Man in my room:

For over a month now I keep seeing what looks like my ex walk into my bedroom. I work in my bedroom so I’m always there. I keep seeing a man his size ( and he isny a wee gadge) walk through my door and either turn left towards me or go straight through to my wardrobe.

It’s only ever at night or evening and only ever when the ex is here. Not ever when he’s away.

So am I seeing a Spirit I think is him because of the size?

Is he projecting himself?

Or is it a time synch thing?

It does the head in a little to constantly think someone you know is coming into your room but doesny.

You take headphones off, prepare to speak or be spoken to then nothing comes of it lol

I’ve had many ‘Huh? ‘ moments this month.

I’m sure it will be explained to me at some point.

I’ll get to the bottom of it. I always do.


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