4 and 7 are big numbers for my Universe this year.

So I figured this out today.

Martin asked me out 7 weeks after my separation.

On the 14th of the 4th. Or if your American 4/14/16

I arrive in America on the 14th which will be our 7month anniversary.

There for 14 days fly home on what would of been my 14th Wedding Anniversary.

14 being of course two 7s.

Plus I’m at the end of my 7th cycle. And November the 11th month is 7 plus 4.

I’m one of 7 kids, Martin is also one of 7. I have 4 sisters, so does he. 

He’s been in 7 prisons since we met. My birthday is the 9th his the 16th, 16-9= 7
Freaky aye?