the Drill Sergeant for the Universe. Spirit being the light source of that Universe. If you can get past me, all time, light and life will be at your disposal including the legions of dead who chose you to guide and take care of. 

So I’m sorry if I appear brutal. I genuinely do love you all but you sign a contract. You know the rules. If you break the rules you have to go because I’m part of an elite group of genetics who’s gifts have been hunted for centuries. I’ll only take the best into Battle with me because the survival of light depends on it.

You can say you see the light but I guarantee you this. You’ll never see the light the way I do without proving yourself worthy.

My students are taught tens of thousands of years worth of ability as well as ground breaking, cutting edge, history making Science. I intend on taking them all with me on my journey in this life so I only want those who will not leave me behind as I won’t leave them behind either. No man left behind in this battle of good versus evil and the next few months in the US is going to be just that. A battle of good versus evil.

People like me WILL be left to pick up the broken pieces and my students and I will be ready and it’s already happening.

I’m doing more readings now than I ever did. They’re evolved. My readings have evolved into something new. And I love it so much. I’m really helping Spirit make a difference in people’s lives now. It’s so much more than predictions now. It’s guidance and support from Spirit which I love.

And now my students are starting to do the same. I’m so proud of them.

I’ve even adopted two of my girls. With adoption certificates and everything lol while not legal by law, it’s legal to us and that’s all that matters.

AND I found my PA. Who knew hiding under all that sexy she’d be the one person who could control the errant wild trouble with tits that I am without me kicking off and being all stubborn and grumpy? Lol HA!!! 

I love the way Spirit work. And my ex is now going to be my Manager until such time as he’s sick of me and wants to go off and paint lol

I am really pushing my career now with his help. My clients and SAM have been instrumental in forging my career in the US and globally and I vow to work as hard as I have to , to never let any of them down.

I love my life. I really do. I’ve never been this happy or confident and it’s all because of Spirit. How they evolve you is ingenious and now I’m passing the ability on to others.

It’s a gift not a given after all

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