I just figured out a Cleansing Premonition 

Spirit showed me and said ‘Black people will die in the street and blood will run RED in the street’ 

In my vision the bodies were in front of that building in Washington that looks like a boob.

And the American flag burning at the edges.

In the vision I ask ‘When the black president is?’ and knowing he was no longer able to be felt.

The red blood trickles down at the feet of hundreds of thousands of people wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

The people then get angry, panic, protest, fire, fear, trying to protect these bodies and they pile up all kinds of piles of bodies. Different colours, races, ages etc……the anger builds and the tanks come.

A woman holds her baby towards it and the driver gets out and joins the masses.

When I go over the crowds of people they are in all kinds of uniforms. All religions, all races, genders, sexuality, education, and status.

And the white haired man standing on the white steps holding papers of freedom and papers of truth and it all started with him. It comes full circle for him. For many if us who speak the truth or seek it.

Then there is light.

I was 26 when I saw this. I’m 44 now. The blood spilling red is Trump. He cut open a wound to let the poison spill out and it reached the masses and it began healing. Whatever way you look at it. It does. You watch.

BUT a President may possibly die. It’s the only part I can’t figure out.

Is the visions I have of Obama precognition or symbolic? Like how the blood being red was symbolic.

Sure they could it just told me but my whole journey was based on these visions. It was meant for me to figure it out as I went so my learning turned to knowledge, my knowledge into wisdom, my wisdom into power. The power to control my journey, my fate, my life, my light.

Whether he is a good President or not, whether he survives or not, it doesn’t matter. It ALL started when Red cut open the wound in front of Washington ie Government.

The Cleansing has indeed begun.

The clock ticks down to Global Independence Day

I think Clinton was President when I started to see that one particular vision.