My August Death is Coming Prediction

To those of you who said I was wrong about my prediction of a disaster or death coming in August.

As I tweeted when it happened after I felt what I felt.
I read the earth people. This has nothing to do with Spirit.

I knew it had to be either a disaster or death.

I have loved ones in every state those floods hit and it was a very stressful time for me having to track them all down. It was a horrible experience but thankfully everyone was finally contactable. Which is why I might have been given a heads up by Earth. It was horrible. Fuckin horrible. One of my Bitches took weeks to reply which sucked. I knew she was alive but didn’t know if she’d had to flee like the others did.

So please get your facts straight before you accuse me of being a hack.

I know death and when it’s coming.

2 thoughts on “My August Death is Coming Prediction

  1. My family is in Lumberton where the worst happened, and I knew after it happened, that had to be something you mentioned back in your posts about people losing their homes, because many did lose their homes. I also went on youtube and researched chemtrails and Hurricane Sandy. This whole Hurricane Matthew is suspicious to me Debbie because that area, where I’m from we are the largest non-reservation tribe in the country, and years ago the government introduced crack and drugs in our area by plane, as well as the inner cities in other states to black populations. One of our elders has seen “blood in the streets” in a vision, and I have had multiple lucid dreams about a sci fi Tsunami. Creepy.

    • Sadly I feel your correct. They like to wheel out disasters. They caused the Haiti and Hurricane Katrina one too. The weapons they have to create natural disasters is staggering. Thankfully this election will create the beginning of the end to all of it. They can’t kill us all. Having said that if my plane crashes at any point lol you’ll know I was right. They like to take down planes to get at people. They do it without flinching. But I’m so sorry for your loss. I am always suspicious now when these things happen. It’s always around things they’re trying to sweep under the carpet. Like a diversionary tactic. What I was shown was a big metal round rod they pound deep into the ground then turn it on and it is either magnetic or omits a frequency that starts the quakes and Tsunami etc….or they lace the clouds and fire something into the sky. But it’s almost over. We are nearly out of the woods. It’s end days for governments and leaders, banks are screwed too. The Deutsch Bank is about to collapse and once it’s done Europe is finished. They’re desperately trying to start WW3 to generate income but Russia ain’t playing. Ironic how the ‘bad guys’ end up once again being the one’s who save the day lol