Anyone Else’s polarity off kilter?

I don’t know what’s going on but for the last week and a bit I’ve had balance issues, my solar plexus is tight and I’m having episodes of not feeling like me.
I feel………………not like me anymore. My gift is the best it has ever been. It is really and truly helping people like never before. My body tingles constantly and I’m amorous beyond belief lol if you get my drift. And I’m a Scorpio, I’m ALWAYS amorous lol It is what I rule after all.
But this is different. I feel like my Spirit is off axis since I left Martin in New York and Joanne in Massachusetts.
Like since I left America my compass has been pulled the wrong way but it can’t just be because of me not being there.
One of my students is saying she feels the same.
Is anyone else feeling ‘different’?
It’s not a bad thing. I just am spending huge amounts of time in the future physically now.
I did a session with my Adopted daughter I call Rainbow yesterday and while sitting in my room spent the whole time in a living room I’ve never seen before. I can still describe it in perfect detail.
It had creme coloured curtains and a HUGE window to my left.
Medium coloured stained wooden floors with a rug down covering about 4 quarters of the floor.
Creme coloured sofa (either leather or faux leather) and a really cool looking 1970s style coffee table I was talking to her on.
There was double glass doors in the front of me, and a table and chair with what looked like where Lappy would go, a phone, note pad etc…(like an office type setting up against a wall, not in another room). Kitchen t the left of this table and chair. To the right of the double doors with glass panels and net curtains up, and green and creme curtains open above the door was a book case filled with books and nik naks.
A arm chair was in front of the huge window with a throw over it, and a pot plant in the far right corner.
The bathroom was to my immediate left.
The sun was so strong it was too hot on my back and it was about 11-1pm in the afternoon.
I could hear someone mowing the lawns. It had the lovely smell of summer and cut grass.
I had a light coloured jumper on, not a winter one but a light covering one. I wanted to take it off real bad coz I was getting so hot.
But in real life I had a t shirt on because while Winter I was preparing for a work out after my session. It was cold.
The house looked like it was made up of things given rather than bought for the home but it was tidy and quite big.
It was home, it felt like home.
But who’s?
Now I am having vision issues today. I’m emotional and almost fallen over about 20 times because I keep feeling like gravity is trying to literally escape me lol
Anyone else feel the same?

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