And I just want to say to all who said I was crazy

Up yours

Watch what happens next.

I was the ONLY ONE and you all said I was too nuts for radio. A whack job.

A shit psychic. You all laughed at me.

Well those who get me understand me best and it is for them and Spirit only I speak my truth.

So much is about to happen now.

You can’t even begin to imagine.

All these so called ‘Proven track record psychics ‘ said she would win.

You all said she would bring peace. I was the only one who said she would kill us all if given the chance.

Now this shit is hitting the fan and they’re all coming down like a house of cards.

The Cleansing has begun and I’d like to point out I used the term Cleansing 10yrs ago

I was and am the only one seeing the rebirth of our planet.

I’m the only one who defended Russia on a psychic level.

And our Galactic brethren.

You all fuckin laughed at me.

You all stopped talking to me, said I needed psychiatric help or shot for treason. You said poison like me wasn’t welcome in America.

Yet I’m the ONLY PSYCHIC who warned America and got people prepared at great risk to my life and that of my families.

I’m the only one who’s voice was shouting for my beautiful America to listen and only a handful have been listening.

Please… what happens next.

Stay in doors and when the truth comes out because of the White Haired Man and people like Chavez you’ll remember how you all wanted us dead for trying to protect America which would in turn protect the world.

People sent me hate mail. I lost friends and clients.

The truth while bitter on the ear and a lie sweet on the tongue I’ve time will turn the truth sweet and the lie bitter.

Well suck on the bitter truth when it comes and don’t ever call me nuts again.

People who speak the truth do so to protect and defend not hurt and destroy. I’ve done so at personal risk and financial loss so that beautiful country I want to call home can be the great nation it was created by immigrants and it’s Native Souls to be.
I’ll be so proud to be a Newmerican (New Zealand American is what I want to call myself as I think it’s apt considering). Because the America I know will take down Kings and Queens, Presidents and Prime Ministers, etc…… the click of a button. And after it burns for a couple of weeks the healing can begin.

I repeat it is NOT the people who burn, it is The Elites and all who followed. Don’t be afraid America. You made the cut deep, now let the poison bleed out. Then we can let it scab over so you can heal the nation which in turn heals the world. Just stay indoors once it happens and you’ll be fine.

Your PD, Coast Guards, Border Agencies and Military will defend YOU not the employers. Your good, decent people. We will ALL deal with this together for we ARE indeed Stronger Together. Lol how ironic lol

So to those who laughed at me, wished me dead and called me names all I can say is.

And I am NOT a Trump supporter. I’m an anarchist. I don’t believe in ANY form of Government. But he’s the lesser of the two evils who bought us all some time for the truth to be revealed. She would of taken us to destruction immediately. If she’d won, there would already be buildings on fire.

He WILL bring the darkness to light in whatever way it comes. I’m not supporting either person or party. I support America.
So two fingers up and kiss my fat white bum. You just watch the house of cards fall now.

*Mic drop*

3 thoughts on “And I just want to say to all who said I was crazy

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I found your site a few years back and have been drawn back to it time and time again. I appreciate you and your determination to spread truth light and love. I don’t think you are at all crazy, I’ve actually thought a lot about the cleansing since I first read about it here on your site. It does indeed scare me as I am in America and have an almost three yr old son I would give my life to protect if it come as down to it. But waking up today felt very different to me, like something bad will happen. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here. I do know that I wanted to say thank you for sharing your gift with us and tell you that I’m sorry that people aren’t nice to you. The truth scares people I guess, but it’s not an excuse. I stand with you in solidarity. You are appreciated and valued and I’m glad to have found your site. Thank you for all you do and stay safe.

  2. Well said Debbie…let the haters hate and there will always be haters. But be there for the believers and we will be the ones prepared for The Cleansing while others scramble and panic. Thank you for all you sacrifice to protect and inform us. It is truly appreciated!