I’m a Path Walker not a Footpath

I’m kind of getting fed up with being treated like shit because I won’t drop everything and give you 24 hours of my attention.
I am working 20 hours a day on less than minimum wage (slave wage actually when you break it down it’s less than £1 a day for the hours I do) and I do it without complaint because I don’t care about the money. It is a means to an end for me. But helping Spirit help you is all I live and breathe for next to my boys.
I am awake by 3-4am plugging away at emails and sessions with students and followers, fans and the lost trying to do my bit to spread my light and yet I am being treated like utter SHIT because I won’t drop everything and tend to the whims of certain people who can’t even stop for one second to think about me.
I’m a Path Walker, I am NOT a Footpath and just because I can talk to your loved ones and give you answers doesn’t mean I will hesitate in telling you for one second to piss off if you email me complaining and call me selfish and rude because I am sitting at 3am helping a Mum who’s entire family was slaughtered by her ex husband instead of dealing with your issues when you already got more of my time than my OWN CHILDREN did that day.
This is a give and take relationship. You give me respect, I give you respect. You give me respect I take the time to help you when I can. WHEN I can. NOT WHEN YOU DEMAND it.
I figure out pretty quickly who needs me and who wants me and they are two very different things.
I don’t have time to deal with childish tantrums and do NOT deserve to be spoken to like a piece of shit because I won’t give you every second of every day. I’ve had it 4 times this month. And not one of you even stopped to think about me, my family or my work.
I KNOW your grieving, depressed, worried or afraid but your one of hundreds who contacts me and I am ONE person speaking on behalf of many.
This is one of the reasons I am training my 9 students up. Because while individually we are one light, together we are a light bulb illuminating all we purvey.
I am NOT one of these hippy dippy Namasteing people who think being pissed off is beneath you. I know which side my bread is buttered on and Spirit gave me a Gob and a certain level of intolerance for a reason and I WILL tell you to fuck off.
None of you got asked for money. None of you were asked to wait until you pushed me too far.
I have been called a Whore, Selfish, Rude, Disingenuous, Arrogant and Non Spiritual, oh and disappointing by people who never once stopped to think about anyone else.
Well I’ve blocked you all. You can hate me, bad mouth me, and think I’m shit. I don’t care. I’m not here for you.
I will fit the puzzle to those needing the missing pieces matched.
It’s that simple.
Being Spiritual doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be spoken down to just because a person is grieving.
I will give you the Mother Fucking UNIVERSE of love and light if you give me the respect any living being deserves and if you can’t even give me that then I don’t want to know you.
Being in grief or depressed or afraid doesn’t give you carte blanche to disrespect me, my family, my work or worst of all Spirit.
Don’t think because they are of the light they aren’t above giving you an ass kicking.
They just do it in a more subtle way than me.
A few years ago I would of been devastated by the way I’ve been treated this month but not now.
I had one person come to me who was deciding at the time I spoke to her if she was going to swallow tablets and kill herself in front of my eyes this week and at the me time I was ripped into for not going on Facebook Messenger to do free work to someone.
Everyone else on the planet understands that I will get to them when I can. That I have to prioritize my time with those who need it first, like in an ER.
The Dr’s go to the quiet ones first. The ones making the most noise don’t need the help as urgently as the ones who are suffering in silence.
I say 100,000 times I WILL NOT get Facebook Messenger EVER as it is a tool used by Zuckerberg’s CIA bosses to monitor everything you do in the vicinity of your mobile/laptop/tablet.
If you have a camera or a microphone on it, they will access it to watch you piss, eat, fight, laugh, make love etc…and listen in on your conversations and stuff. They say for ‘marketing and research’.
Yet people are being mysteriously arrested for things and could never figure out why.
The CIA funded Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Awarded CIA Surveillance Medal

My work is highly sensitive and I have VPNS on ALL my devices.
I will probably have many attempts made on my life over the course of my life and I won’t hand it to people on a plate.
I need to trust who I teach and show my gift to.
If your removed from my life it is with good reason.
I am proof Time is the 4th Dimension.
I can step outside it and so can a couple of my students now because of my training.
I can manipulate time and I know understand the Physics of Death, Time and the perception of time better than Science.
I also know why we need sleep and why we dream. Science has never figured that one out too.
Bold statement but one of my students is a scientist and she has been my biggest support with this work.
She understands it and documents it. SO I ain’t handing this shit to people.

I am hurt by the way some of you have treated me but I don’t care.
Think what you like. My work is for those who need it most and appreciate my efforts.

I’m a Path Walker, not a Footpath. If you wipe your feet on me or stomp over me I WILL trip you up.
Spiritual or not I will I won’t tolerate that level of disrespect.
All you do is make me more guarded about who I give my time to.
Everyone else understands, so why can’t you?

That woman who was trying to overdose while you demanding I get on Messenger is till alive by the way. She is getting the help she needs and is trying to cope as best she can.

Also I had some moles removed that could of been cancer like what killed my sister and almost killed my other sister.
I knew they weren’t cancer, but they were on my boobs which at 38H lets face it, they’re the only part of my body that gets the most sun HA!!!!
If you know me or my work, you know I’m not a mean person nor do I ever wish to be.
But I’m a Scorpio/Rat called Mama Bear. You’ll only be allowed to poke me, Spirit or my loved ones so much until I lose patience with you and rip your head off.

I’ve had some people wait a month for a reply and yet they never complain and thank me for my time because they understand I’m one person.
I’m gonna need my own TV show at this point to reach the masses because at this rate I’ll be 1000 before I get through the emails I have yet to reply to.
So please bear in mind, when I’m doing this stuff for you, it is my Sons, friends and family who are giving up their time with me so I can be with you.
Only my students are the ones who get my constant attention (next to my sons). Even my Fiance gets asked to call back some times and he is calling from prison in New York.
I haven’t seen my girlfriends in months. I’ve had 6 days off in 12 months.
My boys are having their first play date with their wee Home Ed pals in a year because I’ve been so busy.
Yet everyone understands, except you.
So I think it says more about you than it does me to be honest.
I’m sorry I’ve let you down. All you had to do was be a little patient and understanding of my situation and it would of be fine.
All I’m trying to do is help people not be afraid of life and death. To understand that there is always light at the end of every tunnel and the dead aren’t deserving of this misrepresentation you see on TV.
If I do get my own TV show it’s going this fuck that shit right up.
I haven’t said no to it, I just don’t know if I’m ready. I’m still working on self esteem/confidence issues but I’m nearly there.
It helps that my Fiance is so hot and thinks I’m hot too HA!!
My Bitch does too lol Aye Cilla? hahaha

I’m sorry I even had to do this post. I assumed ‘give respect where you get respect’ was a standard thing but I guess not.

Love and Light
Mama Bear

One thought on “I’m a Path Walker not a Footpath

  1. Debbie,
    Dont EVER let ANYONE bring you down to their level. Yes, there are alot of self centered people out there in the world thinking the world revolves around them. Just sucking you dry….
    Take your “ME TIME” enjoy USA with your family. You have just so many pieces of yourself that you can give out. Disconnect and Reconnect with Nature. Im on my me time now :-P.

    Thank You for all you do!
    Carol B