So The Cleansing: Let’s Recap before November begins

Before the next President of the United States begins their time in office something is caught on tape and or is released to the public that creates rage and anger and wide spread rioting.

It is NOT a war. It is civil UNREST. Like the LA Riots meets V for Vendetta. Watch the movie or read the comic book to know what I mean.

But all over America. Some people will die but not in the hundreds of thousands or anything like that. Once tanks hit the streets it reaches its pinnacle and then the healing begins.

Hundreds of elites will be arrested, flee or be terminated on site.

For them it is over. For us, it begins.

Just stay indoors and stock up on food and supplies. For the simple fact that when the looting begins supermarkets will run out of supplies and convenience stores will jack up prices.

Supermarkets only have enough supply to restock their shelves for two days so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It’s looting and safety as to why you should stock up on supplies. Once the news hits the mainstream media stay indoors and keep yer heeds doon (heads down).

It will be over quickly enough but the clean up and devastation of the riots, truth and looting will have far reaching consequences as far as recovering is concerned. Just remember though this needs to be. This is a purge of darkness.

Without it we have WW3 but Russia saves the day on that front too.

AGAIN!!!! LOL because ‘While America plays Tiddly Winks Russia plays Chess’  I can’t remember who said that but it’s true. (In relation to maturity and experience of government).

Everything else I’ve said has come true.

Please don’t be afraid. Just know the light is coming.

Maybe it’s this Bill Clinton rape of a 13yr old girl being caught on tape being released to the public by Anonymous is what does it?

Just remember what Spirit told me. ‘The thing they created to control us will be the very thing used to bring them down’

Love and Lighter 



P.S I’ll be there in Nov and I’m not afraid one bit. We have until the President starts their new first term in office.

The next President kind of guy I saw is Hispanic and young. He isn’t someone people recognize yet. I have no clue who he is but he’s not married nor has kids. He’s kind of reluctant and kind. He’s smart and likeable and totally not suited for the role of speaking for America which is why he will be so respected and good at his job.

But it’s not a full term of office thing coz no one person will be a President or Prime Minister again anywhere in the world. The real leadership’s go to the ones who don’t want it.

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